15 Flattering Two Braids Hairstyles That Really Impress

Braids are not a hairstyle many women remember is there until they’re watching a Disney movie and their favorite Disney princess is rocking the look. Somewhere along the way, having two braids got a reputation for being a child’s hairstyle, but as you’ll see from the 15 looks below, older women and young girls should be wearing them more often.


Two Braids Hairstyles

Thin or thick hair, any woman can look amazing with two braids. And with so many ways to personalize two-braided hairstyles, they’re the perfect choice for expressing our personalities.

So, check out these 15 looks for two braids you’ll be inspired to try!

1. Two Feed-in Braids

two feed in braids

Is your hair on the thin side? Feed-in braids will give you thick beautiful hair. They’re basically thick pieces of hair you “feed in” as you braid down for a luscious full look.


2. Two French Braids

two french braids

French braids are a gorgeous choice no matter who you are. For a romantic look or to keep hair out of the way while at the gym but still look great, these braids will never let you down.


3. Two Braids with Weave

two braids with weave

Another way to get a thick braided hairstyle is with a weave. They’ll plump up your braids and make you feel like the Rapunzel you are.


4. Two Cornrow Braids

two cornrow braids

Two cornrow braids are unlimited when it comes to how you can style them. The above style pops with white color and a mixture of contrasting super thin and thick braids.


5. Two Dutch Braids

two dutch braids

Whether you wear your Dutch braids smoothed down and perfected for a formal event style or slightly looser and messier for a relaxed weekend look, you’re bound to look great.


6. Two Side Braids

two side braids

Braids aren’t only for romantic vibes. You can sport them on your favorite edgy look by wearing them at the side and throwing in gold or metallic silver color.


7. Two Braided Bun

two braided bun

Two buns are a major 90s throwback but bring them into the 21st century by updating them with two braids. Clip in your favorite barrettes for a cute accessory.


8. Two Braids with Curly Ends

two braids with curly ends

Having braids doesn’t mean your entire hairstyle has to be encased in them. Braid in two near the edges of your face and then let the rest of your hair flow loose for a gorgeous romantic style.


9. Two Braided Ponytail

two braided ponytail

If you head to the gym almost every day, two half-braided ponytails are an easy option to keep your hair out of your face while still looking great.


10. Two Fishtail Braids

two fishtail braids

Fishtail braids are little more upscale in the amount of time they take to put together, but the finished result is amazing. Smooth everything down with some product for a stunning head-turner.


11. Two Long Braids

two long braids

Why throw your hair up in its same old ponytail when two long braids would look even better? Leave a few tendrils loose at the face for framing and you’re done.


12. Two Short Braids

two short braids

You don’t have to have long hair to rock a braided hairstyle. Shoulder-length hair proves the look is just as cute and, with gold embellishments, sets your look apart from others.


13. Two Braids for Black Girl

two braids for black girl

Two long platinum braids show everyone your style is anything but ordinary. Not into platinum? Whether it’s purple or pink, have fun with color to personalize your braided look.


14. Two Big Braids

two big braids

Thick braids that start at the forehead and follow through to the ends will truly make you feel like a queen. Blends of purple and blue are a beautiful rainbow of style.


15. Two Twist Braids

two twist braids

Twist braids are a simple style you can pick up in no time. The waves will help thin hair fluff up and if you’re heading to a wedding, faux flowers will dress up the look even more.


For your two-braided hairstyle, it helps to pay attention to your face shape. If you don’t want to draw attention to your round or long-shaped head, leave your braids loose and a little messy. Tight braids will only accentuate face shapes.

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