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25 Maltipoo Haircuts to Make Your Puppy Even Cuter

Each puppy is different, so there are different Maltipoo hairstyles that you can choose from to give your puppy a new look.

Maltese are a popular breed and adored all around the world. They are cute, funny, and petite. Their beauty is even more accented because of how tiny they are.


How to Take Care of Maltipoo Hair

maltipoo hair care

Maltipoos are hairy and fluffy dogs, which makes it even more important to take good care of their hair. The coat is thick, lustrous, and must be kept in good condition. Brushing helps maintain the hair and makes your pet more relaxed and stress-free.

Cutting and grooming is also very important. Long hair around a Maltipoos eyes can become irritating, so choose a dog haircut that will prevent this. A warm wet cotton ball will help wipe away dirt that may collect on their face.

When it comes to cutting, it’s best to take your dog to professionals who are familiar with handling special breeds. Bathing at home may require special shampoo and conditioner. While a hairdryer is highly recommended, the noise can distress dogs, making grooming a frustrating experience for all.


Cutest Hairstyles for Maltipoos

Take a look at these 25 beautiful Maltipoo haircuts.

1. Puppy Ponytail

maltipoo haircut with ponytail

If you choose to let your Maltipoos fur grow long, you can at least get the fur out of their face by making a small ponytail at the top of their head. This puppy haircut ensures everyone can see their adorable face and beautiful brown eyes!


2. Puppy Pigtails

maltipoo haircut with pigtails

Hairstyles on little dogs have been popular ever since certain celebrities started that trend. This fun Maltipoo haircut features two cute ponytails right at the ears. Do not include your dog’s ears in the ponytails, as that will irritate them and may actually hurt your pup.


3. Temporary Dog Hair Color

maltipoo dog with dyed hair

Another fun option for a dog haircut includes playing with their fur color! There are several safe, temporary hair colors for dogs that you can break out on special occasions, like holidays and parades. The dark magenta shade here is well-placed at the ears and looks very pretty on a light-colored Maltipoo!


4. Long Body Fur, Short Face Fur

fluffy maltipoo haircut

Maltipoos vary in their fur texture, but many of them have beautiful thick wavy fur that is impossible not to run your fingers through. If you choose to let your puppy’s fur grow longer, maintain a short length around the eyes and nose for easy cleaning.


5. Shaggy Curly

black and white maltipoo haircut

Unless you’re paying a lot of visits to the beach or a water park, it’s quite acceptable to let your Maltipoos fur be long and curly. Again, this dog haircut features shorter length at the eyes. If you wish, you can also trim the fur around the feet for easy cleaning.


6. Pull-Through Ponytail

maltipoo haircut

A pull-through ponytail on a Maltipoo is a hairstyle we never thought we’d see! This style is easiest when your dog’s fur is quite long. It will be easier to style after you blow out the fur to make it a bit straighter too.


7. Fluffy Legs, Fluffy Head

maltipoo with groomed haircut

The fur on a dog’s body tends to get tangled and matted easily. If you experience this with your Maltipoo, cut their body fur short. You can leave their leg fur long and fluffy, as well as the fur on top of their head, for a cool contrast.


8. Maltipoo with Side Ponytail

How adorable is this Maltipoo’s side ponytail? If your pup has a playful, sassy personality, this dog haircut was made for them. Loosely gather their long fur at one side of their head and secure with a soft scrunchie.


9. Summer Maltipoo Haircut

When the weather starts warming up and those hot days hit, it’s best to switch to a summer puppy cut. Short fur keeps your dog cool and is also quicker to dry if they get wet at the beach or lake. 


10. Blunt-Cut Ears

maltipoo hair with flowers


Getting bored with the same old short dog haircut? Give the fur on the ears a blunt cut to help them stand out. If your pup is a female, you can also play with fun flowered hair accessories for dogs. Just don’t go overboard with a full flower crown, as that may irritate your pup.


11. Maltese Cut

maltipoo haircuts

This is one of the most commonly seen and used cuts on small dogs. It is perfect for the fur that is still growing because it is much easier to maintain than the regular and standard Maltipoo haircut. In addition, it will make your Maltipoo very cute, especially the ears that catch the eye.


12. Flowy Ears and Legs

cute maltipoo hairstyles

With this Yorkie haircut, the accent is put on the fur on the legs and ears. It is longer than the rest of the body. The legs are gradually cut, with a bell-form appearance, and the ears are flowy and hairy.


13. Little Fringes

fringe haircut for maltipoo

As mentioned above, the fur tends to get into the eyes of the dog, so keeping the eyes clear from it will most probably provide a look like this. In addition, these so-called “little fringes” will make the eyes of your pet pop out.


14. Textured Ruffles

textured haircut for maltipoos

Depending on the type of fur, the proper Maltipoo haircut styles that involve a bit of layering can make your puppy look like one cut ruffle bag.


15. Spikes on Top

maltipoo with spiky haircut

This Maltipoo’s hair look involves more styling than it does a cut. The fir on the top is cut a bit shorter than on the ears, but it is styled upwards to create a look of spikes.


16. Curled Poodle Haircut

You must have noticed how almost all Poodles look the same in their fur. Well, that is because their hair tends to curl a bit. The proper haircut will give your Maltipoo pet a whole round style and make it look extra cute.


17. Tassel Ears

The beauty of the ears of your cute little Maltipoo is much dependent on the form they have. A new and extraordinary look is a cut that makes the ears look like tassels. With fluffy tassels, the pet will get a fresh new look.


18. Straight Brushed Ears

Again, the ears are the best part to make changes and show off your Maltipoo with a new hairstyle. The ears are left with longer hair as the entire hair is cut short. The look comes with brushing the fir on the ears in straight moves. This will make your puppy look like a stuffed toy.


19. Shih Tzu Haircut

Bob cut is not strictly reserved for humans. Dogs can look good with a bob cut, too, especially Maltipoos. The length of the hair on the ears should be equal on the sides, falling down from a discreet side part.


20. Top Bow

cute maltipoo hairstyle with bow

Many owners of dogs like to put some styling accessories on their pets. This is usually a type of bow or hair clip. If your Maltipoo is a girl, put a bow on top of her fur, right between the ears. This Maltipoo haircut will give a charming and adorable look.


21. Blunt Cut

With the blunt cut of the fur on the ears, the Maltipoos get a sharper look. The furr is still soft, looks more voluminous, and falls to the side. The ears look like bells but finish in a straight line.

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22. Soft Curls

The fir of a Maltipoo tends to curl, so if you want to make the best out of those curls, you need to let the hair long. This means that the fur should be long so that the curls appear. Also, the cut on the ears is more delicate, and with soft layering, the ears themselves will look like curls.


23. Straight & Sleek Ears

The long haircut for Maltipoo and the sleek ears will create a great contrast to the fluffy fur on your pet. They will look so good that you will be tempted to brush them all the time.

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24. Just Waves

wavy haircut for maltipoos

Instead of brushing the long hair on the ears, try leaving it in natural. It will curl up to the look of waves. Wavy ears are the most beautiful dog ears, and they make for a cute look—one of the funkiest Maltipoo haircut styles.


25. Extra Short Cut with Soft Ears

maltipoo hairstyle

The entire body hair of the Maltipoo is cut short. The only place where there is visible hair left is the ears. There, the hair is straight and well blushed. A little bit of fluffy fur is left on the legs.


With so many different Maltipoo haircuts, every puppy can look different and unique. You can easily change their look with slight modifications to the cut and styling. Just remember to consider the direction of fur’s growth, the color, and the parts that you want to accent.