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10 Alluring Crimson Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Are you looking for crimson hair color ideas? Girl, we got you. Red will never go out of style. The world at large is in love with pastel shades and fantasy hair colors, but red is still the go-to hue for anyone who wants to evoke glamour and a little bit of funk.

From wine red to copper to burgundy, there are a lot of colors on the Crimson spectrum. What’s your pick?


Marvelous Hairstyles With Crimson Hair Color

Crimson hair colors always stand out—always. Ask any natural ginger, and she or he will tell you that people pay attention to redheads. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?

The only thing to remember is that red fades fast, so if you do commit to red, you have to maintain your lovely locks. Since you’re likely to fall in love with your crimson coiffure, that shouldn’t be too difficult.


1. Ariel Red

Red Crimson Hair Color Idea for girl

Fans of The Little Mermaid will flip for this crimson hair color. It’s a deep shade on the copper side of the spectrum that would leave Ariel sea-green with envy. Walk down the street with these lovely locks and a sea witch will probably try to steal your voice.


2. Spectrum Streaks

Crimson Hair Color Idea for women

You can spot almost every shade of red in this gorgeous, streaky coif. The base is burgundy, but the sunset highlights are the true standouts. How bright is that orange/copper hue?

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3. Just the Ends

Crimson Hair Color Idea

Red is a stubborn pigment. It’s finicky, and it fades faster than any other color. You might want to look into getting red balayage just on the ends of your hair. The fading won’t matter nearly as much, meaning that the upkeep isn’t as expensive or involved, but you still get to rock gorgeous red locks.


4. Cherry Red

Cherry Red Crimson Hair Color Idea you love

Cherry red is one of the most popular crimson hair colors, partly because it’s got a retro vibe. There’s something pinup cool about a shade that’s this vivid. Mix it up with dark roots, as seen here, for an even more dramatic appearance.


5. Natural Auburn

Natural Auburn Crimson Hair Color Idea for women

It’s surprisingly easy to make your red hair look natural. The secret? As you’re going through the color wheel, stick to subdued hues that veer toward the brown spectrum. Auburn, for example, is natural but still rich and radiant.


6. Wine Red

Crimson Hair Color Idea

Wine is a millennial favorite—and no, we’re not just talking about the beverage, either. Wine red locks are decadent and dramatic. It’s the perfect pick if you’re sick of fantasy hair colors and want to go in the opposite direction. A shade like this does tend to look better with warmer, darker skin tones, however. Fair-skinned ladies may look washed out, sickly, or swallow.


7. Crimson Overlay

It’s easy to mix your crimson hair color with darker shades of brown or black. In fact, if you keep some of your under-layers dark, the red becomes even more multidimensional. The waves are optional, but curls always highlight red locks.


8. Fire, Fire, Burning Bright

Do you want to make an unforgettable statement? Brighter and bolder—that’s the ticket. This is an atomic red, reserved for cool, confident women who know how to own their hair color.


9. A Bit of Burgundy

Crimson Hair Color Idea

Crimson hair color is dynamic, and this is a clear example of why. The burgundy hue is a brighter take on wine red, but there’s more than a little violet mixed in, as well. How gorgeous is this combination?


10. Outrageous Orange

Orange Crimson hair color idea for women

Rihanna is the queen of red hair. She’s the queen of quite a lot, actually, but there’s no denying that red is her color and she knows it. While she’s most often photographed with vibrant, cherry red tresses, this rich pumpkin hue is everything.

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You can’t rock a crimson hair color hair unless you’ve got the confidence to carry it. Do you?