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Using Color Depositing Shampoo on Uncolored Hair: Is It Safe?

Everyone wants to try a new color out, but deciding what’s best for you can be complicated in a world with too many options to count. You might ask whether you can use color-depositing shampoo on uncolored hair or not.

There are a few things to consider before you take the plunge and start using color shampoo on virgin hair. We have covered everything you should know to keep your hair safe.

Can I Use Color Depositing Shampoo on Uncolored Hair?

Yes, you can use color-depositing shampoo on uncolored hair. However, color-depositing shampoo only really works well on hair that’s porous, which uncolored hair typically isn’t.

By using color-depositing shampoo on your virgin hair, you may manage to add some tinge to your hair, but you’re unlikely to achieve the results that you’re hoping for. It won’t hurt your hair, other than potentially drying it out.

If you hope for color-depositing shampoo to be genuinely worthwhile, you’ll likely need to undergo treatment at the salon or lift your current color for this to work. 

If you start incorporating color-depositing shampoo into your hair care routine, check routinely to ensure your hair isn’t becoming too dry. If it is, consider deep conditioning so you won’t lose your hair’s natural luster.

And ultimately, if you’re not getting the desired results, consider contacting a salon and letting a hair care professional guide you. 

Can I Use Color Depositing Shampoo on Natural Dark Hair?

Yes, you can use color-depositing shampoo on your naturally dark hair. The only issue is that color-depositing shampoo is meant for hair that’s porous, so it’s not likely to work well. You may pick up some temporary color, but it’s not going to stick, and won’t look vibrant.

color depositing shampoo on natural dark hair

However, if you like the shades, you can keep using them. There are even some brands out there that are intentionally formulated to enhance dark hair tones.

The only thing you won’t be able to do with these color shampoos is to lighten your natural dark hair. They’re a color-depositing agent only and won’t lift color.

Can I Use Color Shampoo on Natural Brown Hair?

As stated, earlier color shampoo can be tricky in naturally dark hair, in the same way lighter shades of brown may experience some troubles. Virgin hair won’t be as porous and may not absorb the color as well or for as long as you like.

But lighter shades of brown may take to the color better than their darker counterparts. In those instances, a color shampoo can add dimension to your hair or give it a new look.

Since these are usually considered semi-permanent dyes, don’t expect these results to last very long. You’ll need to routinely use color-depositing shampoo if you’re hoping to maintain your results.

Can Natural Blondes Use Color Shampoo?

color depositing shampoo on blonde hair

Yes, natural blondes can use color-depositing shampoo. Unlike very dark hair or lighter shades of brown, natural blondes will likely get the most out of this product. Because blonde hair is already pale in color, the changes will be more dramatic, and they can go several shades darker by adding additional pigment.

Natural blondes are among the few groups that can use color-depositing shampoo to achieve unnatural hues, like pinks and blues. These will be more striking on their hair than darker shades, where the color can get lost against the hair’s natural shade.

So, Can You Use Color Shampoo On Uncolored Hair? 

Yes, you can use color-depositing shampoo on uncolored hair. It’s safe to use these products on your hair; the most you would be at risk for is drying your hair out, so be sure to condition well before use!

But keep in mind your natural hair isn’t all that porous. While you can use color-depositing shampoos, you may see different results than people who have had their hair undergo the coloring process previously.