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Chris Brown Hairstyles: 7 Best Men’s Hair Looks

Chris Brown is a musician, songwriter, and fashion icon. Although he has created a lot of controversies, he still remains in the public eye. Many guys want to copy his amazing hairstyle, so we have compiled a list of some of his best looks. The theme of our latest list is Chris Brown’s blonde hair choices, because these are some of his most vivid and memorable hairstyles.

Chris Brown’s Memorable Hairstyles

Blonde is not the natural color of Chris Brown’s hair. However, he chooses to dye it this color because the look is instantly recognizable. The blonde or caramel color contrasts perfectly with his skin tone. It creates a luscious and eye-catching effect. His short, curly hair texture also helps to make the color look softer and creamier.

Short and Curly Caramel Hair

Short and Curly Caramel chris Hair

This Chris Brown hairstyle has perfect baby curls. The style is hard to copy if your hair does not have a natural curl, but a perm can help.

Best Men’s Blonde Hairstyles to Copy

Blonde Angular Cut with Goatee

chris brown blonde hair with Goatee

In this hairstyle, Chris Brown wears his hair with an angular hairline. His goatee beard facial hairstyle gives him a European look, which adds a new layer to his personality.

Thick Baby Curls

chris brown blonde hair

Soft baby curls pair really well with thick-rimmed glasses. Thick rimmed glasses can help to make people look smarter and more business-like, so they are a great accessory.

Blonde Tips and Dark Roots

chris brown Blonde Tips and Dark Roots

Blonde tips on top of dark roots can actually make your hairstyle look much thicker than it actually is. The color change can help to add texture and depth to the hairstyle.

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Soft Blonde Hair

chris brown Soft Blonde Hair

Caramel blonde is a lovely color for guys with a darker skin tone. Using special hair products on your hairstyle will help you ensure that your style continues to look and feel soft.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde chris brown hair

A platinum blonde haircut will help you to stand out. This Chris Brown blonde haircut is one of his most vivid and memorable hairstyles.

Very Short Haircut

chris brown short blonde hair

If you are going to have a very short haircut, you should ensure that it stays noticeable by dyeing it a vivid color. Chris Brown’s very blonde hair looks eye-catching.

Image-Defining Mohawk Hairstyles

Chris Brown’s blonde hair is a great style to copy if you are a fashionable guy with darker skin tones. Ask your stylist for advice on how to bleach and color your hair for maximum effect.


Monday 21st of May 2018

Chris Brown looks really good!

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