5 Blissful Side Braids for Black Women

Side braids are one of the trendiest hairstyles among African American women. Nowadays, the side braided hairstyle is getting popularity in American and other western countries because of its versatility.

You can do enormous variations with the braids. You can make box braids, cornrows, and ponytails .e.t.c. Here, we will inspire your thoughts with the fashionable and innovative ideas of women’s side braid hairstyles for black hair.

side braid hairstyle for black hair

One thing, you should always keep in mind is that always apply a moisturizer on your hair before making braids to prevent them from any damage and don’t tie the braids tightly otherwise, it can cause breakage of hair.


Popular Black Hairstyles with Side Braid

We’ve collected the 5 best side braids for black hair that are worth checking. Let’s have a look:

1. Side Braided Cornrow’s Spiral

side cornrow with black hair

Cornrows are itself a stylish braided hairstyle. When this cornrow is turned into a spiral form on the side of the head then, it gives a chic look to women with black hair. This side braided hairstyle looks incredible on long black hairs. In this hairstyle, you do the partition of hair with the help of side part. Then, all the hairs are converted into braids and swept on the side while the remaining hair is converted into spiral side cornrows.


2. Stylish Black Hair Braided To The Side

side braid hairstyles for black hair

This side braided hairstyle makes your charming personality, a center of attraction among the crowd of people. If you have long black hair, then it is a plus point. You can see in the image below that the hairs are firstly side-parted then, converted into several braids that are swept on the side. The remaining small portion is converted into multiple straight braids towards the back. You can also blonde your lower hair for a more modest look. This style looks equally good on short hair. Short hair represents the look of bob haircut.


Types of Braids for Black Hair


3. Side Braids and Mohawk

black hair side braids with mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle is the trendiest hairstyle not among men, but women also. When this Mohawk is combined with the side braids then, it makes the Mohawk so charming that no hairstyle can beat its look. For a visual understanding, kindly have a look at the image.


4. Side Braids for Black Women with a Ponytail

Side Braids black hair with a Ponytail

It is an innovative hairstyle, in which the braids, as well as the ponytail, are made on each side of the head. It is shown in the image, that the hairs are parted in equal portion. On one side of the head, stylish multiple braids are formed, while on another side a straight ponytail gives an epic look to an overall black hairstyle.

Attractive Braided Ponytail for Women


5. Elegant Double Braid on the Side

side double braided hairstyles for women

As the name of this braided hairstyle for black hair indicates that, it is the most elegant style for women with black hair. Many African women celebrities wore this side braid hairstyle in different award ceremonies. In this hairstyle, the hairs are separated from the side part line. The larger portion of hair is converted into a textured form. You can curl them, keep them straight or wavy.

The choice is all yours. The remaining small portion is converted into two braids and is held by small black bobby pins. The front hair gives the look of long side fringe, enhancing the beauty of women with black hair.

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