25 Kick-Ass French Braid Hairstyles for Men

French braids have long been thought to be just women’s hairstyle. Times have changed which is why nowadays we can so many men with French braids. A man can look just as fashionable, if not more when his hair is braided.

This french braid hairstyle for men is not only good looking, but it’s also very practical. If you’re a man who likes sports, this is a perfect way to keep the hair away from your face.


Men’s French Braid Hairstyles

Here we have presented some amazing french braid hairstyles for men that’ll give you a unique look.

1. Long Braids for Men

long french braid for men

French braids look their best when they’re done on long hair. That way you can really see the texture. A great idea is to create many thin braids and then to tie them all in a high pony.  High ponies on men look rebellious and unique.


2. Men’s French Braid With Blonde Highlights

french braid with highlights for men

French braids are most noticeable when they’re done on hair with highlights. Outgoing men are those who experiment with highlights the most. Since they’re always up for new challenges, they love trying out new French braid styles. If you’re one of them, start experimenting.


3. Red Carpet Hair

french braid for men

Let’s be real, most men on red carpets have quite boring hairstyles. They usually just have well-groomed short hair. We love to see some change. This is just as true for regular men. If you’re ready to spice things up and introduce some change into your life, it’s time to start braiding.


4. Sleek And Symmetrical French Braids

french braid with sleek look for men

If you’re a man who loves symmetry, French braids can add that to your appearance. A great way to do that is by creating two braids on the sides of your head. Keep in mind that you will probably need some hair gel to make really tight braids.


5. Fun And Fresh French Braids for Men

hairstyle with french braid for men

French braids on black hair are often less noticeable. If you want to bring full attention to the braids that you create, get some highlights. They don’t have to be completely bleached. Just a few shades lighter highlights can change your hair game.


6. On The Inside

French braids are one of those hairstyles where you can really express your creativity. Yes, regular braids can look great on most men. But, if you’re striving towards looking extra great, it’s time to learn new braiding techniques like making inside-out French braids.


7. Men’s Full-Length French Braid

full length french beard for men

To use the full potential of a French braid hairstyle for men, it’s best that you go for thicker braids. At the ends of hair, make a small ponytail and secure it with elastic. The end result will be a luscious and gorgeous hairstyle.


8. Full French Braids Hairstyle

What better way to keep your hair away from ponytails than with French braids. Football players love having twisted up long hairstyles with French braids. It’s because of their simplicity. Even though they’re really simple, having many little French braids will certainly look fashionable no matter who you are.


9. Practical And Chic

If you’re a man who has long hair with shaved sides, you’re probably getting sick of man ponytails. Ponytails are definitely not your only option. One of the best choices you can make is to start learning how to create cool French braids.


10. Viking Like French Braids for Brave Men

french braids with viking look for men

Vikings are known for their silver hair and gorgeous man braids. If anyone has perfect braiding skills, it’s the Vikings. You can easily recreate their look with some practice and patience. The key here is to keep your hair healthy and shiny, just like the Vikings do.


French man braid for short hair

French man braid for short hair



French braid for black guys

French braids for black guys



men's french braids with fade

men’s french braids with fade



French braids for men with long hair

French braids for men with long hair



French man braid with shaved sides

French man braid with shaved sides



French braided man bun



French pigtail braids for men



French mohawk braids for men



french braids for men



men's French braids



More French Braid Styles for Men


If you’re a man who tried any of the French braid hairstyles at one point, you’ve probably fallen in love with this hairstyle. Once you start braiding, it’s really boring to come back to the old ponytail hairstyles. So, keep braiding and have all the fun you want to have with your hair.