23 Trendy Beard Styles for Asian Guys

Many people believe that Asian beards are as rare as an ice cube in the desert. However, Asian guys can grow just as amazing beards as white men can. Perhaps they don’t like to hassle and that’s why you haven’t seen many.

But in reality, there are plenty of them out there. Growing a beard is not an easy job. Not too many men are ready to dedicate the time and the money to creating a perfect beard. Beards that Asian guys sport vary from goatees to full beards. Some even enjoy whiskers and full mustaches.

Asian Beard


Why Can’t Many Asian Men Grow Beards?

Even though many Asian guys can grow facial hair, in reality, Asian beard is a rarity. Why can’t an Asian man grow a full beard just like a Caucasian can? The answer is simple, Asian guys just don’t need one. Here is a theory:

Nature created facial hair to keep your face warm. Those people who live in cold climates, such as Europe, Norway, Sweden, Russia, can grow full beards without any troubles. Meanwhile, the guys who live in warm climates, such as Africans and Asians just don’t have a need for a face warmer. That’s why growing a beard is out of the question for many of them.


How to Style Your Asian Beard

If you are lucky enough to have enough facial hair to grow a beard, it doesn’t mean you have to go crazy growing it as long as you can. Most Asian men have the biggest hair cluster on their chins and a few hairs on the cheeks.

young asian men beard

Consider the way your hair grows before thinking about a beard style. Most of the time, it would be smart to settle for a goatee or a chin curtain. Growing a full beard is possible but not all Asian men look impressive with it. Don’t forget about the style while going after the fullness. Perhaps your face doesn’t need a huge beard to look stylish.

Asian men look the best with short and sophisticated beards. Most of them take advantage of the sexy stubble in the chin and cheeks. If your facial hair allows you to grow a full-sized beard, go for it! Just remember how much maintenance it requires. The majority of men end up sticking with shorter beards that don’t need too much daily care.


Asian Beard Styles That Stand Out

Asian beard styles vary in size and shape. While some Asian men find it hard to grow a beard, others don’t see anything complicated in managing the facial hair. While any beard is not easy to create, most of them look fantastic. If you are not afraid of the work you have to do to grow a stunning Asian beard, you can check out a few options to help your dream come true. This collection of 23 Asian beards can easily inspire even the most hesitant guy.

1. Stubble Jawline Beard

asian chin strap beard

When getting a stubble jawline beard, you need to remember that the further you go down with the trim, the less fat you’ll going to look. It is a perfect way to cover and make the fat under the neck look less prominent. 


2. Bushy Beard

Asian full beards are hard to get and require a lot of patience. There is one habit that you should quit right now if you want to grow a thicker, longer beard, and that is running your hand through the beard. You have all sorts of bacterial on your hands and you don’t want to transfer them on your face. 


3. White Goatee Beard

asian old man with beard

Most of the times, old Asian men opt for all sorts of Goatee beards. You can trim and keep it only on the chin, extend it with a mustache or go a little bit along the jawline. The main focus of the goatee is around the mouth and on the chin. 


4. Full Asian Beard

asian curly beard

Growing out a beard is not only leaving it be and not doing anything until it’s fully grown. When you want to get a full Asian beard, you can make a few things to make it look majestic and healthy. Outline your cheeks and your neck because you want it to look cool even when you’re in the process of growing it. 


5. Long Mustache and Beard

You have probably seen this Asian long beard in movies. It is a very long Goatee with a mustache and can be pulled off only by men who are consistent and have fast-growing hair. Also, you advise you to test and see if your beard tends to grow long at; otherwise, this won’t be an option for you. 


6. Thin Rare Beard

This beard has less hair on the cheeks but is quite dense on the jawline and neck. If you have fat under the chin and want to hide it, don’t think twice and start growing a beard. You can also go for a soul patch and a thin mustache. 


7. Medium Full Beard

asian beardstyle

Depending on the direction and the thickness of your beard, you can trim it in several ways. If it’s dense, you have even more options and getting a medium trim with a soul patch and a mustache will make you look so manly. 


8. Full Goatee

A full goatee has a mustache that goes along the upper lip and continues around the sides of the mouth to meet the beard. If perfectly works for Asian men with diamond-shaped faces. 


9. Medium-sized beard with a handlebar

Medium size Asian beard style for men

If your hair is thick enough to grow a full beard, you can consider a wild type that doesn’t require too much maintenance. But in order to give your overall appearance some style, think about a neat mustache, such as a handlebar.

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10. Short and boxed

short Asian beard style for men

This short boxed beard is one of the best choices for Asian guys who don’t have even hair growth. The shorter and neater you make the beard, the more appealing it looks. Consider the neat mustache to go with it.


11. Sexy stubble

sexy asian beard style you love

If your hair grows unevenly, your best choice will be to keep it as a stubble. Stubble is considered a very sexy facial hairstyle. It might be a little tricky to maintain but it is definitely worth the hassle.


12. Asian Hign Bun Hairstyle Plus Low Beard

wonderful long hair with asian beard cut

Since Asian men often don’t have facial hair on the sides, this low beard is a wonderful solution. Allow your hair to grow as thick as possible on your chin and shave off the stray hairs on the sides. This Asian beard can score you some high points.


13. Chin curtain with a soul patch

chin curtain asian beard style

If you are struggling for volume, consider using all the hair you’ve got to make a combination beard. Leave some stubble on the sides, make a chin curtain on the bottom and add a soul patch in the middle.


14. Fake it

If you have no way to grow a full-sized beard, you can fake it. if you’ve got a special occasion coming up and want to make an impression, consider attaching a faux beard. Make sure to add some natural stubble for a more authentic look.


15. Goatee 

Asian Goatee beard style for men

Goatees are the most popular Asian beards in the world since they require you to have hair where it grows best. Allow the hair on your chin to grow long and trim it for a neat look. You can also grow a mustache for a match.

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16. Wild beard 

If you are struggling for chin hair growth but have plenty of hair on your neck, there is no reason to shave it. Allow the hair to grow wherever it can and then ask a professional barber to shape it. The result might surprise you.


17. Long mustache 

Asian beard with Long mustache

Beards might be a hassle to make while mustaches are a little easier. If your Asian beard is lacking volume, consider growing a full-time mustache. A lot less hair is needed to make a mustache look cool.


18. Full goatee 

Full goatee with asian beard style

A full goatee looks the best on Asian men with thick hair. If you have thick hair on your head, consider growing a full goatee. It’s very easy to maintain. Meanwhile, keep the hair on your upper lip shaved for contrast.


19. Let it Grow

Asian men often have trouble growing sideburns. This doesn’t mean you have to keep that area of your face clean shaven. Even sparse hair growth can be styled the right way in order to create a stunning beard.


20. Go all out 

If you are looking for a wise man image, you can go on to grow a long beard. However, be prepared for a long struggle. Such beards take many years to grow. Are you ready for daily maintenance?

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21. Be smart

If you don’t have anything to flaunt, don’t try to force it. A slight beard on your chin can look fantastic when coupled with a full mustache. Consider growing the hair on your head longer to create a contrasting appearance.


22. Neat approach

No matter how sparse your facial hair looks, a neat approach can solve many problems. This type of neat Asian beard is one of the most popular styles among young men who have some facial hair growth.


23. Asymmetrical style

Asymmetrical Asian beard style for men

If you are after making a statement, you can surely do it with this striking Asian beard. Such beards take a few years to grow but the result is truly wild. Take care of your beard and it will look fantastic.


The Asian beard style depends on the way your hair grows. If you are ready to devote plenty of time to make your beard look fantastic, you will eventually get what you are looking for. Good luck!