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12 Caramel Balayage Hairstyles Too Tempting to Resist

Caramel balayage is like the sweet topping on a sundae, but the sundae is your head, of course. You get where we’re going here, right?

Caramel is a delicious mixture of brunette and blonde. It’s not as bright and brassy as blonde locks, which take a lot of upkeep and toner if they don’t come naturally.

Caramel doesn’t have the reputation of being boring or dull that brown hair has, either. It’s a one-of-a-kind color, warm and toasty and so golden that it glitters.

Caramel Balayage Hair Color Ideas

When you’re desperate for a change but don’t want to do anything too extreme to your hair, let caramel balayage come to the rescue.

The balayage allows for the application of subtle color, so you can gradually introduce a new caramel glaze to your hair. You can tell your stylist what color you’re comfortable with, how many highlights or streaks you want if you want the ombre effect, and so on and on, endlessly. You even have control over the color of your caramel. Do you like it light and creamy or is burnt caramel more your style? Just take a look and figure it out for yourself!

1. Sun Kissed Hair

caramel balayage on curly hair

To create the best caramel balayage look, you will need warm tones that make your hair look softer and glowing. It also looks great on straight hair, but it stands out for curls and waves. Use a styling wand, or braid your hair overnight.  

2. Smooth Caramel

caramel balayage highlights
Instagram / hairbynicolereyns

A smooth transition from a brown color to caramel hues is so glamorous and creamy. Blend a few warm blonde highlights for the crown that will literally melt into this outstanding nuance. Get that romantic and girlie look by tieing your crown hair with a scrunchie. 

3. Long Waves

caramel balayage hair
Instagram / nikoleta_lioliou

You want to make that color pop and glow when you have a gorgeous balayage. So add thin blonde highlights with caramel and use a large wand tool to get that unique texture. Flip your bangs to the side.

4. Wedding Hairstyle

updo with caramel balayage hair
Instagram / bynatalie

As a future bride, you want all eyes to be on you. And for that, a stunning caramel balayage will do the trick. See a hairstylist and ask for a spectacular bun that has volume and puts your color in the spotlight. Decorate the base with floral applications. 

5. Brown and Black

caramel balayage with bangs
Instagram /

If you have olive skin, and want to keep a more natural look, opt for black bangs and roots. Style a caramel with coffee highlights, enlightening your hair. While the bangs are straight and short, opt for something different regarding the rest of the tresses and style curls. 

6. Blonde and Caramel 

caramel balayage on dark hair
Instagram / hair_by_ru

If you naturally have a light warm color, simply add some blonde highlights. Blend them into that caramel shade balayage and wave your mane. If you love boho looks, this choice will suit your texture, color and personality. 

7. Tight Large Ringlets

One of the perks of a balayage is its low maintenance. Once your hair starts growing, you can delay your colorist appointment as much as you want. Even if the blend doesn’t start close to the roots, the hair will still look fabulous. And you can easily provide texture with wide tight curls. 

8. Caramel Splash

Caramel Splash Balayage Hairstyle for girl

Let’s start off with a subtle example of caramel balayage, shall we? Although the warm caramel tones are much lighter than the hair at the root and crown, the blend is gradual and natural. Because some highlights reach all the way to the root and others begin further down at staggered, random intervals, the streaks look like they were created by the sun.

Balayage + Ombre Hairstyles

9. Caramel Contrast

Caramel Balayage highlight Hairstyle for women

Although these balayage highlights are subtle, as well, they jump out from the black-brown base color. Notice that in some places, the golden caramel color is very concentrated, but in others, it’s barely there. That’s balayage magic, darlings.

10. Caramel Cream

Cream Caramel Balayage Hair color

The light, bright glow of this caramel balayage is breathtaking. You can spot some butterscotch in there, too, along with some pale blonde streaks. The result is a molten sheath of glittering tresses. Stunning!

11. Burnt Caramel

dark Caramel Balayage Hair color your favorite

Ah, a brûlée balayage, if you will. The darkness of the caramel streaks is on point. It’s vivid and pale enough to stand out from the base color, and it’s unmistakable, but it’s not ostentatious.

Brown Hairstyles On Caramel Highlights

12. Toasted Caramel

Toasted Caramel Balayage Hair color idea

Here’s another toasty caramel balayage, but the spectrum is the standout detail here. The balayage begins dark and rich, like caramel mixed with cinnamon—see the hints of red near the crown? It fades into a luscious, creamy hue that has more than a little bit of milk chocolate mixed in with it.

Caramel balayage is a beautiful balance between blonde and brunette, but since it’s just catching on, you can splash out as a trendsetter. Do you have a craving for caramel?

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