21 Hottest Brown Hair Ideas for Women With Blue Eyes

Brown hair may be common, but blue is one of the rarest eye colors in the world. Only 17% percent have this eye color and pairing it with dark hair makes them all the more striking.

From deep brunette to the lightest brown, we have some stunning brown hair with blue eyes combinations that you have to see.


Brown Hairstyles for Blue Eyes

Read on to see our 21 elegant brown hairstyles for women with blue eyes.

1. Deep Brunette

dark brown hair with blue eyes

The darker your hair, the more light eyes have a chance to pop. This dark brown hair with blue eyes is a great combination on deep brunette that is either short, medium, or long.


2. Bronde Locks

light brown hair with blue eyes

Similar to blonde hair, light brown hair with blue eyes creates a soft and sexy look. If your natural brown hair is very light, you may want to add in some blonde balayage highlights to brighten things up.


3. Very Long Brown Hair with Bangs

You don’t see very long brown hair with blue eyes too often. To help frame your face, consider adding a cute fringe. If your hair is naturally straight, try slightly piecey bangs that skim the eyebrows.


4. Ash Brown Hair

Dusty, ashy, and smoky tones are all the rage these days. Create a gorgeous ash brown hair with blue eyes look with balayage highlights for a subtle effect. Hair looks great this way when given a few loose waves.


5. Blue Eyes With Auburn Hair

Auburn is one of those hair colors that can be adjusted to work with both cool and warm skin undertones. Auburn brown hair with blue eyes looks gorgeous together if you desire adding a hint of this reddish hue to your look.


6. Curly Hair With Blue Eyes

brown curly hair with blue eyes

Brown curly hair with blue eyes makes for a striking, doll-like combination, especially if you have pale skin. To really make this look shine, hydrate your curls with a moisturizing creme for soft, touchable ringlets.


7. Brown Hair and Pale Skin

brown hair with blue eyes and pale skin

Unsurprisingly, it’s common to have brown hair with blue eyes and pale skin. A light skin tone can really make your dark brunette locks stand out and your blue eyes sparkle. We love this relaxed, beachy tousle that is perfect for thick hair.


8. Long Pixie

brown hair with blue eyes and fair skin

Frame your beautiful blue eyes with a long pixie cut. This look is suitable for brown hair with blue eyes and fair skin if you’re looking for a fun, yet sexy short haircut. Cut bangs so they end at the cheekbones to make them more pronounced.


9. Brown Hair Balayage Highlights

Add light brown balayage to your hair and catch the light to make hair shine. This brown hair highlights with blue eyes look has a fresh and bright feel that can be adjusted to suit all brown hair.


10. Light Chestnut Hair

brown updo with blue eyes

Chestnut locks have plenty of warmth without red tones, so it’s perfect for skin with warm and golden undertones. If you’re looking for a sweet up-do, try this high bun with side swept bangs to show off chestnut highlights.


11. Short and Tousled Brunette Hair

brown hair with blue eyes

Not all hairstyles need to be neat. In fact, this tousled bob is great for mature women and young women alike. Short angled bangs help to open up your face and reveal the depth of your gorgeous blue eyes.


12. Choppy Bangs

brown bob with blue eyes

This slightly French bob has plenty of styles and is perfect for showing off your blue eyes and brown hair. If you love this look, cut bangs short and choppy above the eyebrows to help elongate the appearance of your face.


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13. Elegant Updo For Brunette Hair

brown hair bun with blue eyes

Nothing draws the attention to your face and eyes quite like a swept-back chignon style. Perfect for weddings and formal events, this elegant chignon has height at the crown of the head and shows off brunette highlights beautifully.

14. Casual Brunette Ponytail

brown ponytail with blue eyes

Pulling your hair off of your face and into a ponytail may be convenient, but it also draws the focus onto your striking eyes. A high ponytail is perfect for women of any age, regardless of your brunette hue.


15. Chocolate Brown Hair With Blue Eyes

actress with brown hair and blue eyes

Sometimes, inspiration from an actress with brown hair and blue eyes can help you when it comes to finding that perfect color. A warm, rich chocolate brunette provides perfect depth for rosy cheeks and light blue eyes.


16. Braided Style

brown hair braid with blue eyes

A great styling option for brunette hair and blue eyes is a thick and gorgeous braid. To highlight your eyes and give your face an instant lift, create a high ponytail and a long braid down your back or over your shoulder.


17. Curly Frizzy Texture

brown hair with blue eyes

Straight hair is so yesterday! Of course, it’s always beautiful, but why not embrace your natural curly and frizzy texture? It’s uncommon to find this hair type with brunette tresses and blue eyes. Enjoy this unique look!


18. Light Brown Ombre

brown balayage with blue eyes

Ombre style adds interest to otherwise boring locks. Add in chestnut, auburn, or even light bronde highlights to the ends of hair to brighten up your overall look.


19. Medium Brown Hair

medium brown hair with blue eyes

An approachable in-between hairstyle is shoulder-length hair. It’s great for thin or fine hair types that don’t want to cut hair too short. A lovely side part will give your hairstyle while helping to reveal your blue eyes.


20. Brunette Space Buns

Space buns are a fun, young way to express your personal style, whether it be for a concert or an everyday look. Twist hair into buns and leave a piece of hair down on each side to frame your face and make your blue eyes pop.


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21. Brunette Box Braids

Box braids are awesome for trying out long hair and protecting your natural locks. This look has light brown and blonde pieces of hair braided in for a dimensional look that highlights those baby blues.

Regardless of how you choose to wear your hair, showing off a stunning combination of brown hair and blue eyes are impressive. Try braids, a beautiful bun, or subtle balayage highlights to enhance your look. Which style will you choose?

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