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70 Cute and Trendy Dutch Braid Hairstyles for 2024

Dutch braid hairstyles are gaining popularity and the ability to make them can become a wonderful weapon in your hairstyling arsenal. They might seem hard to do at first, but once you get some experience you can make them even without a mirror.


Gorgeous Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dutch braids look terrific no matter what type of hair you have. Your locks must be medium or long, thick or thin, natural or dyed. This hairstyle allows you to keep your long hair neat while sporting a fashionable hairstyle.

Knowing how to braid your hair is a great skill that can help you always keep the locks neat. We collected 70 various dutch braids that will help you understand how amazing this hairstyle truly is.

1. Braided Updo

Dutch braided updo

Dutch braids look elegant when assembled into an updo. Divide and braid the crimped strands into two equal parts. Secure both braids into a bun. Add a flower to top off the style. This flawless hairstyle is ideal for be worn on any event.


2. Half Up, Half Down

Half up Dutch braid

Achieve a girly look with this half up braid hairstyle. Style the hair into double braids and secure them in a single ponytail with a middle part. Curl the loose strands at the ends. Don’t forget to add cute little flowers to your half updo.


3. Creative Look

3 Dutch braids

Go for three braids instead of two. This look is ideal to tame long hair. Divide the hair into three sections with a chunky middle braid and two along the sides. This style enables you to carry your dark roots with confidence. 


4. Keep It Simple 

Long Dutch braid

No hairstyle can compete with the elegance of this simple hair look. Keep the sections loose and bouncy. It is an easy everyday look that retains hair out of the face, although allowing some strands loose at the front will give it a romantic appeal.


5. Side Dutch Braids 

Side Dutch braids

This edgy look is inspired by cornrows. Style one side of the hair into three small Dutch braids and leave the remaining wavy strands loose. Rock some cute earrings to accentuate the look.


6. Braided High Ponytail

Dutch braided ponytail

Go bold by adding a hot pink hue to the hair. Divide the strands into four sections and braid each one towards the crown. Secure the braids in a high ponytail and braid it down. The vibrant copper and pink combination won’t be overlooked. 


7. Lovely Low Buns 

double Dutch braided bun

Pair up dark brown hair with a honey-blonde hue and sandy-blonde highlights to achieve this contrasting look. Weave the hair into Dutch braids and twist them around into two low buns. This hairstyle is ideal for summer days.  


8. Versatile Fauxhawk

Dutch braid with undercut

Instagram/Emily Hamilton

Braids work well on a rebellious fauxhawk too. Start by braiding down one side and adding delicate hair accessories. Curl up the remaining longer strands. The shaved sides keep attention towards the top.


9. Romantic Prom Look

Durch braid for wedding

A Dutch braided bun goes perfectly well on a wedding or prom. The strands are twined into a messy braid that is secured into a bun at the back. Loose face-framing strands finish off this romantic look.


10. Curvy Goddess Braid 

Dutch braided hairdo

Add a twist to a simple Dutch braid. Weave the hair loosely at the front and curve them away from the ear towards the crown. Continue with another twist turning from the crown towards the ear lobe. This edgy goddess look won’t be ignored.


11. Cornrows-Inspired Style 

Dutch cornrow braids

This tightly braided look mimics cornrows. The style is ideal for women with curly hair who want to tame them for once. Dye the hair in a light blonde hue and braid it down to the ends.


12. Asymmetrical Look 

Dutch braid

Play with the symmetry of the hair and braid both sides differently. Start weaving one side normally while the other side is braided from the crown and curved at the front. Pair this look with a classic bun or ponytail.


13. Braided Headband

headband Dutch braid

This cute Dutch front braided hairstyle is trending in 2024. It makes the front appear like a headband. Bangs can be swept away from the face for a change with this look. Accentuate this simple style by adding bouncy waves to the ends.


14. Detailed Loops

The details on this hairstyle are to die for. Although some patience is required to create this side knotted braid but with a little effort, long hair can be styled in an eye-catching way. The shiny auburn hair color completes this dreamy look.


15. Sleek Bun

donut bun with Dutch braid

Looking for a hairstyle that can be carried both casually and formally? Have a look at this sleek low bun with a Dutch braided front wrapped around it. Flowers are added to enhance the elegance of this look. 


