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25 Creative Four Strand Braids for Trendy Women

Four strand braids look truly exceptional. If you’ve never tried making one before, you’ve been missing out on a lot of fun.

Surprisingly enough, four-strand braids are not hard to make. You just need a little practice to create real masterpieces. Such braids are suitable for all types of hair. In fact, women with fine locks might appreciate them even more than girls with thick hair.

Braids with four strands look more voluminous than regular French or fishtail braids. Meanwhile, they can keep the hair looking neat and stylish all day long.


How To Make Four Strand Braids

While these braids might look complicated, they are easier than you might think. You only have to make a few simple steps to create the hairstyle of your dream. Here they are:

How to Make Four Strand Braid

  1. Separate your hair into sections just like you would for a French braid. The only difference is to take 4 strands instead of 2. Let’s call them 1, (farthest from your head to the left), 2 (next one toward your head), 3(next one after the 2), and 4 (farthest from your head to the right).
  2. Start braiding by moving section 1 under section 2. Now the 2nd section is on the left and 3rd section is to the right of the 2nd.
  3. Go on by passing the 1st section over the 3rd This way section 3 is on the left while section four is to its right.
  4. Pass section one under the 4th This way section for is to the left and the 1st section is closest to your head. The first weave is done.
  5. Continue going through steps 2 to 4 until you wish to stop braiding.
  6. If you want to add the braid more volume, slightly tug at the strands after the braid is done. The more you tug, the looser it will look.



Four Strand Braids for Creative Girls

If you are looking for a new way to shine, 4 strand braids can do the trick. These easy-to-make yet unusual braids can become an integral part of your hair routine.

You can use these braids to create variety of hairstyles. It can be used to style side braids, upside-down braids, and runaround braids. While adding your style a little extra zest, these four-strand braids can keep your hair neat for a long time.

If you have very fine locks, 4 strand braids can make them appear more voluminous. Take a look at these 25 options to give you an idea of how amazing these braids can look.

#1. Purple Teal Four Strand Braid 

four strand round braids

Four strand round braids are the peak when we’re talking about hair knits! Section your mane into two parts and start making them from the top head, just like the ordinary French braid. If you want them to look extraordinary, opt for an ombre that keeps your roots in a brown shade and transforms into a teal and purple tint. 


#2. Neck Based Four Braid Hairstyle

four strand french braid

If you have long red hair, curl only half of you mane. Start the four strand French braid from one side, and orient it to the low other. Once you are done braiding, secure the knit with a rubber band and pull off some edges to obtain more dimension.


#3. Four Strand Braid for Ombre Hair

four strand braided hairstyle

If you are a brunette who wants a gorgeous summer hairstyle, go for a bright blonde ombre. This will help obtain a beautiful French four strand braid that starts from the top of your head. Secure it at the bottom and decorate it with a flower. 


#4. Four French Strand Braid

four strand pigtail braids

Four strand pigtail braids are ideal for women who have thin hair. To recreate this look, section the hair into two, with a zig-zag part. Go for four French strands braids for the top, and once you reach the nape, continue with the regular twist. Try pulling off the edges to obtain chunky knits.


#5. Four Strand Braided Bun

four strand braided updo

Instagram / sizzatrix_unisex

Go for a French four strand braid that starts from the forehead and follows the hairline, reaching the back. Create a big low bun using the same braiding procedure. If you have colored lowlights, make sure they are visible for a more striking look.


#6. Boho-Chic Look

half up four strand braids

Instagram / winterhair

If you love a bohemian look then this hairstyle is just what you need. Plait the side strands including chunks from the top all the way to the back. Loosen up the braids, secure with a hair tie, and finish off with loose curls. You will definitely love the result!


#7. Side Braids + Ponytail

four strand braids with ponytail

Instagram / hairstylesbymeka

Make a style statement by coupling four strand braids with a chic ponytail. Pull the strands loose for a bubbly appeal and leave some chunks loose to accent the face at the front. Use a single clip-in extension when knitting the hair for a pop of color that won’t be ignored.


#8. Plaited Headband

Girls who love headbands can use braids made with four strands to create one with their hair. Start entwining the strands from ear to ear with another braid at the back and add curls to the remaining locks. Take a step ahead and dye some strands pink at the front, recreating the look exactly.


#9. Double Dutch Braid

two four strand braided buns

Instagram / hairdo_by_lisell

Flaunt those highlights by wearing your long tresses like a crown on the head. Create two Dutch braids and wrap them around at the back resulting in a chic updo. Pull the outer strands loose and add some hair gems for a fancy appeal or keep it simple. Your call!


