25 Hottest Platinum Blonde Hairstyles You’ll See in 2020

Platinum blonde hairstyles are a raging fashion nowadays since they have such an elegant and classy appeal about them. The way these highlights have taken on the fashion industry is quite impressive because people used to stick to darker shades of blonde in the past.

Goldish blonde hair used to be a true beauty symbol in the past, but that has now changed marginally. People are trying new hair colors and even grey and lighter blonde shades are loved by them to an extent that it leaves one in awe. The platinum blonde hair looks lovely and youthful despite the fact that it is such a light color.


What Color Is Platinum Blonde?

Platinum Blonde Hair for Women

Platinum blonde is the lightest possible shade of blonde which looks quite neat to grey and is a perfect blend of white, grey and blonde colors.

This makes blonde such an impressive hair color that women are now dumping dark and classic hair colors in favor of this subtle and sophisticated hair color.

The uniqueness of this hair is enhanced further if it is used for highlights rather than as a single tone dyed hair. This is a really nice addition to the color spectrum when it comes to hair colors.


Who Should Try Platinum Blonde Hair?

Platinum blonde hair color is not for dark-toned skin as they contrast with such skin colors. This is why it is best for pale skin or other lighter skin tones.

This is because the platinum highlights on blonde hair are already very light in color and they blend so perfectly with your profile if you have a lighter skin tone that the overall look is more beautiful than the one that you aimed for.


How to Highlight Hair with Platinum Blonde

how to do platinum blonde highlights

Highlighting hair takes a long time and is a tricky business. But if you know the right way of doing it then you do not have to worry about anything. Here is how you can keep the process easy and simple while highlighting your hair platinum hair color.

  • First of all, you need to shampoo your hair well, but do not condition it and then leave it to dry off.
  • After this, section your hair in four parts with clips and then take out strands from the first section that you want to highlight.
  • Apply bleach on these strands and then wrap them in aluminum foil pieces. This way the bleach will not get in contact with the rest of your hair.
  • Let the bleach sit and then wash it off.
  • After that put platinum shade blonde hair color on the bleached strands and then after the needed time wash the color Now blow dry it and see if the color is of your liking or not. If it does not then repeat the process and you will be able to get the best version of platinum blonde highlights for your hair.


How to Maintain Platinum Blonde Highlights

How to Maintain Platinum Blonde Highlights

Maintenance of platinum highlights does not require any extra efforts or hair care products. You just have to take care of these few things to have our highlights around for a longer time period.

  • Do not wash your hair that frequently as it will cause the dye of highlights to fade off more quickly.
  • Avoid using hot water to wash your hair as it opens up the cuticles and causes the hair to lose dye more quickly.
  • Make sure that your hair is properly hydrated, so use a good quality moisturizer on it so that your hair does not appear lifeless or damaged.


Platinum Blonde Hairstyles


short platinum blonde hair for men

short platinum blonde hair for men



long platinum blonde hairstyle

long platinum blonde hairstyle



platinum blonde curly hairstyle

platinum blonde curly hairstyle



Icy platinum blonde hair for women

Icy platinum blonde hair



platinum blonde hair for dark skin

platinum blonde hair for dark skin



platinum blonde ombre hair

platinum blonde ombre hair



platinum blonde hair with dark roots

platinum blonde hair with dark roots



platinum blonde medium hairstyle

platinum blonde medium hairstyle



platinum ash blonde hair

platinum ash blonde hair



platinum blonde balayage hairstyle

platinum blonde balayage hairstyle



platinum silver blonde hair

platinum silver blonde hair



Asian platinum blonde hair

Asian platinum blonde hair



platinum blonde hair color for black girls


14. Platinum White

Platinum White hair color for women

Platinum white will give your hair a truly eye-catching look. This bright color will be the first thing that most people see when they walk into a room.


15. Super Sleek Side Style


Sleek styles look amazing when you have light blonde hair. For a truly dramatic style, sweep all of your hair over from one side to the other. A sweeping fringe tops off the style.


16. Full Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum Passion color hairstyle you like

Platinum hair colors can be given a passionate boost with some light hair curls or waves. Light curling and waving help the hairstyle to look thicker and more touchable.


17. Side-Parting


A side-parting is a great way to change the weight and thickness of your hair. Heavy layering around your face will look great if you have a platinum blonde hairstyle with a side-parting.


Platinum Blonde Highlights

If you love platinum blonde as much as we do then you must be looking for some lovely highlighted hairstyling options that come with platinum shade. Here are some of the best such options for you.

18. Crown Braid

crown braid with platinum blonde highlights

This crown braid is a perfect way of showing off your platinum blonde highlights as it has your hair in a very attractive display. The crown is braided and the rest of the hair is pulled up in a stylish updo. You can add some fresh flowers on the hairdo to make it look fresher and more appealing.


19. Modern and Straight Hair

straight hair with platinum blonde highlights

This sleek and modern hairstyle is a huge hit on the fashion board at the moment since it has long straight hair falling down the back of your head in a perfect streaming fashion. The smooth hair looks neat and gives you a very young and stylish vibe that impresses people even before you interact with them.


20. Wavy Hair with Blonde Highlights

Medium Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

This is where your platinum blonde hair highlights game gets the strongest. The shoulder-length wavy hair makes the highlights pop as the hair is gently twisted in waves. The hair looks even more lovely when you let it fall freely around your head in a friendly and fashionable way.

Gorgeous Brown Wavy Hairstyles for Women


21. Natural Brown Base

 platinum blonde highlights on brown hair

This is yet another lovely and youthful formation of platinum blonde highlights on brown hair with curls. The sunny appearance helps you seem more approachable and friendlier. This is a style which you must try in the summer holidays for a perfect fresh summery look.


22. Chic and Modern Cornrows

cornrows with platinum blonde highlights

Who said that cornrows are only for black hair? They look as lovely on platinum highlighted hair as on the simple shiny black hair. So, get yourself some lovely highlights and finish off the look with these impressive cornrows.


23. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob with Platinum Blonde Highlights

This dimensional short platinum blonde hairstyle is all that you need to make a strong fashion statement. The haircut brings out the highlights, even more, making you look like a stylish diva.


24. Highlights with Dark Roots

platinum blonde highlights with dark roots

Are you blessed with long hair? This dark rooted base is perfect for two-toned highlights with platinum and beige blonde shade as it makes them stand out more and look more attractive. The hair is of a medium length and completes the look just fine.


25. Black Base and Ice Highlights

platinum ice highlights for women

This platinum blonde highlights styles on dark hair go really well with a dark base like black. So, get yourself this stunning hairstyle before everyone else does.



Q. Platinum Blonde Highlights or Lowlights Which One Is Better?

Ans: Blonde highlights and lowlights with platinum shade are both unique and impressive their own way, but you need to know how each one will look on your hair.

If you have grey or platinum hair then subtle platinum blonde lowlights are a cool option for you. However, if you have darker shaded hair then it is better that you go for platinum highlights.


Q. What Hair Color Goes Well with Platinum Highlights?

Ans: Platinum blonde highlights go perfectly well with dark hair colors, especially black. So, if you have black natural hair and want to add highlights to the then go for these highlights.


Q. How Long Platinum Blonde Highlights Last?

Ans: These blonde highlights last for 3 to six months on average, but it varies along with the product quality and company policies. The natural color, texture, and volume of your hair also determine for how long the highlights will stick on your hair.


These platinum highlights hairstyles are perfect for you if you want to have a lovely and stylish hairstyle which impresses everyone!