16. Dutch braids with a Fishtail

Dutch braids with a fishtail hairstyle for teen girl

Letting your braids hang on the sides of your head is a casual style. If you are looking for something more formal start by braiding your hair from the top connecting the two braids at your neck.


17. Ghana braids

Ghana braids for black women

Ghana braids somewhat resemble the Dutch braids but they require hair extensions to create. You can add a braid in the middle to create the most appealing Ghana braids, while their Dutch counterparts require only two sections.


18. Short Dutch Braids

ponytails with dutch braids

A dutch braiding technique doesn’t require you to make full braids. You can braid your hair on your head and then tie it with an elastic band to allow the rest of the locks to look like ponytails. This will save you some time.

Short Braided Hairstyle Ideas


19. Elsa Braids

Braid extensions hairstyle for girl

The bottom part of your Dutch hairstyle can vary depending on your preferences. Any braid is a wonderful opportunity to attach hair extensions in the most natural way. Add some hair to the bottom part and sport a voluminous hairstyle.

Modern Braided Updo Hairstyles


20. Middle Part Braid

dutch braids 5

You can start creating your Dutch braids near the forehead. This is a great style for girls who have thin hair. The more braiding you do on top of your head, the easier you can draw the attention away from the thin braids.


21. Messy style

Messy style braided hairstyle for girl

When you are braiding your locks, there is no need to keep them extremely neat. If you like making statements with your hair, messy braids can do the trick. Keep the top part neat and the bottom messy.


22. Amazing basket

Adding other styles to the Dutch braids is a great idea. However, such complicated options as this zipper braid basket require outside assistance. You might want to ask your hairstylist to give such an option a try.

Dominant Micro Braids


23. Dutch Braid Crown

Dutch crown braid

If you are not into braiding, you can get the same effect by making twists. You’ll need some hair gel and strong hands to do the twisting and to make it stay neat. Use hair clips to keep the hairstyle in place.


24. Dutch Pigtail Braids

The classics dutch braids hairstyle for girl

When you first try the Dutch braids, we recommend you go for the classics. Two neat braids on each side of your head are what make a classic hairstyle. Keep the braiding until you reach the ends.

Unique & Stylish French Braids for Women


25. Pull-through Braid

dutch braids 11

Creating two braids that run down your head and end below your shoulders can go pretty far. There is no need to keep to the classical location and braiding method. Make two unique braids and call them Dutch.


26. Princess Braids

dutch braids Blonde extensions hairstyle for girl

You can use Dutch braids to attach various extensions. For example, it’s a great opportunity to try a blonde loop braid. If your hair is light brown, you don’t need to damage it by using dyes. Make Dutch braids and attach a blonde weave.


27. Add-ons

dutch braids 14

Classic Dutch braids may seem boring to some people. That’s why once you get a hang of making them, you can create all types of hairstyles. For example, you can make one more braid in the middle.

Artistic Medium Box Braids


28. The connection

dutch braids 16

This variation of the Dutch braiding can be a good choice for girls with thick hair. If your locks are thin, creating another braid in the middle might not look attractive. The best choice is to make two braids on top and let them end in ponytails.

Mesmeric Crown Braids


29. Dutch Braided Ponytail

dutch braids 17

There is no reason why Dutch hairstyles need to be tight. If you like making statements, try to avoid the classics. Make two loose braids on each side and connect them in the back of your head with a messy ponytail.


30. Thin braids

dutch Thin braids hairstyle for young girl

Girls with thin hair should avoid making two braids. They can take full advantage of a Dutch hairstyle on top of their head. But the bottom strands should be let loose. Otherwise, the braids look very thin and unattractive.


31. High and Dutch

dutch braids 19

If you want to create a fun variation of the Dutch braids, you can start braiding two of them close together. The rest of the hair can either be collected into a bun or left loose.


32. Side braid

dutch Side braid hairstyle

You can start making two braids and then sweep the hair to one side to complete the style. If your hair is thick, a braid on the side will look amazing. If it’s thin, this style is a great way to make a braid look thicker.


33. Dutch Braid Bun

dutch braids 22

When making braids on top of your head, you don’t have to follow the classic braiding style. Consider making fishtails or even cornrows to make your style even more unique.


34. Loose and highlighted

dutch braids Loose and highlighted hairstyle

This smart and outstanding approach to the Dutch French braid is possible even if you have thin hair. The top part is arranged into two loose braids and they are kept intact by hairpins. The bottom can be created using a weave.

