Bigen Hair Dye – The Side Effects You Must Know

As much as of its popularity Bigen hair dye has some side effects too. Bigen hair dye has been a hard-hitter within the home hair coloring industry for a number of years and its appeal, for some, still continues despite some side effects. Bigen produces two types of dye, which are the permanent powder type or the semi-permanent color meaning you can achieve a plethora of long-lasting or temporary shades.

bigen hair dye side effects

The big appeal with Bigen has been their easy to use powder which is touted as being able to effectively darken hair and easily cover grey and it is also claimed that the color is longer lasting than that of other branded products – their top-up color time is cited at around 6 weeks. So that’s a big draw for those who lack the time or the funds to keep on top of their locks, right?

The powder which is mixed at home with water is advertised as being effective and safer to use as it does not contain ammonia, metallic ingredients or hydrogen peroxide within the powder, or in any of their products. Those dying their hair will already know that bleaching can often result in some damage and dryness, so the lack of these harmful chemicals is a big appeal for some.

This means that dark hair can be lightened without the need for lifting which naturally means there is less potential for damage to the hair.


Bigen Hair Dye Side Effects

Following are some side effects of Bigen hair dye that product user can encounter!

Usage of Borates

side effects of bigen hair dye

However, whilst Bigen advertises its more wholesome approach to hair dye by not including ammonia, metallic products or hydrogen peroxide it has come under scrutiny for its use of sodium perborate in its dye as the riskiest side effects of all.

Borates such as sodium perborate and perboric acid are no strangers to the beauty industry and they have historically been used within teeth whitening clinics due to its supreme efficacy at creating that Hollywood smile.

However, concerns surrounding the health effects of these borates have risen drastically, resulting in a no exception ban on sodium perborate for all cosmetic dentistry within the European Union. It has been classified as a carcinogenic and toxic for reproduction.

In addition, borates are known to be highly combustible and therefore these very flammable components can run a great risk of catching fire.


Chemical Reaction on Health

bigen hair dye side effects

Despite extensive criticism and many supermarkets withdrawing the products from their shelves, Bigen continues to use sodium perborate within its hair products and concerns regarding the use of this chemical remain rife.

The Bigen website itself states that using the dye for eyelashes or eyebrows can, in fact, cause blindness and also should not be inhaled due to the risk of respiratory irritation.

There have been reports of hospitalization due to the side effects of Bigen hair dye. The most concerning of which is the effects of sodium perborate on fertility and with unborn children in gestation and whilst the producers of these cosmetic products state that the exposure to these potentially harmful chemicals is low – there is still a risk!

It would seem that the Bigen manufacturers have found a concoction that works, however, it could be suggested that they need to move with the times, and with the development of science and put their customer and their customer’s health first.

Effective Ways to Remove Hair Dye from Skin


 After Effects

hair loss due to bigen hair dye

All home hair companies suggest carrying out a patch test on hair prior to using their product in case of an allergic reaction. However, there are countless Bigen hair dye side effects listed on the internet specifically in relation to the Bigen brand and some of these side effects include:

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Hair loss
  • Pain
  • Black Eyes
  • Chemical Burns
  • Difficulty breathing

Much like the scientific research surrounding smoking being carcinogenic and therefore harmful to the human body, fertility and unborn children, sodium perborate has too been categorized as a carcinogen.

That is obviously not to say that all users will be affected by these effects but knowledge and awareness of the potential side effects of Bigen are essential.

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