40 Best Long Hair Undercuts for Men

A long hair undercut combines two universes – short shaved locks and long tresses, which can be styled in a variety of ways. All men know how tough it is to deal with long hair. However, some of them are always ready for experiments.

This hairstyle is exactly what you need to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you are not afraid of a little hair hassle, you have a chance of making an amazing impression on your peers, coworkers, and loved ones. When you have a few strands of long hair, you can let your imagination run wild. Make friends with hair gel and go for it.


Who Should Try Long Hair Undercut?


Long Undercut Looks for Men

Long hair undercuts vary in length. If you’ve never had a long hairstyle before, you can start with fairly short locks on top. You can shave the sides of your hair higher too. This way you won’t have too much hair to deal with on a regular basis.

When you learn how to work with slightly longer locks, you can proceed to grow them a little more. The most amazing and impressive hairstyles are created with very long hair. Here are 40 such undercut hairstyles for men with long hair.


long hair undercut with beard

long hair undercut with beard



long side swept undercut for men

long side swept undercut for men



black men's long hair with undercut

black men’s long hair with undercut



men's long slick back hair with undercut

long slick back hair with undercut



man bun undercut

man bun undercut



undercut for punk guy with long hair

undercut for punk guy with long hair



men's long braids with undercut

men’s long braids with undercut



men's long hair with undercut design

men’s long hair with undercut design



men's long hair with shaved undercut

men’s long hair with shaved undercut



undercut for men with long hair


11. Easy Start

Natural Long Hair Undercut for men

This is a great starting point for men, who want to try long hair undercuts. The hair on top is just about 3 inches. You can style it with a small amount of hair gel by creating spikes with your fingers. Takes only a few seconds to do!


12. Hidden Undercut

Long Hair hidden Undercuts for Men

If you already have long hair, you can go for a very popular hidden undercut. You can shave the sides but hide them under your long hair. When you want to show off your striking hairdo, all you have to do is make a high ponytail.


13. Slicked Back Mohawk

Long Mohawk Hair Undercut for men

One of the most popular approaches to long hair undercuts is called a mohawk. It requires shaving the sides AND the back. Not enough men are bold enough to create such a hairstyle so if you do it, you’ll definitely stand out of the crowd.


14. Cornrow Bun

Cornrow bun with Long Hair Undercuts for black men

If you have cornrows, you can go for this interesting mohawk styled undercut. All you have to do is apply a little hair gel to keep the hairstyle upright. This bun will definitely surprise everyone who’ll see it for the first time.


15. Skunk Highlighting

Best Long Hair Undercuts for men

Do you want to make a really cool impression? Use blonde and black hair colors to create a skunk’s tail on top of your head. You’ll definitely become one of the most stylish men on the block.


16. Curly Locks

Curly Long Hair Undercuts for men

If you have curly hair, you can enjoy an undercut just as much as guys with straight tresses. All you have to do is apply some hair gel to brush the hair backward. Otherwise, the coils might get frizzy and fall on your face.


17. Half and Half

This is a classic long undercut hairstyle for guys with straight locks. You can easily style the hair this way at home as long as you have some patience. Don’t worry, a few stray strands will only give your hairstyle an extra charm.


18. Fresh Prince

Black guys with unruly and thick hair can benefit from this Fresh Prince hairstyle. You’ll have to find a professional barber to shape your hair. But once the job is done, you’ll need a minimal effort to keep it styled.


19. Curly Bangs

mens Long Hair Undercuts with Curly bangs

Most guys prefer brushing their hair backward in order to minimize the styling hassle. You can stand out of the crowd by letting your wild curls fall down your forehead. Use some special curl styling products to make the coils more prominent.


20. Messy Waves

Messy wave Long Hair Undercut for young men

A long hair undercut doesn’t have to be styled in the most fashionable way. You can just shave the sides and allow the hair to fall down in waves. It’s a great choice for men, who don’t mind slightly messy hairstyles.


21. Shaping Up

Using geometrical shaving to give your hairstyle a great form is a wonderful idea when you decide to get an undercut. You can leave the hair on top really long and style it in a convenient ponytail or a bun.


22. Up and Down

Long Hair Undercut

If you are not a big fan of slick hairstyles, you can allow your long locks to fall any way they prefer. However, you need a least some styling with a curling iron or hair mousse in order to avoid messiness and frizz.


23. More Hair

You don’t have to shave the sides to create a long hair undercut. Just the opposite, you can cut the hair on the sides very short and leave the locks on top slightly longer. While it might take more time, the result is priceless.


24. Wild Mohawk

Wild Mohawk with Long Hair Undercut

If you have really long tresses on the top part of your mohawk, you have a lot to play around with. If you are getting ready for a special occasion, don’t forget to curl up your hair to create impressive bangs.

Taper Fades with Mohawk


25. Up and Away

Macho man don’t bother with hair gel and accessories. They can create a stunning undercut just by seeping their impressive tresses upwards and creating a high bun or a ponytail. No hair cosmetics required!


26. Comb Over

Comb over Long Hair Undercut

This is a simple and fast way to sport a long hair undercut without too much hassle. This hairstyle takes only a few minutes to make and suits men with straight or curly hair. The hair length may vary depending on your preferences.


27. Go Crazy

Long Hair Undercut

Want to shock everyone? Cut your long hair very short on the sides and leave it as long as possible on top, When you don’t make a ponytail, this hairstyle looks very voluminous and impressive.


28. Slick and Stylish

Long Silky Undercut Hair

A long hair undercut can look very slick even when you wear a suit. All you have to do is keep your hair is neat as possible. Ponytails look great when the rest of the hair is smoothed by hair gel.


29. Posh Asymmetry

Long Undercut hairstyle for men

Asymmetry is always in style and this hairstyle can make you look very fashionable. Consider dyeing your hair a lighter shade of blonde to make an even better impression.


30. Slightly Shaved

Long Hair Undercut for men

You don’t have to go all out when it comes to shaving the sides. You can just shorten them slightly while leaving all the rest of the hair intact. When you make a ponytail, you can show off your grand style.

Ponytails for Men






















We hope this long hair undercuts gave you a good idea of how simple such hairstyles can be to maintain. If you have long hair, this is one of the simplest ways of mixing long and short together.