Waterfall Braids


35. Half Dutch Braid Mohawk

Section the hair from the temple of your head to the crown part. Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail to avoid tangling.

Start weaving the braid from the sections that you created to create the Dutch hair braid over the center. Now untie your ponytail and leave the rest of your hair hanging loose to flaunt this beautiful hairdo.


36. Classical Braid

For this elegant style just brush all of your hair to the back so that they fall back over your shoulders. Now pick some hair from your front hairline, dividing it into 3 sections. Weave the braid bypassing each side section over the middle section of the braid.

Once you are done braiding, secure the end of the braid with an elastic band. Flaunt this stylish Dutch braided hairdo at the workplace, parties, or other events.


37. Braid with a Low Ponytail

dutch braid with ponytail

The hair is sectioned in this style over one side to create the braid till the nape of the neck. This braid is then continued with the rest of the hair to form a ponytail. The braid with a ponytail hairdo looks extremely romantic.


38. Basket Weave Style

This intricate pattern of basket style with two Dutch braids over the sides looks stunning. The hair is parted from the center to create two sections from the middle. The two sides are weaved to form braids which are then joined in the middle with the rest of the hair forming a basket pattern.


39. Low Braided Bun

This dramatic hairdo looks stunning and elegant. The Dutch braid is weaved over the side with the bun over the nape of the neck. The look creates the spark with the addition of the accessories over the crown of the head.


40. Braided Updo

Pick some hair from the front line and start weaving the braid towards the side. Now create a bun over the top and pair the braid with the bun. This stylish bun with braid looks trendy!


41. Half Up Hairstyle

Part all of your hair into two sections from the middle. Pick some hair from the front of your head. Twist that hair and pull them back pinning them up.

Repeat the same for the second side and again for the further twists. In the end, you get four twisted hair sections that are taken back to form a Dutch braid. Secure the braid with an elastic band over the end.


42. Dutch Braid with Cornrows

The thin cornrows in between the Dutch braids look mesmerizing. This beautiful look goes well for casual as well as formal evenings.


43. Half Bun

This stunning hairdo looks stylish and makes a fashion statement hairdo. You can carry this simple Dutch braided hairdo with the crown that is pulled back into the bun with loose hair over the sides. It is a fabulous hairdo that looks great for everyday life.


44. Messy Braids

The hair is sectioned from the middle into two braids that are pulled over the sides. These braids are fanned out to create a voluminous look for the hairdo. Flaunt this look at a friend’s party or enjoy it at your workplace without any hassle to manage the hair.


45. Braided Mohawk Updo

The blue-colored ombre hair is kept loose while the hair is parted from the middle to create sections for the Dutch braid. These hair are then turned into a beautiful braid which ends up into a top knot that gives you positive and confident vibes.


46. Textured Braid

textured dutch braid hairstyles

The neon texture for the braid looks unique and sassy. The textured hair is weaved into a classy braid to achieve the miraculous look.


47. Dutch Braid with a Twist

This braid style looks stunning. The classical Dutch braid is weaved in the middle and ended up over the nape of the neck. The braid is then secured with a beautiful scarf to give a statement look.


48. Double Half Braids

This classical hairdo looks fabulous where the braids are weaved on two sides. These Dutch braidings are fanned to create a voluminous look for the entire hairdo.


49. Braid with a Low Hairdo

For this classy and sassy look, you need to part the hair into two sections and start weaving the braid on two sides. These braids are then fanned out to create a messy look and tied back into a lower messy bun that offers a flawless look.


50. Braided Space Buns

reverse dutch braid with knots

For this hairdo, the sections are taken from the nape of the neck to form two braids. These braids are then taken over the top to form the knots. It is a unique hairdo that portrays confidence and self-esteem with complete exclusivity.


51. U- Shaped Braid

U shaped dutch braid hairstyles

The two Dutch braids are created in this hairdo from the frontline of the head that is taken back to form a U shape. This modish hairdo looks completely flawless and pairs well with all outfits.


