30 Office-Ready Haircuts for Businessmen + How to Style



Best Haircuts for Businessmen


short businessmen haircut

short businessmen haircut



business haircut for black men

business haircut for black men



business haircut for asian men

business haircut for asian men



businessmen hair with undercut

businessmen hair with undercut



comb over haircut for businessmen

comb over haircut



curly haircut for businessmen

curly haircut for businessmen



taper haircut for businessmen


8. Subtly Tousled

best hairstyle for businessmen

Getting a business haircut doesn’t mean you have to slick back your hair and lacquer it down with hairspray. A subtle, natural tousle is totally professional. Just remember that there’s an enormous difference between tousled and unkempt. Don’t walk into the office looking unkempt.


9. Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle for business men

You might not want to build your pompadour quite so high unless it’s Friday, but this hairstyle is ideal for any work environment. If you happen to have plans after hours, that’s even better.


10. The Simple Slick Back

business Slick Back hairstyle

There’s nothing wrong with slicking back your hair before you head to work, however. Consider this the Wall Street look. Wear your hair like this and you’ll give off an aura of confidence and success to everyone you meet.


11. Side Parted Office Haircut

The side part is another classic business haircut. It’s suave, sophisticated, but so simple to style. You don’t have to get an undercut to part your hair to the side, but it doesn’t hurt.


12. Men’s Popular Spike

spike hair for businessmen

spiking your hair for work, as long as you don’t go overboard. Keep it subtle, tasteful, and just a bit rumpled. This is a perfect example.


13. Workday Swoop

Ever find yourself feeling a little fly and funky on a random Wednesday? Run your fingers through your hair, arrange it so it’s not quite spiked but not exactly a pompadour, either, and then take off because you’re ready to own the day.


14. Long but Neat

long hairstyle for business men

Not all businessman haircuts are short. Long hair looks polished and professional as long as you style it properly. Gently brush it back, just like this — you’re ready to rule the office.


15. A Clean Fade

You can get creative with your undercut, as well. It’s fine if the buzzed sides include a fade. To keep things professional, however, you might want to avoid shaving in any lines or shapes.


16. Spiky and Sophisticated

Even longer spikes can look sophisticated. Provided you style your hair neatly, a spiked ‘do is perfectly work-ready.


17. The Classic Business Cut

Classic Business Cut for men

Everything about this is classic, from the side part to the sideburns. Look at the way he neatly combs the other side of his hair behind his ear.


Some More Handsome Hairstyle Ideas for Businessman


Business haircuts aren’t boring. At least, yours doesn’t have to look boring. Feel free to inject your signature style into your workday aesthetic. What haircut do you wear to work?