Black Hair & Blue Eyes: 23 Electrifying Looks to Copy

Do you have black hair and blue eyes? Then you know how gorgeous the combo is. You can make it even better by styling your hair so that it highlights your eyes. It’s easy to do—black hair will draw attention to your eyes, even if you don’t have bangs. See for yourself.

black hairstyles for blue eyed-hair


Black Hairstyles for Blue-Eyed Women

There’s no shortage of black hairstyles, but the ones here are unique. They focus on blue eyes. Each coiffure is designed to frame them. Black-haired beauties who have blue eyes strike a magical vibe. That mix isn’t seen very often, so why shouldn’t you make the most of it?

1. Jet Black Hair for Women with Blue Eyes

jet black hair for women with blue eyes

Is a glam, statement hairstyle your speed? With your blue eyes, this long black hairstyle will look amazing. Turn all eyes on you by curling in some thick waves to wear over one shoulder.


2. Short Black Hair for Blue Eyed Girl

short black hair for blue eyed girl

A black pixie with layers is just the thing for a woman who loves edge. Brush them across the forehead so your blue eyes peek through.


3. Long Black Hair for Blue Eyes

long black hair for blue eyes

There are two ways to wear your long black hair: with or without waves. A pin-straight hairstyle parted in the center is just the style for a woman who loves looking chic.


4. Curly Black Hair and Blue Eyes

curly black hair and blue eyes

Luscious curls fill up this short hairstyle for blue eyed women. To accentuate your springy curls, use curl cream to shape them and retain moisture.


5. Wavy Black Hair for Blue Eyes

wavy black hair for blue eyes

The Kardashians have rocked this long wavy hairstyle more than once and it’s easy to see why. When your jet black hair is loaded with waves, a center part is all you need for effortless style.


6. Black Hair Updo for Blue Eyes

girl with black hair and blue eyes

Wearing your black hair down and loose is gorgeous, but if you need a beautiful style to wear to a special occasion, you can’t go wrong with a sleek bun updo and a bold cat-eye.


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7. Actress with Black Hair and Blue Eyes

black hair blue eyes

Trying to find the perfect hair color for your light or pale skin? Jet black hair color is the dark contrast you need. Try it on a curly medium-length hairstyle with short choppy bangs.


8. Black Hair Ponytail

black ponytail for blue eyes

If tomorrow is a work out day or you just need your hair out of your eyes while you’re running errands, gather black hair into a high ponytail. Slicked back or slightly messy, it’s a classic.


9. Braided Black Hair Updo

girl with black hair and blue eyes

Two braids that start at the hairline and flow throughout to ends is a favorite for women.  Smooth down your black hair with hairspray and leave plain or pin in a few colorful flowers.


10. Half Updo for Black Hair and Blue Eyes

black hair and blue eyes

The secret to a fierce hairstyle like this half updo for black hair is teasing the hair before securing it with an elastic. Load up the bottom half with waves or tight curls for a finishing touch.


11. Black Hair Messy Bun Updo

black hair updo for girls with blue eyes

For the woman with black hair and blue eyes who has a wedding or work gala to attend, an updo with slightly messy texture won’t let you down.


12. Black Hair with Side Part

black haircut for blue eyed girl

Adding layers to a long hairstyle will shape up your look in no time. Worn with a center part, your style will become soft and you can even try a side bang.


13. Short Bangs on Black Hair and Blue Eyes

black hair and blue eyes

Is your black hair on the short side? Finger comb hair back into a low bun or ponytail for an easy two-minute hairstyle.


14. Effortless Waves

 Wave Black Hair and Blue Eyes hairstyle

The whole black hair and blue eyes combination are stunning all by itself. You don’t need to do anything to make people take notice. However, you can heighten your natural beauty with a casual, natural hairstyle, such as simple but elegant waves that frame your face without overshadowing it.


15. Long, Sleek Bob With Blue Eyes

Sleek Bob Black and Blue Eyes hairstyle for girl

Dark hair, porcelain skin, vivid blue eyes—that mixture begs for a stylish coiffure, not to mention a bold red lip. Go for a straight, sleek bob, which is a timeless haircut. Feel free to keep it a little longer, or opt for an edgy, angled bob that’s longest and sharpest at your chin.

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16. Short and Sassy

short Black with Blue Eyes hairstyle for women

There’s something undeniably retro about blue eyes and black hair. Look at all the pinup girls and burlesque dancers of yesteryear. This bob resembles a pageboy because of its short, blunt ends, but the subtle under-curl and the thick bangs take it to another level.


17. Hippie Chic

girl Chic Black hair with Blue Eyes

One of the most attractive black hairstyles to match with your blue eyes — simple & elegant in their simplicity. Give a nod to the Boho chic trend or embrace your hippie roots with long, straight, black hair, perfectly parted in the middle. Actually, is anyone else getting some serious Cher vibes?


18. Shagged and Jagged

Shaggy short black hairstyle women

Shaggy, tousled haircuts will mesh well with your blue eyes and black hair. It makes unkempt look like the next hot thing. Talk to your stylist about layers created using the razor. That will make your coif jagged and edgy, but it will still have some cohesion.


19. Bangs and Body

Black Bang hairstyle with Blue Eyes

Does your hair have an enviable body? Show it off! Black curls are bomb as hell. A side-swept fringe is a must, too—the dark hair against your fair skin will draw attention to your creamy complexion and those baby blues.

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20. Soft Waves

This. This right here. You’re seeing a perfect example of the natural beauty of black hair and blue eyes. Imagine striking such a sweet, romantic figure with so little effort.


21. Elegant Updo

womens Black Bang hairstyle with Blue Eyes

With or without bangs, I promise that an updo will flatter both your hair color and eye color. Do you need more evidence? High bun, chignon, or a retro-inspired ‘do similar to this one—it doesn’t matter. Put your hair up in the air sometimes.


22. Retro Curls

Curly Black hair hairstyle with Blue Eyes

Black hair is sensational in retro and vintage hairstyles. Throw it back to the ’50s with curls like these. You’re going to need a whole lot of hairspray, though.


23. Emo Vibes

Back in the early ’00s, black hairstyles abounded. They were de rigueur in the emo set. Short, distinct layers coupled with an extreme side fringe were the signature details, and a knitted hat was a must-have. Tell the truth. Who rocked this coif?


Black hairstyles with blue eyes are a dynamic duo. They’re eye-catching all on their own, but with the right hairstyle, your appeal becomes irresistible. Where are our girls with black hair and blue eyes!

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