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15 Fascinator Hairstyles to Flatter Any Hair Length

Fascinators are ornamental headpieces, usually consisting of a net adorned with feathers, beads, flowers, and ribbons. The assemblage is attached to a hairband, clips, combs, or a tiny hat that can be placed in the center or the side of the head.

The purpose of these hair accessories is purely decorative; they cover only a part of the head, making them suitable to be worn with various hair lengths and styles.

Enjoy a flattering look with the following fascinator hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair lengths to steal the show at formal events.

What Is A Fascinator?

hairstyle with fascinator

Fascinators are those fancy headpieces you often see at British weddings (currently, at other weddings too) or posh events. They’re way more than just a hat; think feathers, veils, and cool accomplishments.

Some people wear them for status or tradition, but for many, it’s all about personal style and a bit of fun competition. You’ll usually find them made of special materials like sinamay straws, and they can totally work with both dresses and pantsuits.

Just remember to wear it securely on the right side of your head and maybe consult a pro if you want to get it just right. As for trends, anything from sleek to architectural is in!

How to Wear Fascinator With Short Hair

Short hair is not a problem when it comes to wearing fascinators.

1. French Girl Bob

short bob hairstyle with fascinator

Achieve a Parisian charm by rocking a French girl bob with a fascinator consisting of a chic mini top hat.

Snip the strands just below the ears to flaunt a sharp neckline with cropped bangs lying across the forehead above the brows. Complete the look with bold red lips and that’s it!

2. Neck-Length Retro Curls

short vintage hairstyle with fascinator

Ladies who are more into vintage looks can rock this retro hairstyle with a flat hat fascinator. Use a hefty amount of hair mousse and duckbill clips to keep the S-shaped curls in place when hot.

Tilt the ornament on one side as much as possible to cover a part of the face.

3. Side-Swept

short hairstyle with fascinator

Instead of wearing the fascinator in the middle of the head or at a tilting angle, get one with a clip and put it on one side of your short crop.

Carve out a side part and comb over the strands neatly before placing the accessory. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray.

4. Pixie with Oversized Fascinator

race day hairstyle with fascinator

Not much can be done when the hair is cut into a sassy pixie. But you can make yours stand out by opting for an oversized fascinator. Prefer the one with a net modeled into a hat-like shape to cover the head.

Fix it in place using additional pins to avoid any fall-off.

5. Textured Pixie-Bob

short wedding hairstyle with fascinator

A pixie-bob, just as the name suggests, lies in between a pixie and a bob.

Get a good blowout to define your texture and layers. Opt for a deep side parting and cover it up with your hair jewel comprising of a cute little hat.

How to Wear Fascinator With Long Hair

Let your fascinator be the star of the show by leaving those long tresses on the loose or styling them in various updos.

6. Elegant Updo

long hairstyle with a fascinator hat

Updos make the most elegant hairstyles with fascinators. Assemble those long tresses into a low-lying chignon bun or a French twist with the ornament tilting towards the front for a change.

Pull some strands loose to frame the face or don’t. Whatever you like!

7. High Ponytail

long ponytail with fascinator

Sport your high-class headpiece with style. Gather the hair in a high, medium, or low ponytail with or without a parting. Place the accessory on one side of the head.

You can spice up the look further by adding curls and tousling them at the front on one shoulder. Chic!

8. Pulled-Back Twists

long hairstyle with fascinator for black women

Black beauties can show off their traditional hairdos while rocking a fascinator. Pull those Senegalese twists or box braids back into a jumbo bun keeping all the focus on your headdress.

If your accessory consists of a net try adjusting it in a way to cover the eye for an edgy appeal.

9. Ruffled Side Braid

long braided hairstyle with fascinator

Fascinators can level up even the simplest hairstyles just as depicted here. Tuck those long Rapunzel locks into a side-swept braid. Leave the strands loose along the way for a messy look and place your headgear on top.

Crimp the hair beforehand to achieve some texture and volume.

10. Side-Tousled Loose Tresses

flower fascinator for wedding guests

Look like a queen by leaving your luscious long hair on the loose along with a fascinator attached above one ear.

Keep the tresses perfectly straight or achieve some movement with curls and waves. Don’t forget to tousle them at the front for a romantic look!

How to Wear Fascinator With Medium Hair

Got medium-length locks? Still not a problem!

11. Long Layered Lob

medium hairstyle with fascinator

Long lobs are still going strong and you can get one with or without layers. Whatever the case, keep the hair perfectly straight with the strands bending around the face naturally framing it all along.

Let your headpiece lean slightly towards one side and secure it in place.

12. Messy Updo

medium curls with fascinator

Although fascinators are mostly imagined with flawless elegant hairdos, a messy updo won’t appear any less.

Add a hipster touch to your look by adding curls to the hair and pinning them on one side sparing one big chunk to accent the face. Push the accessory away from the face this time.

13. Face-Framing Frontal Graduation

medium layered hair with fascinator

Keep all the attention towards the face with a shoulder-length forward graduation haircut.

This one features feathery layers that are well-defined using a round brush and blow dryer.  Turn your casual hairstyle into a formal one by placing your hair accessory on top.

14. Twisted Side Bun

medium hair updo with fascinator

Here’s another hairstyle with a fascinator that is a must-try at least once. Create two big twists using all the hair and wrap them around into a stylish side bun.

Recreate the asymmetrical style with braids to get a flower-like updo without much effort. Keep everything in place with pins.   

15. Soft Curls with Beehive Pouf

wedding hair with fascinator

Lastly, make your medium-length tresses noticeable by opting for soft side-swept curls. Spare the front strands and tease those on the crown region to achieve a beehive pouf.

Place your fascinator with a headband on top and there you have it; a royal wedding hairstyle!

All the hairstyles with fascinators enlisted above prove that hair length and texture are not a problem when it comes to rocking these fancy headpieces. They add a royal touch to any hairdo whether a casual pixie or an intricate updo. Tilting the ornaments to one side of the head makes a big difference too!