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23 Warm Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Ultimate Beach Girl Vibe

Warm shades are now replacing cool or icy blondes. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and have a glow-up, it’s time to go for warm blonde.

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve rounded up some of the best warm blonde hair color ideas in this article.


Warm Blonde Vs. Cool Blondes: What’s Better For You?

Warm Blonde Vs. Cool Blondes

These two types of blondes actually have various differences. Here are some of them:


Warm blondes are lighter in shade because they reflect light, while cool blondes are darker in color. This is because of their undertones. The undertones are copper, gold, and mahogany, while ash and mauve are the undertones of cold blonde.



To keep cold blondes from becoming brassy, you need to use purple shampoo. On the other hand, warm blondes require the use of golden toning shampoo to maintain its warm tone.


Skin Tone Compatibility

Women with pale skin would look great with warm blondes, while cool blondes will add a touch of luminosity to women with darker skin tones. 


Warm Blonde Hair Colors to Brighten Your Look

Warm blondes get the most fun! So if you wish to join the movement, here are some color ideas you can choose from: 

1. Straight Blonde Hair

straight warm blonde hair

Brighten up your fabulously straight hair with warm golden blonde hair color. This shade will instantly transform your boring hairstyle into beach-ready locks!

Make sure to use a UV protectant spray to defend your hair from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent it from looking brassy. 


2. Warm Caramel Hair

warm caramel blonde hair color

Caramel blonde is the perfect combination to achieve that sunkissed glow.

Instead of going for single-process blonde color, ask your stylist to create a caramel blonde base and then add subtle golden strokes around your face. This will create a more natural and dimensional look. 


3. Copper Blonde Lob

warm copper blonde long bob

Darker shades of copper are perfect for women with olive to warm complexions. If you have a lighter and cooler complexion, a copper blonde is your next best option.

You can go for full copper blonde hair or take a cue from our model and play with lighter and darker shades of copper to create a more interesting look. 


4.  Golden Blonde Curls

warm golden blonde hair

Ohhh la la, hello there, Goldilocks! If you want hair that looks like it’s been spun from a golden thread, the golden blonde shade is the hair color for you.

It’s the perfect baby light or highlight shade if you want to brighten up your hair color instantly. 


5. Strawberry Blonde 

warm strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blonde is peachy, pinkish, and golden, so no other hair shade can look more feminine than this warm blonde hair color.

To balance off this ultra-girly shade, go for black to brown roots, which will serve as the perfect canvass for this little blonde number. 


6. Butter Blonde 

warm butter blonde hair

As the saying goes, butter makes everything better– and it applies to hair color too. Buttery blonde is becoming the next big thing, and we’re all here for it!

Butter blonde is a mix between sunny yellow and a pale cream hue which results in a dreamy and enchanting blonde hair color.

Add some contrast to it by leaving your roots darker to prevent your hair from looking monotonous. 


7. Champagne Blonde

warm champagne blonde hair

Hey there curly girls, this champagne blonde shade will give you that gorgeously bubbly (pun intended) look that matches your bouncy curls pretty well. 

With a tinge of blush rose color, this warm blonde hair color is one of the best options for women with cooler and lighter complexions. 


8. Soft Golden Blonde Balayage 

warm blonde balayage hair

The best way to incorporate warm shades of blonde in your hair is through a balayage, and this soft golden balayage is the best example.

Keep your roots darker then dye the ends golden blonde for added depth and movement. 


9. Warm Blonde Hair with Bangs

warm blonde hair with bangs

While blondes tend to have more fun, blondes with bangs look the most fun! The addition of full bangs adds a serious and mysterious touch to this carefree look. 


10. Blonde Afro

warm blonde afro hair

Make your mini afro look extra high fashion by dyeing it in a blonde color. A teeny weeny ‘fro is a refreshing change from the usual long afro, and the unexpected blonde shade will make it even more unique. 


