75 Brilliant Braided Updo Styles For Any Hair Type

Braiding is a classic hair technique which has been used for centuries. Basic braids require the wearer to divide their hair into three strands. They should start by passing the left-hand strand over the top of the middle strand and then under the right-hand strand.

Repeat this process again and again until all of the hair is plaited into a braid. Once you know how to do basic braids you can try out more complicated ones and even create a braided updo.


Find an Easy Braided Updo From The Below List

Some people shy away from hair braiding because they worry that it requires a lot of skill and precision. This is not always the case. In fact, some braided updos actually include a little bit of messiness in the style. If you do want more precision, you can always visit a trained stylist to braid your hair for you.

#1: Free as a Bird

braided updos hairstyle for young girls

Show off your wild side by enhancing your braided updo with a few different hair accessories. Stick a clean bird’s feather into your hair to give your hairstyle a free bohemian look.


#2: Auburn Beauty

braided updos 2

Auburn is a gorgeous color for a braided hairstyle. Auburn looks perfect on people who have a very pale or alabaster skin tone. A beautiful color like this should be worn with light or nude make-up.


#3: Cute Curl

nice braided updo haircut

Style your hair so that the majority of it sits in a delicate braided arrangement. Take a few thin strands of hair down in front of both of your ears, and give them a cute little curl.


#4: Strawberry Blonde Highlights with a Subtle Braid

braided updos 4

In this hairstyle, the highlights are very delicate. Platinum blonde and strawberry blonde highlights work really well with one another because they create an expensive colour when they are mixed. The braid in this style is as subtle and delicate as the hair colourants.


#5: Braided Beehive

braided updos 5

In this braided updo, the stylist has created a spectacular beehive style by wrapping the braids around and around to create height. It is a brilliant style if you are looking for a real showstopper to wear to your wedding.


#6: Thick Roots

 Thick Root braid updo

Roots can be left very dark on purpose to create thicker looking hair with more depth and texture. Bleach your tips or dye them so that they are a really light colour in order to have the maximum effect with this style.


#7: Low Braids with Floral Accessories

braided updos 7

Low braids like these will sit quite low on your head and the style will not pull on your scalp or face. This means that it is ideal for a wedding look, as you will look relaxed and stress-free. Complete the wedding look with a delicate floral accessory to match your colour scheme.


#8: Voluminous Roots

braided updos 8

Braided updos can look quite tight or small when they are styled onto women who have thinner hair. Give the look more volume by styling the braids further away from your scalp. This can also help to give the look more bounce.


#9: Double Braids

best Double braids updos haircut for women

Instead of styling your hair into just one single braid, style it so that you have two identical braids running alongside one another. Chunky, loose braids are a perfect style choice for brides who do not want to look over-manicured.


 #10: Diagonal Tight Braids

braided updos 10

This intricate hairstyle draws all of the hair into a diagonal braid which runs down the back of the head. It looks amazing but it can take a lot of work to make sure that it stays looking perfect. That means that it is best for very special occasions.


#11: Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Brown caramel with braided Hairstyle you like

Brown hair with caramel highlights looks really great when it is put into a braided updo. The caramel highlights help to give the braids a gorgeous textured appearance. Make sure that you do not go overboard with the caramel color.


#12: Waterfall with Curls and Braids

braided updos 12

Waterfall styles are very popular hairstyles for brides. Bold curls can be braided into a spectacular waterfall style by a skilled wedding hairstylist. Complete the style with a beautiful floral accessory that can hold the braids and curls in place.


#13: Baby’s Breath Flowers

nice flower with braided updos hairstyle

Baby’s breath (gypsophilia) is loved by brides because it is such a delicate white flower. Incorporate baby’s breath into a braided updo for a lovely wedding hairstyle. Add a few larger flowers for effect if you want to.


#14: Braided Crown

braided updos 14

Give yourself a gorgeous regal look by braiding your hair into a crown. The braids should sit high at the front of your head and then follow the curve of your head around.


