40 Robust Faded Beard & Hairstyle Ideas for Men

A faded beard style is becoming more and more popular. There isn’t anything complicated about this way to shape your beard. In fact, it looks just like it sounds. The beard fades from thick hair growth to shaved face just like a faded haircut does. The fading approach can make even thick fullest and wildest beard look neat and stylish.

There are many different types of faded beards you can take advantage of depending on your preferences. Men that use up a lot of time growing and styling a full beard and often not ready to cut it in order to achieve neatness. A faded beard style can easily do the trick.


How to Make a Faded Beard Style

how to get faded beard style

You can make your favorite faded beard style in just a few steps. If you have a trimmer, a clipper, scissors, and a comb, you can start right now. Don’t be afraid of overdoing the fading. You practically can’t go wrong with these styles. Any width or length of the faded part is allowed.

  1. Your first step is to trim the beard to the length you want it to be. You can skip this step if you have a voluminous beard, which you want to grow longer.
  2. Take a detailing clipper and use it to shape the beard around your lips. Keep the hair short but don’t make it extremely short since you have more work to do.
  3. Use the trimmer to make a line from the top of your Adam’s apple to the neckline. Make sure to get rid of all the stray hair.
  4. Use a detailing clipper to start clipping from the place under your ear to the line of your cheeks (where the sideburns end). This will be your fading point.
  5. Set your clipper to zero length and place it at the fading point. Slowly move it down for about half an inch. Then switch the lever to 0.5 and go down again. This is the fading process.
  6. You can continue the fading process as low as you wish (you can get some ideas from the list below).
  7. Use a razor to shape up the beard and get rid of all the unnecessary hair around it.
  8. Make sure to apply some aftershave lotion to the area where you actually did some shaving.

Men’s Goatee Beard Styles


Faded Beard Styles To Brighten Up Your Face

Depending on how much time you have to take care of your beard on a regular basis, you can choose among a certain number of faded beard styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fading. You can go from a faded soul patch to a goatee and end up with a striking full faded beard. The more fading you use, the less hair gets into your way.

However, a lot of fading means plenty of care. If you are a lucky owner of a beard, you know all too well about the care hassle so a fading style is not something you are afraid of.


1. Medium Faded Beard

Medium fade beard style for black men

The main advantage of this beard is the contrast it makes with the rest of the face. A shaved or faded hairstyle is the best fit for a formidable and faded beard. The faded beard starts below the ears and slowly turns full.

Different Faded Haircuts for Men


2. Slight fade

 smart look faded beard style

This is another faded beard, which “hooks up” to the faded hairstyle. Keeping the hair on top of your head and the hair on your chin about the same length is a smart way to create a striking appearance.


3. Low Fade

Low fade beard style

This is a smart low goatee fade which looks truly fantastic but can give you some few hard minutes in front of the mirror. The most beautiful and impressive faded beard styles are usually the hardest to achieve.


4. Wide faded strap

wild faded beard style style for men

A wide faded strap is a smart way to get a beard without actually growing one. You need to grow some hair in the beginning and then keep it neat and faded on the daily or weekly basis depending on your favorite length.

Chinstrap Beard Styles for Men


5. Layered fade

long hair with Layer faded beard style

A layered beard fade can look truly amazing if you have thick enough hair to create visible layers. Men with dark beards can achieve the result easier than men with lighter hair. The contrast is awesome!