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Cysteine Hair Treatment: Everything You Need to Know 

Everyone knows that your hair is an essential part of what makes you who you are. If you and your hair just don’t get along, sometimes that means a change is needed. For all of those with tough to manage hair, a cysteine hair treatment might be the right thing for you. 

What sounds like a complicated procedure is a new and innovative hair treatment that gives a glossy and polished look to damaged and unmanageable hair. The good news is that below you can find all of the critical information needed to see if the cysteine hair treatment might be right for you and your hair.


What Is Cysteine Hair Treatment?

Cysteine Hair Treatment

For anyone who may not be sure, this is a new type of smoothing method for your hair. Just Flaunt explains, “A cysteine treatment uses a cysteine complex. This is a non-essential amino acid, naturally occurring that helps to strengthen and smooth your hair.” 

They also explain that this particular treatment will add more shine to hair and protect it from damaging conditions. This treatment is best known as one of the most effective solutions for getting rid of all of that frizz and dryness that we often combat.

Cellophane Hair Treatment


How Does Cysteine Treatment Work?

How to Do Cysteine Hair Treatment

A cysteine hair treatment is applied a little differently than how a standard color or highlights are put into the hair. When getting the treatment, your hair is first washed and dried. This may not always happen with a typical cut and color session. For this particular treatment, clean hair is easier to work with and often gets better results. 

Then, after your hair is completely dried, the cysteine complex is applied. This process is usually done by separating the hair into small sections and applying it directly. Unlike a color or highlight application, this treatment attempts to avoid the roots as much as possible. 

After the complex has been applied, it has to sit and settle for 45 minutes. Usually, while being exposed to heat that helps to activate the complex’s properties. Once this has been completed, it’s time to blow dry and flat iron the hair to give it the fun, sleek, and polished look you want. 

The hair is once again treated with a specialized shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair is dry, you’ll notice the changes. Gone is that dull, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. You’ll be able to appreciate a glossy, celebrity worthy head of hair.


Who Should Use It? 

Cysteine Hair Treatment for Frizzy Hair

Everyone who suffers from frizzy or untameable hair can benefit from cysteine hair treatment! It seems to be specifically helpful for people who have frizzy or curly hair, as it helps to tame some of that volume and curl. Those who have hair that’s suffered the brunt of styling, treatment, or lots of coloring may benefit from this as well. 

For people who have thin or damaged hair, experts may not recommend this treatment. Stylists warn against people with thin hair using this treatment, as it can decrease what little volume may already be there. 

If your hair is significantly damaged either due to coloring or excessive styling, you may need to wait for a while until your hair is healthy enough for this treatment to work correctly. The texture of your hair also changes as you age, and this may alter the process of how you may have to use a cysteine treatment, as some textures can take this treatment better than others.


What Are The Benefits of Cysteine Hair Treatment? 

Benefits of Cysteine Hair Treatment

While this hair treatment is still relatively new, it does have many great benefits for anyone looking to help manage their hair. One of the most incredible things about this new hair treatment option is that it’s free from chemicals, so it is safe for younger children and pregnant women to use. 

Another great benefit to the cysteine treatment is it’s considered much gentler than any of its alternatives, like the keratin treatment that gained popularity a while ago. It is also important to note that cysteine treatments don’t contain formaldehyde or any similar substitute. These types of chemicals that can be harmful are present in most keratin treatment products. 

Although it may take experience, it can be possible to do a cysteine treatment at home with the proper knowledge. Cysteine treatments fade in a gentler way than similar treatments. This also means that your hair won’t grow back extra wavy or curly and will be able to blend seamlessly as the treatment wears off.


What Are The Downsides of Using Cysteine Treatment?

Drawbacks of Cysteine Hair Treatment

While a cysteine treatment can help many different women, it can have drawbacks or downsides to its usage. One of the detriments of cysteine treatment is that it has been known to lighten your hair color slightly, all as a part of the treatment process. This side effect could mess with a look that you may have spent a lot of time and money getting perfect. 

Another drawback is that this treatment requires kinds of select sulfate-free hair products. So maintaining this look can be expensive in the long run. Swimming in chlorinated pools and using oil treatments are also not recommended once you’ve gone through this hair treating process. The chemicals in oil treatments and chlorine can lessen the cysteine treatment process’s effects and undo all that hard work you’ve put into your hair!

Also, note that the cysteine treatment effect gradually fades away over three months, so this treatment is in no way a permanent solution. Anyone looking for a more permanent styled look may want to spend their money on treatment types that may be longer-lasting. 


Understanding how best to treat your hair can be a very involved process. While some people may try damaging styling or treatment tools, often a tried and true method like cysteine treatment can be the best way to go for many different people. 

In learning more about the process, it is essential to be informed about how you may be treating your hair. After understanding how it works and how beneficial it can be for certain types of hair, it seems to be a new and relatively easy solution for many who struggle with their hair on a day to day basis. 

However, before making any permanent decisions that will affect your hair’s chemistry, it is best to make sure that your hair is eligible for such a treatment.