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50 Modern Business Hairstyles to Wear in 2024

Whether you’ve been at the same job for years or you just want a new look, a business haircut will get you in that professional state of mind again. For both short and long hair, there’s a businessman look to suit all textures. With a simple side part, a fade, or even an undercut, your work look can come back to life.

Professional & Business Hairstyles for Men

Imagine a professional haircut that exudes confidence, oozes charisma, and screams “I’ve got this” without ever crossing the line into the wild territory. In the corporate world, your hairstyle can give a charming first impression before you even utter a word.

A polished, dapper hairstyle is the boardroom’s secret weapon. We all want to be the suave, sophisticated businessman who can close a deal and turn heads simultaneously.

A well-groomed hairstyle doesn’t just impress your colleagues and clients – it also boosts your self-esteem. So, style your hair and conquer the corporate world with a modern business hairstyle.

We have handpicked some business haircuts that will help you look like a dapper professional in no time.

1. Sleek Back-Comb

businessman hairstyle with undercut

A sleek back comb is a great way to style longer hair pieces from the top area. Apply hair gel or pomade and comb all the hair to the nape.

Maintain the sides short, and trimmed with the machine. 

2. High Top for Older Men

businessman hairstyle for over 50

If your sides are turning white, and the top is already salt and pepper, you can add more black to the front strands by using a semi-permanent color. It will create a gorgeous gradient and mix of nuances and shades. 

3. Side Swap

businessman hairstyle for blonde men

Short sides with a high top that is swept to the side will give you a professional, yet mysterious badass look.

Apply a pomade or hair gel that gives you that slightly wet look and shave your face to look neat and well-kept. 

4. Crew Cut

businessman hairstyle for black men

Having coarse hair can be a struggle, but a crew cut can save you from all the trouble. Trim the hair shorter on the sides and keep the hair longer on the top.

Also, you can use a special sponge, designed for your hair type. Rub it on your coils and create these tight curls. 

5. Disconnected Top

businessman haircut for men

For this businessman hairstyle, the sides are shortly trimmed and paired with a long pair of bangs, that look disconnected from the rest of the trim.

The look has an exaggerated length for the top and forehead, as the fringe reaches and covers half of the forehead. 

6. Short Cut

buzz cut for businessmen

Want a hairstyle that keeps you polished and cool, without too much of an effort? Then a short buzz cut is the right choice, especially because you can do it at home with a trimming machine. 

As for the facial hair, keep it the same length as the hair from your head, creating uniformity. 

7. Texturized Medium Length Hair

wavy hairstyle for businessmen

Wavy hair has a particular bounce and texture that you should definitely show off. Use a hair gel or product that doesn’t load the hair, but helps you lift those roots, and comb the sides to the back. 

8. Spiky Top

spiky hairstyle for businessmen

Short sides can be greatly paired with a longer spikey top. You will need to use your fav styling gel to lift the hair and messily arrange it.

The hairstyle adds height and creates an elongated look. Paired with a stubble beard, this businessmen’s hairstyle is low maintenance and suitable for corporate fields. 

9. Medium Curtain Haircut

salt and pepper hair for businessmen

Salt and pepper nuances give your long hair a unique look that is naturally obtained as you are getting older, and it is caused by strands losing their pigment.

Your hair gains a texturized appearance, that works fabulously with long curtain hair with a middle part.

10. Short Crop+Receding Hairline

receding hairline haircut for businessmen

A short cut is ideal for businessmen who have a receding hairline. It slightly covers the bald spots from the forehead and makes you look professional and formal. Complete with a frameless pair of glasses. 

11. Tight Round Shaped Curls

curly haircut for businessmen

If you don’t want a classical businessmen haircut, then keep your hair longer, allowing your curls to form. They will have great shape and movement. 

Trim the lower sides and back short, so the top section is emphasized. Go for a stubble beard and a cool pair of glasses. 

12. Layered Medium Hair

businessman haircut for medium hair

Add feathery cuts to your medium hair to make it look more appealing. Do a side part and wear those bangs to the side.

Define each layer by using a pomade and keep a stubble beard. You can also twist some of the longer ends from the back to gain some texture. 

13. Short Trim for Fine Hair

grey haircut for businessmen

A short haircut is probably the best professional hairstyle you can get when your hair is starting to become thinner and falls off. Complete the look with a perfectly trimmed medium beard and a pair of glasses with thick black frames that will create a gorgeous contrast with your white hair. 

14. Long Comb Over

businessman hairstyle for long hair

Layering your long hair is a good trick if you want a hairstyle for businessmen that looks sleek and stylish. Use a pomade or a paste, rub it on your hands, and apply it by combing your hair to the back, with your finger. Easy peasy, right?

15. Razor Cut

businessman haircut

A razor cut keeps your hair layered, giving it structure and texture. The bangs are quite wispy and spread on the forehead while the overall hairstyle gets more dimension and thickness. 

