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30 Examples Of Ombre Balayage Hair For Luxurious Ladies

When you make an appointment and tell a hairstylist that you need balayage ombre hair, he or she will be surprised, to say the least. These two things are completely different.

Balayage is a technique used to color the hair. In French, it means “to sweep”. The color is swept through the sections of your hair and some dark shade is left on the bottom to create a more natural appearance.

Ombre is a style when dark hair smoothly transitions into light locks. When you first decide to get a new hair color for your tresses, you need to understand what exactly you are looking for. A balayage or an ombre is a great choice to freshen up your image.


Hairstyles With Balayage Ombre Hair Color

Balayage ombre hair is what you might want to go for if you are tired of your natural locks. These two approaches are gaining popularity and both look amazing.

If you have dark hair, you need to opt for an ombre. If your locks are light, you can enjoy a somber (a subtle ombre). Balayage is suitable for all hair colors.  When you are choosing the shades, don’t forget that you are not limited to blonde, brown, and black.

There are plenty of different and wild hairstyles with balayage ombre hair colors to experiment with. Take a look.

1. Purple balayage

Purple balayage haircut for women

Dark purple strands are exactly what you need when you want to add some wilderness to your balayage. Blond and brown hair mix is great but a little boring. Turn to purple for some fun.


2. Honey blond and dark brown

blond and dark brown balayage ombre Hair for girl

Honey blond and dark brown shades will help you create an impressive balayage regardless of your natural hair color. If your natural locks are black, you can leave a few strands for contrast.


3. Low balayage

low balayage hair color idea

If you opt for a balayage, there is no need to do it all over your hair. Consider asking your stylist for a low balayage. This technique will look close to partial highlights and can be enjoyed with any hair color.

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4. Color mix

mix Color balayage ombre Hair your favorite

Mixing several colors to create a balayage is a wonderful idea. Make a great impression with different brown and blonde hues. Go from dark brown to light blond. You will surely shine.


5. Purple and blonde

Purple and blonde with balayage ombre Hair

Purple and blonde are a good mix of choice for balayage ombre hair. Dark purple hues create a wonderful contrast with light blond locks. Whatever coloring technique you choose, you’ll love the results.


6. Sweeping highlights


The advantage of a balayage is that it can create natural-looking locks. Enjoy sweeping highlights of any color with a balayage technique and don’t be afraid of looking unnatural.


7. Wavy ombre

Wavy ombre balayage Hair

If you have wavy and curly locks, a balayage might not always be the best choice since the waves and coils will make it hard to distinguish. You can use an ombre or a sombre to get good results.


8. Redhead balayage

Redhead balayage ombre Hairstyle for girl

If you’ve always wanted to be a copper redhead but your black locks are hard to dye, consider getting a balayage. This way you’ll look natural and be free from frequent root coloring.

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9. Classic ombre

nice Classic ombre balayage ombre Hair you like

If you have dark brown or black hair, you can enjoy a classical ombre. Choose the level of contrast you want to sport and go for the most beautiful shades of blond.


10. A soft ombre


If you want your balayage ombre hair to make a great impression, consider soft colors. This kind of ombre is possible for girls with different shades of brown hair. A soft transition from brown to caramel or honey blonde is the best.

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11. Honey touches


Honey blonde hair color is the best option to use in an ombre or a balayage. It looks balanced when mixed together with dark brown or black hair and doesn’t wash out too quickly.


12. Simple hair care


Whenever you are choosing a technique for coloring your locks, don’t forget to take simple care of your hair. Whether you get a balayage or an ombre, dyeing will dry out your tresses. Give it some extra care.


13. Greyish hues


A balayage ombre hair is a great chance to flaunt grayish locks. Grey and silver hair are becoming more and more popular but a head of silver strands might make you look older. However, such an ombre won’t.


14. Balayage trio


Using three colors is a great idea for your next balayage. Start with your natural dark locks and frame them with honey or reddish strands, then go on to beautiful blond shades.


15. Tricky ombre

Tricky ombre hairstyle for girl

Balayage technique can create a tricky ombre with just a few dark strands on top and in the middle. This is a great choice for wavy and curly hair since the transition is very obvious.


16. Brown mix


A mix of brown color is a great choice for an ombre or a balayage. Brown shades are often overlooked due to seeming very mundane. However, there are so many of them to try that the mix can be truly impressive.


17. Natural ombre


Even though the balayage technique is more natural than the ombre style, all depends on the colors you chose. If you pick two shades that are close to each other, you can get a very natural look even with an ombre.


18. Grey and blonde

women Grey and blonde balayage ombre

Grey and blonde ombre is a bold move for stylish girls. The popular greyish hues matched with bleached blond locks create an amazing impression you’ll love. Make a statement!

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19. Balayage for short hair

 Balayage short hair for girl

Balayage ombre hairstyles don’t need to be long to shine. You can create the same style on bobs and even pixies. It all depends on your stylist’s professional touch.



20. Colorful ombre

Colorful ombre hairstyle you like

If you have long locks, your ombre can start way below your shoulders. The top has to stay natural while the bottom can shine with a great variety of different colors.


balayage ombre on dark hair





balayage ombre hair





balayage ombre short hair


balayage ombre on dark hair


Balayage ombre hair coloring styles and techniques give you a chance to make some interesting experiments with a variety of colors. Dyeing your locks all the same color is in the past. Make some bold moves with color mixes!