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Can I Shampoo After Semi-Permanent Color? If Not, When?

Playing around with different hair colors is a great way to revamp your look and style. It’s also an investment. Thus, you likely want it to last as long as it can. How you take care of your hair after dying it semi-permanent can make the color last. 

We have already discussed if you should wash hair before applying semi-permanent hair dye. Another common question about caring for dyed hair is whether to shampoo or not after semi-permanent color. Read on to find out.

Can I Shampoo After Semi-Permanent Color?

No. You should never shampoo your hair immediately after applying semi-permanent dye. Settling the dye in the hair takes time. So don’t shampoo your hair the very next day after dying it semi-permanent. Instead, wait for at least 72 hours before you use shampoo after applying semi-permanent color.

The color pigments take about three days to fixate onto your hair properly. If you wash your hair too soon after dying it semi-permanent, it’ll fade quickly. So, give it time to set in. The color will last longer.

What Will Happen if I Wash Hair Immediately After Dying It Semi-Permanent?

What Will Happen if You Wash Hair Immediately After Dying It Semi-Permanent

Washing hair immediately after dyeing it semi-permanent will fade away faster if you will not let it sit for a few days. So, wait at least three days for the color to set in before washing your hair.

Why Should I Avoid Shampooing Hair After Semi-Permanent Color?

Unlike permanent dye, the semi-permanent dye doesn’t get through your hair core to alter its color. Rather, the dye leaves a film of color pigment on the outside of your mane.

Shampoo gets rid of dirt on your scalp and strands. It doesn’t differentiate between dirt and deposited color pigments.

Thus, shampoo gets rid of everything, including the dye pigment. If you shampoo after semi-permanent color, it will fade away. That’s why it’s better to wait 72 hours for the color to set in. 

Also, the color washes away a bit more with every shampoo session. So, limit how often you wash your hair after dying it semi-permanent.

Consider the Shampoo You Use 

The shampoo you use for the first wash after dying your hair semi-permanent also matters. As mentioned above, shampoo removes all elements on your mane.

That includes dust, dirt, and oil. The sulfates in shampoos eliminate dirt and other components in your hair.

However, sulfates also peel off the semi-permanent dye in your mane, even if it’s been days after you colored it. Thus, avoid using shampoo with sulfates if you want the dye to last longer. Steer clear of sulfate shampoos for the first and subsequent washes. 

Check the label of your shampoo to see if it has sulfates. Avoid using the shampoo if it does. Do the same thing for conditioners, treatments, and styling creams. 

Other Steps To Take To Keep Your Semi-Permanent Color Fresh

Steps To Take To Keep Your Semi-Permanent Color Fresh

How you wash your hair after dying it semi-permanent also matters. Use cooler water rather than water that’s very hot. The latter makes your hair more porous, allowing color to escape. So, use cooler water to keep the color from fading.

Keep heat styling to a minimum. It has the same effect as using very hot water. Heat causes your hair cuticle to open up. Thus, it makes your semi-permanent color fade. However, if you must do heat styling, use a heat protectant.

Besides avoiding shampoo after semi-permanent color, you should also limit your colored hair’s exposure to UV rays. Hair is susceptible to damage by the sun.

The sun reduces pigmentation and damages hair proteins. The result? Dryness and discoloration.

Wrapping Up

Dying your hair semi-permanent is only the beginning. You must have a good maintenance routine to ensure the color stays in for as long as possible.

As part of proper maintenance, don’t shampoo after semi-permanent color for at least three days. Give the color time to lock into your hair.

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