17 Image-Defining Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

Whenever you feel like making a statement with your hair, mohawks and outrageous colors are what comes to mind. Mohawk hairstyles for black men are especially interesting due to the nature of their locks.

Curly mohawks look fantastic whether they are classic or have a fohawk-like appearance. Creating a mohawk is always a bold move. However, men are usually brave enough to try them. After all, you can always shave one off, if you don’t like it. Mohawk is one of the most popular hair experiments among men. It comes in many different variations.


Dapper Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

Not all mohawk hairstyles for black men are created equal. Depending on your imagination and the professionalism of your hairstylist, you can sport a real masterpiece. If you are not ready for anything too prominent, you can settle for tapered fohawks or undercuts.

They make the overall hairstyle look like a mohawk without being too complicated. The next time you feel like you should do something special with your hair, check out these 7 alluring options and pick one that suits your mood. You won’t regret it!

1. Tapered Fohawk with Shaved Sides

Tapered fohawk hairstyle for black young boy

A tapered fohawk is one of the most famous mohawk variations for black men. By leaving the sides partially shaved, you are giving your image a feeling of neatness. The length of the top part may vary.

Faded Mohawk & Fohawk Hairstyle for Men


2. High Taper Fade

High taper fade haircut you like

This is another variation of the Mohawk hairstyle for black men that won’t have you getting rid of most of your hair. This high taper fade is close to an undercut. Most of the hair stays intact while the sides are shaved.


3. The Classic

Mohawk haircuts for black Men

If you are bold enough to go for the classics, you will sport the most amazing hairstyle on the block. The sides are completely shaved and only a thin crest is left on top. The length of the crest depends on your wish to maintain it.


4. Spiky Fohawk

Spiky fohawk and mohawks hairstyle

A fohawk is the closest you’ll get to making a classic mohawk. The sides are not shaved but kept short to create a contrasted look. In order to make a fohawk seem more like the Mohawk, spike up the hair to outline the contrast. This is the most popular fohawk style as it is worn by Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr.

Mohawk Hairstyle Adorned by Black Women


5. The Shape

Usher Mohawk Haircuts for black men

If you want to check out how the Mohawk hairstyle for black men will look on your mane without making any drastic changes, you can shape up your locks to create a Mohawk appearance. You will need to use plenty of hair gel.


6. An undercut

undercut hairstyle with mohawk

This is the undercut variation of the Mohawk. The difference between this hairstyle and a classic undercut is that the hair on the back part of the head is kept intact in order to imitate a mohawk.


7. Priceless experiment

Black men mohawk cut

If you are about to shave off most of the hair on your sides, why not take the experiment even further? Ask your hairstylist for fashionable hair designs that can easily be created on the shaved part of your mohawk hairstyle.

Fohawk Vs. Mohawk: How They Differ?


8. Braided Mohawk with Topknot

mohawk with topknot for black men

One of the best black Mohawk styles is the one with the top knot which makes you look carelessly suave. The hair on the sides is kept extremely short while the mid-section has longer hair to pull back into a careless topknot. It keeps the hair off your shoulders on hot days and is a perfect cool look for summer.


9. High Fade Mohawk with Side Sweep

high fade mohawk for black men

This is one of the coolest hairstyle suitable for young black boys. The sides of the hair are shaven and faded with the mid-section structured into a sideward sweep. The volume is intentionally kept thicker for the sweeping effect.


10. Upswept Mohawk

black men mohawk hairstyles

The upswept Mohawk style for black guys is similar to the previous sweep but with a slight difference. Here, the front and central portion are not swept towards the front but in a horizontal manner. The sides are tapered and faded or left with a sharp undercut to highlight the upswept portion.


11. Sharp Skin Fade Mohawk

mohawk with skin fade

If you are a lover of edgy Mohawk hairstyle you should definitely try the sharp skin fade with the mid-section neatly combed and set with a hairspray. A sharp line serves as the perfect neat undercut separating the longer hair in the middle from the clean-shaven sides and back right till the skin.


12. Curls with Faded Side

curly mohawk for black men

Who said that men with curly hair cannot sport a classic Mohawk hairstyle for afro men? Curls and Mohawk is, in fact, a very funky combination. The central part of the hair has natural curls while the sides and back are lightly shaven to give the faded look.


13.  Tapered Mohawk

To attain this kind of look the front and central portion of the hair is kept long and voluminous while the sides and bottom till the nape is tapered. The front part is then back brushed and set with spray or hair gel.


14. Short Mohawk with Taper Fade

Short Mohawk with Taper Fade

One of the most natural black men’s Mohawk styles to be tried out is this shortly cropped hair with tapered fade on the sides. The hair is overall shortly cropped with the central part left a bit longer than the closely cropped and tapered section of the back and the sides. This kind of a Mohawk looks best with light spikes.


15. Patterned Mohawk

Mohawks for black men with patterns are one of the most favorite styles for those in love with boldness. The main section is trimmed very short with a clean undercut while the sides or the back is highlighted by cut out geometric patterns or designs that you want to sport.


16. Mohawk with Blue Crest

black men's mohawk with blue color

Want something bolder than just a Mohawk? It is time to add some color to your regular Mohawk then. This is a hairstyle where the front section of the hair is dyed with a bright shade of blue and spiked up to keep it in focus.


17. Mohawk with Highlights

mohawk with highlights for black men

If blue seems too bold, another way to highlight your spiked Mohawk is to go blonde. You can combine the short cropped spiked style or a swept-up black Mohawk with the blonde to have the best of everything.


Mohawk hairstyles for black men can bring a real diversity into your life. Don’t be afraid to sport the most outrageous mohawk. The hair will grow back but the feeling of freedom will stay with you for the rest of your life.