52. Dutch Braid for Black Hair

dutch braid for black hair


53. 4 Dutch Braids

4 dutch braids


54. Dutch French Braid

dutch french braid


55. Dutch Braids with Weave

dutch braids with weave


56. Dutch Braids with Bangs

dutch braid with bangs


57. Dutch Braid Headband

dutch braid headband


58. Feed-In Dutch Braids

feed in dutch braids


59. 5 Strand Dutch Braid

5 strand dutch braid


60. Double Dutch Braided Bun

double dutch braided bun


61. Dutch Braid for Curly Hair

dutch braid for curly hair


62. Dutch Flower Braid

dutch flower braid


63. Dutch Waterfall Braid

dutch waterfall braid


64. Dutch Milkmaid Braid

dutch milkmaid braid


65. Upside Down Dutch Braid

upside down dutch braid


66. Long Dutch Braids

long dutch braid


67. Dutch Braid for Wedding

dutch braid for wedding


68. Dutch Lace Braid

Dutch lace braid


69. Halo Dutch Braid

halo dutch braid


70. Bohemian Dutch Braid

bohemian dutch braid


Advantages of Dutch Braids

The main advantage of Dutch braid hairstyle is that you don’t need any special accessories to make it. All you have to get is a brush, two elastic bands, and a mirror (which is optional). Once you learn how to make the classic Dutch braids, you can go on to create more complicated braid hairstyles.

how to style dutch braid hair

Previously girls were crazy about the French braid or fishtail braid but the upcoming trend is of Dutch Braid. It is the reverse of the French braid and quite easy to make once you understand the difference between the Dutch braid and the French braid. The Dutch braid is basically an inside-out style and looks detachable at first sight.


How to Style A Beautiful Dutch Braid Hairstyle

How to Style Dutch Braid for girl?

Dutch braid, the stylish braid which is a three-stranded braid comprising of two sections from sides and one middles section. While weaving this trendy braid, the middles section overlaps over the side section giving an inverted braid look. The Dutch braids are closely aligned over the scalp.

Dutch braid looks somewhat difficult but it is very easy to create. One can make it in a short time after some practice. In order to make Dutch braid one has to follow these simple steps:

  • Pick up the hair section from the top of the head.
  • After that divide section in three equal strands.
  • Now cross the right strand under the central strand and cross the left strand also in the middle strand.
  • The next step is the addition of hair to the strand already in hand before crossing to the middle of the braid.
  • The step is repeated with the left strand.
  • Continue to add hair on stand till the all hair are covered.
  • In the end, tie up the braid with a ponytail.
  • As the Dutch braid is in an intertwining process, the three stands from the base of the braid.


How to Style A Double Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Double Dutch braid hairstyle

The double Dutch braid is an excellent choice for girls who do yoga and exercise as the hair are properly tied and do not cause disturbance during the workout. Making a double Dutch braid is easy. It is firm and no hair is left out of the strand. It can be made in the following way.

  • The first step is to equally divide the hair into two parts and properly comb to make them straight and tangle-free. To half the hair equally, the best way is to take the comb directly from the nose to the center portion of the head. This will easily divide your hair into two strands equally. After making portions, clip one section of the hair with the pin or catcher so that it may not tangle the other side while you’re making the braid on other sections.
  • It is good to apply some gel, mouse or spray before starting so that the braid remains firm. After that, divide the section further into three parts and start making the Dutch Braid in a similar manner as the straight normal Dutch braid is made. Complete the braid and secure it with the rubber band or elastic.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the other section to get a complete look of the double Dutch braid.


Styling With A Dutch Braid Headband

 Dutch Braid Headband

It is a superb and fantastic type of Dutch French braid headband hairstyle that looks fascinating. Young girls love to weave the braid for different occasions. To make this style a girl has to follow these guidelines.

  • As all the hair do not tend to braid, first of all, it is good to give light curls to the hair. Use the hair curler to get loose curls and make them somewhat wavy.
  • After that, take a section of hair from the forehead side and divide it into three strands.
  • Cross the strand with the middle strand in a similar fashion like for the normal Dutch braid.
  • It is good to lose the braid so that it gives off a thick appearance.
  • After that wrap that braids on the back of the head and joins it with the pins or small clips.

Dutch braids are easy to make and with a little practice, you can make them in different styles. They are not difficult to make and you only need to alter the technique to get this look.


The Dutch braid is very famous and you’ll find it many times over your Instagram and Facebook feed. These braids pop out of your hair instead of blending with your normal hair. The Dutch braid is usually tight that prevents you from falling over your face during physical activities like dancing, aerobic exercise, gym sessions, and others.

If you’ve always wanted to make dutch braids, the time has come to make a grand hairstyle experiment. Start with the classics and go on to make your hair shine with highlights and hair extensions.