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25 Cutest Ways to Get Collarbone-Length Hair in 2024

A collarbone length is one of the most flattering haircuts a woman could choose for herself. The hair is one length all around, stopping right at your collarbone, which means it’s longer than a bob and doesn’t include all the maintenance and extra styling time that having long hair brings.

These haircuts can be styled with or without bangs, make the cutest half updos, and can be fluffed up with waves or curls for a zhushed-up texture.

If your hair is already at your collarbone or you have longer hair that you’re thinking about trimming, we’re about to show you 25 reasons you should opt for a collarbone hairstyle!

Gorgeous Collarbone Hairstyles to Try

These 25 collarbone-length haircuts should be on a rotating list in the back of your pocket for how cute they are!

1. Straight Lob

straight collarbone haircut

Is your hair mostly straight or do you prefer to wear it that way for a sleek look 24/7? You’ll love what a straightened collarbone-length hairstyle with a middle part does for your face shape. Hello, chicness!

2. Platinum Blonde Tresses

collarbone length platinum haircut

Trying to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe? We have no doubt she would be proud of you for rocking a platinum blonde hair color. Your shoulder-grazing locks will look extra gorgeous in this bright shade of blonde; part hair off-center to get a lift in volume.

3. Brown Waves

wavy collarbone haircut

You can’t go wrong with waves in any hairstyle, so fill your mane up with these tightly-wound waves and use your fingers to brush them out for softness. Have your stylist cut in a heavy side bangs to help with face-framing.

4. Collarbone-Length Mullet

collarbone length mullet haircut

If it’s edge and punk you want in a hairstyle, opt for a mullet that ends at your collarbone. Cut in choppy layers, a baby bang, and scrunch in a little mousse to play up the texture near the top of your head.

5. Red Spiral Curls

curly collarbone length haircut

For all the naturally curly-haired women out there who might also be redheads, take note of these perfect spiral curls! Their rich color and shape are perfectly shown off with face-framing layers and long piecey bangs.

6. Face Framing Layers

layered collarbone haircut

We will always tout the benefits of layered hairstyles, but having them in a medium-length haircut is the epitome of chicness. Try an easy slightly off-center part and use your fingers to comb out locks that fan down the sides of your face and neck.

7. Messy Side Part

collarbone length haircut

A casual day out or a beach day with friends calls for no frills. This style is yet another you only need a little beach curl product on your fingers to style. Make a heavy part for natural volume and beachy wave texture.

8. Straightened Bangs

collarbone haircut for Asian women

For women with a wide face and naturally straight hair, we recommend straightened bangs to go with your collarbone-length haircut. These ones are cut at an angle that will accentuate your eyes beautifully.

9. Flipped Hairstyle with Headband

collarbone haircut for black women

Black women with natural hair who want to take a break from the braids for a while may just want to try this vintage headband hairstyle. Use a little mousse to comb your hair away from the face, then slide on your favorite colored headband for a neat throwback hairdo.

10. Highlighted with Side Bangs

collarbone length blonde haircut

To get this pretty look, trim hair to medium length, adding in a side combed bang. Whether your blonde hair is dark or light, add contrasting blonde highlights to give hair depth. Finish by straightening your hair.

11. Two-Toned Hair

two toned collarbone length haircut

Interested in rocking a bold hairstyle with a vibrant color? You’ll definitely want to put a two-toned collarbone haircut at the top of your list to try! While this orange and yellow style is just fine, you could also try purple and pink or blue and green!

12. Thin Hair + Center Part

collarbone haircut for thin hair

When your hair goal is to distract from how thin your hair is, a collarbone haircut will work to play up what is there already. Simply comb in a middle part and straighten for sleekness to get an instant chic style.

13. Vintage Collarbone-Length Hair

collarbone length vintage haircut

Throw your hairstyle back to the 80s for a fun experiment that won’t leave you in hair trouble. The modern haircut can be vintage instantly just by adding soft flipped-out waves to the ends.

14. Blunt Haircut with Short Bangs

collarbone length blunt haircut

There’s major Fifth Element vibes going on here with this bluntly-cut collarbone-length hairstyle. The short bangs come to the middle of the forehead, which is a great length to help with face-framing for women who wear glasses.

15. Blonde Waves + Pinned to The Side

collarbone length hair with accessory

Going out for a special evening? Part your hair off-center and fill your mane with these perfect waves. Then tuck in a jeweled hair clip to pin back one side, leaving a thin tendril loose along your face.

16. Collarbone Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

collarbone haircut with curtain bangs

The sweetness and softness of curtain bangs is not to be looked over. Women with a diamond, round, or oval face shape will get the most bang out of curtain bangs, so don’t hesitate to add them to a wavy hairstyle.

17. Half Up Hairdo

half up collarbone length haircut

Once you spritz the small section of hair at the front of your mane with hairspray and tease it for volume, gather up the top half of your hair into a loose ponytail or simply secure it into place with a pretty hairpin.

18. Asymmetrical Collarbone Haircut

asymmetrical collarbone length haircut

Typically, collarbone hairstyles are one length all around, but we’ll let this middle-parted asymmetrical style slide since it’s longest point is in the front and hits the right spot. Straighten it for sleekness and you’re good to go!

19. Brunette Side Bangs

collarbone haircut with side bangs

We bragged about the blondes, but a warm brunette hairstyle is equally as gorgeous at collarbone-length. Add in these straight side-swept bangs if you have a round face or large forehead to give it a slimmer shape.

20. Tousled Waves

tousled collarbone length haircut

In the hair world, tousled equals sexy. So after adding a bit of mousse or hair creme to your fingers, get in there to zhush up your hairstyle, making a sexy side part as well. If you have color in your hair, this look will show it off beautifully.

21. Fiery Colored Collarbone Hairstyle

colorful collarbone haircut

This girl is on fire with her orange and yellow medium-length hairstyle. There’ll be no missing you with this bright color over an edgy black leather jacket. While you’re at it, go ahead and continue the hair color in your eyebrows as well.

22. Ombre and Long Bangs

collarbone length haircut with ombre

Between the warm medium blonde and dark brown ombre above and the long perfectly combed bangs, there’s no question it’s a hit hairstyle. We love the large-barreled waves that fill her mane as well.

23. Autumn Haircut

collarbone length brown haircut

Fall will be here before you know it, so get in the mood and bring on the cozy vibes with a rich brown in a wavy hairstyle with a slightly off-center part. You can even add a little caramel hair coloring for more depth.

24. Feathered Bangs

collarbone haircut with feathered bangs

Do you like hairstyles that have wispy-looking texture? Then try this bluntly cut collarbone hairstyle with its feathered layers, which give your mane a little bounce. The bangs can be styled on either side.

25. Collarbone Haircut with Undercut

collarbone haircut with undercut

On this collarbone-length hairstyle with perfect ringlets, you would never guess you’d see an edgy undercut peeking out. Give everyone a surprise and yourself a thrill by adding that shaved area underneath above the neck!

The best thing about collarbone-length hair is that it suits everyone. When styling your hair, it may help to have a round brush on hand, especially if you want your hair to have more volume. Other than that, you’ll love having a collarbone hairstyle since they’re so easy to maintain and style!