The beard should be kept in medium length but well and regularly groomed so it won’t look messy.

16. Crew Cut with Line Design

businessman haircut with hard part

A crew cut is probably one of the most low-maintenance hairstyles out there. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look polished and formal. On the contrary, is one of the most popular choices for businessmen who want to look professional without putting too much effort. 

17. Top Ponytail

businessman ponytail

Long top hair looks stunning if pinned in a back ponytail, with short sides and a long beard. Maintain it groomed and go for a long mustache with twisted ends. Keep the beard connected with your haircut. 

18. Sleek Back with Side Part

thin haircut for businessmen

For this businessman hairstyle, the sides are short, while the top has more length and is swiped to one side. To make the fringe look less flat, you should lift it by drying your hair with a rounded brush and using a strong holding paste. 

19. Loose Top Knot

businessman hairstyle with glasses

When you have medium hair, a half up half down hairstyle will keep the front pieces away from your face, making you look sharp and well put together. Tie the top in a messy back bun and choose a pair of rounded glasses. 

20. Man Bun

long hairstyle for businessmen

A man bun is an ideal hairstyle for those who want to keep it professional, without looking unkempt. And this back hairstyle that keeps the front tied and combed is exactly what you need. 

21. Short Businessmen Haircut

short businessmen haircut

A hard part with a gradual fade on one side is a very dapper businessman hairstyle for men with thick hair. Smooth hair down with hair product for a trim final look.

22. Business Haircut for Black Men

business haircut for black men

If you’re looking for professional hairstyles for black men, try an undercut and fade on your natural black hair. This will not only make your look low maintenance but make the top hair’s texture more noticeable.

23. Business Haircut for Men with Long Hair

business haircut for asian men

There’s no need to chop your hair off just because you want to look more business-like. For medium-length hair, add some layers, a middle part, and comb in some mousse for easy style.

24. Businessman Hair with Undercut

businessmen hair with undercut

Add edge to your businessman haircut by shaving in an undercut. When your top hair is gathered into a pony, it  looks very neat and professional.

25. Comb Over Haircut

comb over haircut for businessmen

A comb over is a popular choice for men looking for a professional haircut thanks to its dapper texture and hard part. Keep sides short to emphasize the thickness up top.

26. Curly Haircut for Businessmen

curly haircut for businessmen

For low maintenance style for your curly hair, just leave it natural. Avoid bedhead by combing in product.

27. Taper Haircut for Businessmen

A tapered haircut is very professional in that the gradual fade of hair from ears to the top of the head keeps your look neat.

28. Subtly Tousled

best hairstyle for businessmen

Getting a business haircut doesn’t mean you have to slick back your hair and lacquer it down with hairspray. A subtle, natural tousle is totally professional. Just remember that there’s an enormous difference between tousled and unkempt. Don’t walk into the office looking unkempt.

29. Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle for business men

You might not want to build your pompadour quite so high unless it’s Friday, but this hairstyle is ideal for any work environment. If you happen to have plans after hours, that’s even better.

30. The Simple Slick Back

business Slick Back hairstyle

There’s nothing wrong with slicking back your hair before you head to work, however. Consider this the Wall Street look. Wear your hair like this and you’ll give off an aura of confidence and success to everyone you meet.

31. Side Parted Office Haircut

The side part is another classic business haircut. It’s suave, sophisticated, but so simple to style. You don’t have to get an undercut to part your hair to the side, but it doesn’t hurt.

spike hair for businessmen

spiking your hair for work, as long as you don’t go overboard. Keep it subtle, tasteful, and just a bit rumpled. This is a perfect example.

33. Workday Swoop

Ever find yourself feeling a little fly and funky on a random Wednesday? Run your fingers through your hair, arrange it so it’s not quite spiked but not exactly a pompadour, either, and then take off because you’re ready to own the day.

34. Long but Neat

long hairstyle for business men

Not all businessman haircuts are short. Long hair looks polished and professional as long as you style it properly. Gently brush it back, just like this — you’re ready to rule the office.

35. A Clean Fade

You can get creative with your undercut, as well. It’s fine if the buzzed sides include a fade. To keep things professional, however, you might want to avoid shaving in any lines or shapes.

36. Spiky and Sophisticated

Even longer spikes can look sophisticated. Provided you style your hair neatly, a spiked ‘do is perfectly work-ready.

37. The Classic Business Cut

Classic Business Cut for men

Everything about this is classic, from the side part to the sideburns. Look at the way he neatly combs the other side of his hair behind his ear.

Some More Handsome Hairstyle Ideas for Businessman

Business haircuts aren’t boring. At least, yours doesn’t have to look boring. Feel free to inject your signature style into your workday aesthetic. What haircut do you wear to work?