11. Beige Blonde Bob

short warm blonde hair

Spice up your short bob with a beautiful shade of beige blonde. This warm blonde hair color features a darker shade of blonde for its base, then decorated with golden blonde highlights.

When combined, it creates a warm color palette that looks oh so well with paler skin tones. 


12. Warm Ombre

warm blonde ombre hair

Can’t decide whether to go for a darker or lighter shade? Well, why not get all of them?

The transition of the darker roots to the lighter blonde ends is so smooth and enchanting we can’t take our eyes off it!


13. Braided Updo

warm blonde hair updo

If you’re attending formal events or prepping for your wedding, you may want to consider going blonde.

The richness and warmth of this hair shade will add a touch of softness to your overall look.

Opt for a darker shade of blonde for your roots to make your updo look more eye-catching. 


14. Bronde Curls

warm blonde medium length curly hair

Brown or blonde? Which is which? You don’t have to choose because you can always go for bronde, which is the perfect marriage of brown and blonde.

This shade of warm blonde features a darker shade of blonde and a brighter and glowing version of the brown color


15. Honey Blonde Bob

warm honey blonde short hair

Honey blonde is one of the most gorgeous warmer blonde shades you can choose from. That’s because it’s a mix of three beautiful blonde colors– caramel, buttery, and brown blonde. 

And just like honey, this shade is glossy, golden, and glowing, so there’s no reason for you not to go for it. 


16. Space Buns

warm blonde hair with space buns

Space bun is the perfect hairstyle to match a blonde’s sassy and playful energy. If you’re heading to the beach, pulling your hair into two space buns is definitely a fun way to keep hair off your face. 


17. Warm Blonde + Pink Streaks 

warm blonde hair with pink streaks

With the lovely blonde shade and pink streaks, we know you’ll agree when we say that this lovely woman is serving us major Barbie vibes.

The simple addition of the pink highlights totally elevated the blonde shade and made it even more-eye catching. 


18. Frizzy Hair

warm blonde frizzy hair

 As we’ve said, brown blonde or bronde is a darker shade of gold, so it’s a great option for women with frizzy hair. After all, the darker the shade, the better it is for frizzy hair. 


19. Caramel Blonde Balayage

warm blonde hair color for Asian women

Let’s face it. Asian women’s olive skin tone won’t look great with full blonde hair. Luckily, they can go for the next best option– caramel blonde.

Instead of going full blonde, opt for caramel blonde balayage. It’s a multi-dimensional hair color that blends brunette and lighter caramel shades quite well, making it perfect for warmer skin tones. 


20. Medium Golden Blonde 

warm blonde hair for women over 50

When you hear the term golden blonde, you’ll instantly think of the yellow shade, but it’s actually much more intricate than that.

Medium golden blonde is actually a natural honey-like color with tinges of the darker butter toffee shade.

Because of the blonde’s varying richness, it can bring a nice glow to your face. 


21. Curly Shag

curly shag with warm blonde hair

Do you know who looks best with a warm blonde? Curly girls! There’s no denying it– blonde and curls just go oh so well together.

Case in point: this blonde shag looks chic on women of all ages.


22. Honey Blonde Ombre

warrm honey blonde ombre hair

Honey blonde ombre and a dark sultry chocolate base are just a match made in heaven.

The dark base adds a touch of mystery, while the honey-blonde balayage gives an entire look a carefree and summery touch and can transform any hairstyle from drab to fab. 


23. Beach Waves

beach waves on warm blonde hair

For the ultimate beach babe look, go for a copper brown base and add some golden blonde lowlights and highlights to it.

The contrast of colors gives the beach waves more depth which is perfect for that summery look you’ve always wanted.


Move over, icy blondes! The warm blondes are here to stay. We don’t want to play favorites, but we can’t deny the fact that these blonde hair color is all the rage these days.

So if you want to jump on the trend, choose from any of the styles and shades we’ve shared with you. We assure you you’ll look like a winner whatever you choose!