#10. Knitted Mesh

four strand waterfall braids

Instagram / ellagant_braids

Creative girls can turn their waterfall hairstyle into a one-of-a-kind. Alternate twists and braids with the top chunks cascading through the plaits resulting in a knitted mesh that is sure to drop some jaws. Wrap the remaining braids in flower buns and voila!


#11. Milkmaid Braid

four strand crown braids

Instagram / allengirlshair

Unlike the crown braid, a milkmaid braid is pushed away from the face towards the center of the head. Use the four strand braiding technique and incorporate a ribbon or two while moving around the hairline. Elegant and chic, what more to ask for?


#12. Pinned Back

four strand braids with flowers

Instagram / daysofbraids

The simpler, the better! Instead of complicating the style entwine the side chunks loosely and pin at the back with the remaining hair falling all over the back. Looks too boring? Opt for a muted salmon hair shade and get ready to turn around some heads. Don’t forget the flowers!


#13. Basic Braided Ponytail

four strand braided hairstyle

Instagram / panni_braids

Sticking to a basic hairstyle is sometimes more than enough. Young ladies with long luscious locks can secure them in a low ponytail. Divide the hair into four sections, intertwine them deliberately resulting in a chunky knit, and add another hair tie at the bottom. Easy-breezy!


#14. Half-Up Look

double four strand braids

Instagram / hairdo_by_lisell

Fashionistas can stand out from the crowd with this four strand braided hairstyle. Intertwine the hair into two upside-down knits and wrap them around the head while pulling the chunks loose, creating funky loops. The resulting half-up look is sure to grab some attention.


#15. Pretty In Purple

dyed hair with four strand braids

Instagram / manesbyamandajane

Spice up your locks by opting for an eye-catching ombre featuring dark roots transitioning into a bright purple hue midway before turning pure white at the ends. Before creating diagonal braids, plait one among the four strands adding a personal touch to the hairstyle.


#16. High Braid

Best Four Strand Braid

If you have short or fine hair or both, consider making the four strand braid using just two side strands. Brush them upwards and back and start braiding. Such braid looks just as impressive as the full one.

Elegant Braided Ponytail


#17. Braid Craze

Vintage Four Strand Braids

When you know many different braid types, you can come up with amazing hairstyles. Such 4 braids are wonderful for any special occasion. Unfortunately, you can’t do it on your own. Make a barbershop appointment!


#18. Low Side Braid

Low Side Four Strand Braid

This low side braid is a wonderful choice for women with short hair. You start at the top part of your hairline near the temple and start braiding diagonally toward the back. You can finish braiding at the hairline or continue all the way down.


#19. One Side Braid

One Side Four Strand Braid

Four strand braids look amazing when they are just part of the overall hairstyle. You can make one or two side braids and incorporate them into a ponytail, a bun, or anything else you can come up with.


#20. Braid Mix

French Mix Four Strand Braid

Impress your friends with your smart approach to braiding. You can start with a French braid on top and go on to make a four-strand masterpiece on the bottom. You need to make sure all the strands are of equal size.


#21. High Start

four strand braids

Using all of your hair to create a braid with four strands is a wonderful idea. Start at the top and go all the way down your head by grabbing new strands along the way. If you have medium-length hair, you can finish with a ponytail.


#22. Beautiful Weave

If your hair is not thick enough to create the masterpiece you see in the picture, don’t worry. Hair extensions can save the day. You don’t even have to choose one to match your hair color. A shade mix will look great!

Beautiful Braids with Weaves


#23. Ribbon Braiding

four strand braids

Weaving something into your four strand braids is a wonderful way to make it look truly special. You can use different colored ribbons to create something unique. Such braids tend to stay intact longer.


#24. Loose Braiding

While simple loose braiding can add some volume to your hairstyle, it can also make it more impressive. This braid should be entrusted to the hands of real professionals. It’s a wonderful choice for a special occasion.


#25. Thick Beauty

young girl four strand braids hairstyle

Such braid is easy to make. You just have to shift the strands slightly to make it look asymmetrical. Consider adding a bow or any other hair accessory to outline this amazing hairstyle.

Try Out Side Fishtail Braids


We hope these 25 four strand braids helped make your day. It’s up to you to spend several minutes on making a really beautiful hairstyle. No matter what hair length or type you have, such braid will look amazing