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20 Amazing Examples of Double Fishtail Braids

Out of all the types of braids, double fishtail braids can be the trickiest yet one of the most impressive hairstyles ever known to women. Despite its name that implies double the effort of making a fishtail braid, it is definitely worth the extra trouble.


How To Do Double Fishtail Braids

Braiding has been around for hundreds of years since it requires no hair tools and is easy to execute. Fishtail braids are an intricate-looking hairstyle, but they are easy to do once you get the hang of it. 

Follow our step-by-step guide and find the best way to create double fishtail braids!

Step 1: 

Separate your hair into two equal sections. Use a fine-toothed comb to separate your hair down the middle in a clean part. 


Step 2:

how to do double fishtail braids

Work on each side, one at a time. Pick a side and begin. You have two options when creating double fishtail braids.  You can create double fishtail braids where the braid starts at the top of the hairline at the forehead, or you can style the hair in simple fishtail braids where it begins at the base of the neck. 

Choose the style that is right for your desired look. If you are doing a simple braid, smooth the hair out with a brush, then create a fishtail braid by holding the hair taut between your fingers in two equal sections. 

Starting at the nape of the neck, take thin strands of hair and alternate layering them over the top until you get to the bottom of the hair. 

If you want to make double fishtail french braids, start the braid at the top of the head at the hairline. Begin braiding the same way as a traditional fishtail braid, except you gather hair from the head like a french braid to make the braid.


Step 3: 

Secure the braid with a professional braiding elastic. The process is easy and very similar to a single braid, so if you know how to do that, you are ready to upgrade to the double fishtail!


Watch Following Tutorial to Learn How To Do Double Fishtail Braids


Double Fishtails Braids

We have saved you the trouble of searching around and gathered 20 of the finest double fishtail braided designs. Check them out in our digital catalog below!

1. French Fishtail Braids for Black Hair

double fishtail braids for black hair

You can reinvent yourself every season with a gorgeous hairstyle. This time, if you want to pull off a look that is worthy of a red carpet, double fishtail braids for black hair will really spice things up!


2. Double Top Fishtail Braids

When you have your mane cut in a bob haircut, part the top in two pieces and go for double fishtail braids for short hair. Pin both of the knits in a bun and you’ll obtain a hairstyle that elongates your face and reveals the forehead.


3. Double Fishtail Updo

double fishtail braided updo

Whether you are attending a wedding or a fancy party, a double fishtail braided updo will easily capture everyone’s eyes. Decorate the braids with flowers or your favorite clips. Make sure to pull off the edges if you want a voluminous updo. 


4. Double French Fishtail Braids

double fishtail braids

Master a look that will make you look younger and thinner by splitting your mane into two sections and building two French fishtail braids. Spare a few strands from the bangs and let them fall on the forehead.


5. Double Fishtail Braids for Thick Hair

double fishtail braided hairstyle

When you have thick hair, any hairstyle will look marvelous on you. Go for double fishtail braids and easily pull off the edges to make them look chunkier. Wear a golden crown and go for a glittery makeup if you want a look that is perfect for a themed party.


6. Halo Braid

double fishtail braided crown

Look like an ethereal goddess with this halo braid hairstyle. Opt for a side parting and start braiding at one end to continue all around the head or style the hair into two fishtail braids and wrap them around creating a halo on the head.


7. Plaited Front

double French fishtail braids

Another way to rock double fishtail braids is by braiding the center-parted front row tightly. Continue on both sides to the ends creating a sleek braided look. Opt for a dirty blonde to light blonde ombre to copy this hairstyle exactly.


8. Merging Together

double fishtail into one braid

Flaunt your shiny chestnut mane by crimping the strands for a voluminous texture and plaiting both sides of the middle-parted hair in fishtail braids. Merge them together into a single side braid falling on one shoulder at the front.


9. Two-In-One

double Dutch fishtail braids

The classic Dutch braids can be combined with fishtail braids for a fun two-in-one look. Knit the middle-parted strands in Dutch style tugging them loose for a bubbly appeal. Switch to fishtail braids at shoulder length and secure the ends with hair ties.