#15: Straggling Strands

braided updos 15

For a cool messy style, leave a few straggling strands trailing loose from your braided updo. Messy chic is really popular with younger film stars and pop stars who don’t want to conform with traditional hairstyling rules.


#16: Halo Effect

Halo Effect with updo braids hairstyle

Give yourself a truly saintly look by fashioning your braids into a halo style. Your braids should sit atop your head in a full circle hairstyle. This style will look great at a formal event.


#17: Cornrows with a Topknot

braided updos 17

Tight African inspired cornrows help to show off your beautiful bone structure. Give your style a touch of red carpet glamour by pulling your cornrows up into a braided topknot that sits high on your head.


#18: Quirky Waterfall Style

 Waterfall braided updos hairstyles for girl

Waterfall braids can help to give you a really nice half-up half-down style. Pulling one strand of hair out of the normal sequence when you are styling your braid can give your look a modern quirky edge that nobody else can copy.


#19: Faux Fascinator

braided updos 19

Create a spectacular headpiece out of your own hair by winding thick chunky braids up onto the top of your head. Make it seem more like a fascinator by pinning the braided updo at the front of your head rather than at the back.


#20: Punky Styling

braided updos 20

This hairstyle is amazingly edgy but draws on a few different cultures and genres for inspiration. The low microbraids are very reminiscent of Native American hairstyles, whilst the backcombed centerpiece seems more like a Teddy boy style. All-in-all it creates a really punky look.


#21: Braiding with a Rolled Chignon

best Chignon hairstyles braid updo hairstyle you like

A chignon style is a bun which sits at the nape of the neck. Chignon hairstyles like these are very popular for wedding hairstyles because they are relatively simple to style yet still look gorgeous. Braid your hair and then roll the remainder round into a low chignon.


#22: Chignon with Braiding

braided updos 23

For this chignon style, the stylist has carried on the braiding all of the way through the style. They have then pulled the braided hair up into a low chignon hair which sits at the nape of the neck.


#23: Platinum Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights braided updos haircut

Platinum blonde highlights really help the braids to stand out more in an updo. Platinum highlights can help to completely transform mousy brown hair into something that is really special.


#24: Flyaway Style

braided updos 25

Flyaway hair does not always have to be a bad thing. A little messiness can still be part of your look, even if you are styling your hair for a wedding or a formal event. If a few strands of your hair come loose, it really doesn’t matter!


#25: Braided Croissant

Croissant with braided updos hairstyle

A croissant style is one that sits low in your hair and follows the natural curve at the base of your skull. Thick braids in this part of your hair will make your hair look wonderfully pretty.


#26: Twisted Cornrows in a Lattice Style

black braided updos

For a regal cornrow style, choose twisted braids instead of three-strand braids. Cross your hair upwards from the base of your skull towards the opposite side of your head. Twist all of the cornrows together into a topknot style.


#27: Low Braid with Chignon

braided updos 28

Style a single braid into your hair close to your hairline and then follow the shape of your head around. Pull all of your hair up into a low and loose chignon style. This is a gorgeous style for when you need to add a little bit more glamour to your look.


#28: Mid-Braid with a High Bun

 Mid-Braid with a High Bun haircut

A mid-braid starts from the top of your head rather than coming from the fringe area. Style a loose mid-braid into your hairstyle and then pull all of the rest of your hair up into a high bun which sits near to the crown of your head.


#29: Nautilus

braided updos 30

The Nautilus style takes its inspiration from the gorgeous shapes which can be found in some seashells. Start off with a high braid and then roll your hairstyle round into a bun made up of concentric circles on just one side of your head.


#30: Cornrows with Flowing Curls

braided updos 31

Braid your hair into a cornrow hairstyle all of the way across your scalp. Once you have moved away from the scalp, you should stop braiding. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail and then fan out your hair so that your curls flow freely.


