8 Stunning Braided Mohawk Updo Styles

One particular style, that is considered as a cool, trendy and fresh is the braided Mohawk updo. What was once considered as edgy and bold, now comes in many various forms and is feminine.

The braided Mohawk is a hairstyle that gives the face lengths, freshness and is perfectly suitable for women and girls with long hair. It is suitable for those with shorter hair, but women with longer hair have more options to experiment. The Mohawk braids are a romantic, feminine and sensual hairstyle that suits every face shape.


Braided Mohawk Updo

If you have not tried this stylish braided Mohawk updo hairstyle yet, here are the top 8 that will inspire you to do something different and will definitely look good on you

1. Brazilian Long Braided Mohawk

Brazilian Long Braided Mohawk Updo

This hairstyle is for women with long hair. The look presents an updo in the center of the hair, with 2 options for the side parts: fine combed hair or a messy one. The braid is finely knitted, from top to bottom, and then loosened up so that it looks a bit messy and relaxed. The front part of the braid is done with an updo so that the whole look gets voluminous.


2. French Braid Mohawk

French Mohawk Half Braided Updo

This is very girly and a bit boho hairstyle and It is good for little and big girls. The half-braided Mohawk updo makes a look that will keep your hair out of your eyes, but the other part is down, with long beach waves. To achieve this look, make two wide hairlines. From the hair, knit a bread, but just to the center of the head. Fasten it with a band, and let it the rest down.


3. Fishtail Braided Updo

Fishtail Mohawk Braided Updo

Similar to the half-braid, the Dutch fishtail braid Mohawk updo presents an elegant and official look. instead of the regular braid, make a fishtail one and the rest of the hair is pulled into a bun.


4. Wrap Braid Mohawk Updo

twisted faux hawk braided updo

This braided Mohawk updo hairstyle mimics the classic hawk but without any side shaving. The volume is created in the top center area, pulling it back in a braid, while the side parts consist of much smaller braids.


5. Retro Faux Loc Braid

Retro Faux Hawk Braided Mohawk Updo

The retro faux hawk braid is the perfect choice for those who have shoulder length or shorter hair. This cool curly Mohawk look is so fresh and trendy, that looks absolutely impeccable for those with naturally curly hair. The hair is braided from both sides, leaving the curls in the middle falling freely.


6. French Braided Bun

Fishtail Braided Mohawk Updo

When you think of the princesses from the stories, these are how their hairstyle is described: interlocking, wide braids, from all the hair, finishing in a look-a-like bun Mohawk with braids. The braids come from both sides, with a discreet side part and updo at the back of the head.


7. Wrapped Mohawk Updo

wrapped braided moahwk updo

This unique and bold Mohawk updo hairstyle with braids is perfect for official nightly events and occasions. It is clean and elegant and very cool. To achieve this hairstyle, the technique is to be spontaneous and good with hands.

The hair should be separated in two parts starting from the forehead all the way down to the neck. Start making a twisted curly braid at the top. The side parts are combed neatly and added and fixed with pins at the end of the braid.


8. Wavy Braided Mohawk

wavy braided moahwk updo

If you are looking for something extraordinary, then this wide messy braided Mohawk updo is the look you should try. It all looks wavy, with parts of the hair falling from everywhere, and wavy updo at the front. Very fancy and cool look!

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