40 Wild & Fashionable Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

If you thought that a mohawk only looks good on men, you were really wrong. There is a great variety of mohawk hairstyles for black women out there. Once you take a look at them, you will surely fall in love with at least one.

For many years girls have been looking for ways to make a statement just as boys did. And many of them have succeeded in creating unique and impressive hairstyles that could turn even the most indifferent heads their way. If you need a hairstyle to make a real statement then a mohawk is what you are looking for.

Black girls usually have curly and unruly hair so for some of them mohawks are a great way to avoid too much frizzy volume.


Breathtaking Mohawk Hairstyles for All Black Women

If you are a black girl and are looking for a special hairstyle then you have many different choices. We offer you a great opportunity to browse through amazing mohawk hairstyles for black women to help make your choice a little easier.

Before jumping into the hairstylist’s chair and asking them for “something special” do some research and bring them a picture. You’ll be amazed at how fashionable mohawks look on black girls. You don’t even have to shave your hair to make some of them. Do some smart browsing and make your choice!


1. Curly pompadour

Curly pompadour haircut for black girl

Black girls often have very curly hair so why not use it to make a great pompadour on top of your head? Keep the sides very short. You can even shave them if you wish but it will make a more extravagant look. Keep the pompadour intact with some hair gel.

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2. Blond mohawk


If you want your mohawk hairstyle to look classy, consider dying the top part blond. You will surely make an impression and allow your hairstyle to seem more unique. Let the hair on the sides be cut short and the long part to run down your neck.


3. Creative mohawk

Creative mohawk haircut for black women

You’ll be surprised but you can make a mohawk without any cutting or shaving. All you will need to do is make a very tight reversed French braid in the back and sweep the rest of the hair up top to make an impression of a pompadour. A very creative way to change your image in a matter of minutes!


4. Braided mohawk


Another way to make a mohawk without scissors or trimmers is with the help of cornrows. Create cornrows on the sides of your head and pull them to the back. Leave some hanging down your neck and arrange the top ones to make some volume.

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5. The real deal

nice mohawk haircut for young black girl

This girlish version of a mohawk hairstyle will appeal to brave black women. Keep your long locks intact, just shave the sides. If you want your image to look even more unique, opt for some designs on the shaved part. You will really make a great impression.


6. Red and amazing


If a cool undercut is not enough for you, dye your locks red! You will need to straighten them out to make the best impression. However, you can let them stay curly and messy. Whatever you do with this mohawk, it will stay stylish.


7. Voluminous mohawk

Voluminous mohawk haircut you like

If you have long hair, you can make a really large mohawk by arranging it the right way. Take the ends of your mane and sweep them forward. Clip them to your bangs and then let them fall backward freely. It will feel as if you folded your locks in half.


8. Highlighted sides


If you want your fohawk to look even more stylish, highlight the short hair on your sides. The lighter the color you use, the less visible the hair on the sides will be. This will make your fohawk look more like a real mohawk.


9. Cornrow mohawk

Cornrow mohawk haircut for girl

Make a special cornrow mohawk by braiding all of your hair and sweeping the braids on top. You can make the pompadour any shape you like. You will need a lot of hair gel to keep it together. The best part is that you don’t need to cut any hair.

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10. Mohawk bun


If you are brave enough to make a mohawk then you can easily experiment with mohawk hairstyles. Some black women like straightening their hair and making it look sleek and shiny. Make it seem neater by pulling it into a high bun.


11. Add some red


If a simple curly mohawk just doesn’t cut it anymore, consider adding some color. Black girls usually have very dark hair, so red looks especially well on it. Add some red or burgundy highlights to the top part of your mohawk and it will look fantastic.


12. Spike it up

 Spike haiesatyle for women

Tired of simple haircuts? Go for stylish spikes. The top part of your mohawk will look great if you straighten it out, sweep it upwards and make some thick spikes with your fingers. Dye your mohawk with some impressive color and the spikes will look even better.


13. Wild cornrow mohawk


If you opt for cornrow mohawk hairstyle,  you have can have many different options. Taker a look at the picture and consider copying this hairstyle. You might have trouble doing it on your own, so ask your hairstylist for some help.


14. Large braided mohawk

Large braided mohawk for young girl

This large braided mohawk is a great choice for special occasions. It is complicated to make so will require some professional assistance. Not all the hair is braided into cornrows. The ends stay soft and free to make a voluminous braided pompadour.

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15. Hair extensions


If you want to get a unique mohawk hairstyle without cutting, shaving, trimming or braiding then you can seek help from a weave. Your own hair needs to be straightened out and tied into a sleek bun. Then a curly weave is attached on top to run down from your bangs to your neck.


16. Mohawk extravaganza

Mohawk extravaganza for black girl

If you want to make a truly wild impression, create small cornrows on the sides and leave the rest of your curls intact. Arrange them over the cornrows to be the top part of a mohawk. This hairstyle will definitely turn some heads your way.


17. Dreadlock mohawk

Dreadlock mohawk hairstyle for girl

Some black women really like dreadlocks. So why not make a mohawk hairstyle out of them? Take a good look at this photo and ask yourself if you can copy this unique style. If not, ask your hairstylist for some assistance. The result will pleasantly shock you.


18. Large curls


If you like the way real mohawks look, you will need to shave a significant part of your hair. In order to compensate for it, you can leave the top very long and arrange it into large curls. Highlight your hair blond and you will love your new look.


19. Mohawk with patterns

Mohawk with patterns for black girl

Whenever there is some shaving, there is also a place for wonderful patterns. Make your mohawk very stylish by adding some lines, geometrical figures or other patterns to your sides. Patterns are very trendy so use them!


20. Very long braided mohawk


If you have very long hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a braided mohawk. You will need to make cornrows on the sides and arrange the rest of your hair on top so the cornrows are visible. You will need a lot of hair gel and just as much patience.


21. The bigger, the better

nice black girl hairstyle for girl

If your hair is long, you can make some really big experiments with the top part of your cornrow mohawk. It doesn’t always have to look like a pompadour, you can divide it into several parts and create original buns.


22. Go straight


Go for the classical straight mohawk. But don’t forget that you are a girl so your hair can be and even should be long. Straighten out your locks, create a pompadour on top and enjoy the long mane falling down your back.


23. Pixie mohawk

Pixie mohawk for black women

If you not into drastic changes, you can make a slight pixie mohawk. It will look like a regular pixie with the sides cut very short and some long hair on top. Just make sure the difference in length is obvious, otherwise, no one will tell it from a pixie.


24. Very special mohawk


If you let your imagination run wild, you can easily come up with a fantastic mohawk hairstyle for a special occasion. Black girls can either create a unique hairstyle on their own or ask their hairstylist for help. In any case, mohawks are the best choice.


25. Let it grow


While keeping the sides well-shaved, you can let the top part grow. You can consider making different styling experiments with it or dyeing it various colors. The top of your mohawk will allow you to create new hairstyle every day.


mohawk hairstyles for black women


black women mohawk hairstyles


mohawk for black women


black women mohawk


mohawk hairstyles for black women






black women mohawk hairstyles





black women mohawk hairstyles


mohawk hairstyles for black women


These Mohawk hairstyles for black women should give you a good idea about how amazing you can look only if you give it a try. Choose simple cornrow mohawks at first to check out how you will look with a real mohawk. Perhaps you’ll be brave enough to shave the sides later on.