10. Funky Appeal

double fihtail braids for women

This funky hairstyle features subtle platinum blonde highlights. The top is teased and twisted inwards creating a middle-parted puff with pinned-back side locks. Style the remaining hair into tight braids topping off with face-framing strands at the front.  


11. Messy Top + Blonde Highlights

double fishtail braids with crimped hair

Light blonde and ashy blonde highlights on medium brown hair set this look apart from others. The messy top has strands lying all around and a loosely braided chunk swooping from one side to the other. The remaining hair is weaved into long loose braids.


12. Short Braided Pigtails

double french fishtail braids

These short pigtails are another amazing example of double fishtail braids that look effortlessly adorable. Divide the shoulder-length hair into two parts and entwine it from the front to the ends pulling the strands loose for a fluffy look.


13. Double French Fishtail Braids

double fishtail braided hairstyle

Opt for a sandy blonde to platinum blonde ombre and style the middle-parted hair into loose double French fishtail braids. Wrap a chunk strand around each braid near the nape of the neck recreating this chic two-toned look exactly.


14. Half Braid Half Ponytail

Half Braid Half Ponytail hairstyle

Summer is just right around the corner, and this definitely looks like a design to regenerate the vacation vibes through. And what makes it so appealing is that it combines the aspects of both a regular cute double ponytail with the intricate double fishtail braids skills to give you one flawless design.


15. Every Bride Needs A Braid

Double fishtail braids for young girl

Double fishtail braids are extremely versatile. They can go with every single upcoming event, from casual strolls at the mall to your bridal hairstyle on your big special day.

So, what these braids do is that they meet whimsically, brushing down her bare skin, thanks to the backless dress, turning it into the focal point that everybody should pay attention to.


16. Summer Vibes

summer perfect double fishtail braid hair

Nothing goes with a sun-kissed tan, a pair of RayBan sunglasses, and a killer swimsuit better than a double french fishtail braids design to render it perfect. Because summer days imply sweaty faces, you need to get your hair as far as possible from your face in such humid weather.

Therefore, braids appear as your ultimate savior to end your never-ending vacation torture and allow you to actually sit back and relax worry-free.

Fishtail French Braids


17. Double Braided Bun

double fishtail braid updo hairstyle

For further elegance, here is one of the finest eclectic braided updos you might ever come across! It starts off with two side fishtail braids that meet at the back of your head to form a low bun.


18. Chunky Double Fishtail Braids

Chunky double fishtail braid hair for teen age girl

Playing with the size of your fishtail braids can pay off. Especially when you decide to go with extra chunky braids that offer extra volume and attention like the ones shown in the example above.


19. School Girl Braids

School Girl double fishtail braids hairstyle

While everybody is aiming for exotic hairstyles, you can go simple and adopt the double fishtail braids for the ultimate practical school look. And why you may ask?

Because it can last longer than any hairstyle you might have in mind without needing any sort of maintenance. And that is exactly the kind of design you should look for regarding school or workout sessions.


20. Double Dutch Fishtail Braids

Ombre Effect fishtail braid hairstyle

While everybody goes for the ombre effect using fading out color tones, you can apply the same ombre concept but from a totally different perspective!

Check out this double fishtail braids design that is based on the idea of changing the scale factor as it descends slowly to become almost invisible at the tips of the braids.

Artistic Medium Box Braids Women Love


Tutorial: Learn How to Style Two Fishtail Braids

Some of us hate reading about something and would rather experience it through visual live instructions. So, these detailed youtube videos can be extremely helpful for girls who like to act instead of study theoretically.

In the video above, double fishtail braids are used to come up with a gorgeous up-do preferably for a more formal event.


The Striking Big Twist Braids for Women


Finally, recreating double fishtail braids is not as hard as it seems. You only need the right design to go with the event’s dress code and you will be good to go. And don’t forget to keep in mind three major factors: hair length, volume, and color. Because without them your braids wouldn’t look the same.