#31: Double Croissant Style

Croissant Style braided updos

This loose croissant hairstyle utilizes two braids instead of just one. If you choose to start your braided updo towards the back of your hair, you can leave a few strands of hair down or style in an asymmetrical fringe.


#32: Baby Bouffant

braided updos 33

Create a “baby” bouffant hairstyle by using your braids to force more volume into your hair at the top and rear of your head. Whilst this baby bouffant is a subtle nod to the 60’s, it does not have all of the excesses of the time period.


#33: Voluminous Latticework with a Side Bun

Voluminous braided updos hairstyle for cute girl

Any braided hairstyle can be given more volume by leaving the braids loose rather than pulling them tight. Make the most of your voluminous latticework by pulling your hair into a bun at the side of your head instead of the nape of your neck.


#34: Simple Braid with Side Bun

braided updos 35

Choosing a side bun instead of a bun which sits at the back of your head can help to take some of the harshnesses away from the style. Although it helps to create a softer women’s hairstyle, it does this without leaving the style looking too casual.


#35: High Braid over a Tight Bun

updo braids with bun

Many braided hairstyles will draw the braid into the bun, however, this women’s hairstyle is a little bit different. Style your braid so that it sits above a tight bun. It doesn’t matter if you have a few strands sticking out.

#36: Braided Back with a Stylish Topknot

best Braided Back updos hairstyle

Braid your hairstyle from the bottom to the top, instead of doing it the other way around. Twist any hair that is left over and then pull it around into a secure topknot hairstyle. This braided updo is also great if you want to show off a neck tattoo.


#37: High and Low

braid updos with beautiful shape

For this stylish woman’s hairdo, you need to start braiding quite high on your head. Quickly drop the braid down so that it runs almost vertically to the nape of your neck. Pull the rest of your hair up into a rolled chignon to complete the hairstyle.


#38: Tight Pixie Braids

Tight Pixie goddess Braids updos for young girl

From the front, this amazing hairstyle looks like it might just be a standard pixie cut. Once you look at the back of the style you will spot that it consists of lots of little braids that are tightly woven together.


#39: High Braid with a Loose Fringe

 High Braid updos hairstyle for little girl

Braid your hair so that your braid sits high on the top of your head. Leave a few strands of hair down at the front to frame your face. It is a great women’s hairstyle for a red carpet event or for a Christmas party.


#40: Braided Crown with Flowing Locks

 goddess braids updos with long hair

Long hairstyles with flowing locks are a really glamorous choice for a night out or a red carpet event. Style in a braided updo element by braiding a crown across the top of the head. Big bold curls look amazing with a braided band.


#41: Mixed Braids

cool Mixed braided updos hairstyle for women

Create a truly unique braided hairstyle by mixing lots of different types of braids together. You can include styles like thick chunk braids or twisted braids.


#42: Thick Braid with Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs goddess braids updo hairstyle for cute girl

A thick braid across the top of the head is quite a popular style choice for braided updos. Wear your hair with asymmetrical bangs and a few loose bits of hair to highlight your gorgeous eyes and lips.


#43: Messy Style

braided updos 46

Cool messy plaits help to give a braided updo an edgy modern look. The style is good for people who want a look which is non-conformist but feminine.


#44: Chunky and Long Side Braid

Long Side braided updos hairstyle

For a quirky take on the Frozen hairstyle, braid your hairstyle into a chunky side braid. Having your braid thicker and to one side can stop your style from looking too childlike.


#45: Tight Headband Braid

Headband Braid updos hairstyle your favorite

Braid your hair tightly over the top of your head to act like a headband. Straighten your fringe and let it cover your forehead to give yourself a really cute women’s hairstyle.


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braided updo styles


There are plenty of braided styles to choose from. Many of these braided styles can be worn to the office, on a casual day or for an evening out. If you don’t want to wear your hair in a braided updo every single day then you might want to think about checking out some of our other lists!