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8 Unique Characteristics That Define Caucasian Hair

There are four predominant hair types among human beings, and one of them is Caucasian hair. Even though every person on Earth is unique with their own beautiful hair, people with Caucasian hair share similarities. 

But what are the characteristics of Caucasian hair, and how do they affect your luscious locks?

Below, we’ll give you the complete lowdown on this hair type. Then, we’ll give you answers to some frequently asked questions about Caucasian hair so you can become an expert in no time!

What Is Caucasian Hair?

Caucasian hair

Part of the complexity of describing Caucasian hair is that it is pretty diverse. This hair type belongs to the people of the Caucasus region. It is the densest hair type and varies in most key areas in terms of shape, color, etc.

Caucasian hair runs a wide range of character traits. Let’s take a closer look at the top ones.

1. Caucasian Hair Can Be Straight or Curly

There are four major hair types, and texture is one of the most significant characteristics. They range from very straight to coiled hair. As Caucasian hair falls in the middle, it is often various degrees of wavy.

Some people believe that curly Caucasian hair signals the presence of other hair types, but this is not the case. Caucasian hair is often wavy but can be quite straight or curly.

2. It Has Three Layers and Is Made of Protein

Caucasian Hair Structure

All human hair is made of the same things. Each strand comprises three layers: the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla. It all comes from a protein called keratin, which also composes our nails and skin.

3. It Grows at a Steady Rate

Caucasian hair grows at a rate of about 1.2 centimeters per month. That’s between five and six inches per year.

Like many other characteristics of Caucasian hair, its growth rate is in the middle. Asian hair grows at the fastest rate, about 1.3 centimeters per month. African hair is the slowest, growing approximately 0.9 centimeters every month.

How often should you cut Caucasian hair? That depends on your style! If you have short hair, you’ll need to visit the salon at least every other month.

Even if you’re letting it grow longer, you should still get a haircut no less than every six months. Doing so keeps your hair healthy and gets rid of dead and split ends.

4. It Is High Density

Characteristics of Caucasian Hair - Hair Density

High-density hair means many hairs grow on the scalp per square inch. It’s true that Caucasians tend to have more hair on their heads than other hair types.

That often means Caucasian hair appears full and has depth, which is a desirable quality. But it also means that products intended to make other hair types denser could have adverse effects.

5. It Grows Diagonally to the Scalp

The direction of hair growth is another key distinguishing factor between hair types. While Asian hair grows perpendicular to the scalp and African hair grows parallel to it, Caucasian hair again falls in the middle, growing diagonally.

This factor is one of the reasons why stylists specialize in particular ethnic hair types. They must know whether they’re working against or with the grain of the hair and how hair growth direction affects how it lies.

6. Caucasian Hairs Are Oval

Characteristics of Caucasian Hair - Follicle Shape

Another defining aspect of Caucasian hair characteristics is follicle shape. If you examine a magnified Caucasian hair, you’ll see it’s oval. Asian hair is round and even, almost circular, while African hair is flat.

This quality is distinct from the shape of the follicle. Asian hair follicles are also round, African hair follicles are oval, while Caucasian follicles’ shapes vary.

7. Hair Loss Isn’t More Common for Caucasian Hair

That’s right—if you have Caucasian hair, you don’t have to worry about hair loss, at least not more so than other hair types. Genetic and environmental factors play a much larger role in hair loss.

Sometimes, people with Caucasian hair types may notice a lot of hair falling out. More than likely, it’s due to their hair being so dense, so they have some to spare.

8. Caucasian Hair Comes in a Range of Colors

Characteristics of Caucasian Hair - Hair Color Variety

As is easily observable in society, Caucasian hair ranges in natural color. It can be almost any shade of blonde, red, brown, or black. 

Variations occur in a single person, too. Often, a person with brown hair will have red undertones or grow hairs that are different colors on their head. Caucasian hair can also change colors (usually darken) from childhood to adulthood.

Hair color is the most significant determinant of how many hairs you have on your head. Caucasians have high hair density in general, but here’s how it breaks down further:

  • Blondes have about 146,000 hairs on their head
  • Black-haired people have about 110,000
  • Brunettes range around 100,000
  • Red-heads have upward of 86,000

While the characteristics of Caucasian hair all occur on a spectrum, there are eight critical things they have in common. Now that you know Caucasian hair characteristics, you can care for it well and ensure your hair thrives.


Are Caucasian hairs low porosity?

Usually, Caucasian hairs are low porosity. That means they don’t absorb other materials well, including hair color and products. It also may look dull or flat. You can use treatments to improve your hair’s porosity if you need them. 

Do Caucasians have different hair colors?

Yes—colors include brown, black, red, and blonde shades.

Where does curly hair in Caucasians come from?

Curls are determined by genetics, and Caucasian hair has a range of textures from straight to curly. It does not mean your hair is mixed with another type. 

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