7 Splendid French Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

French braids are romantic and stylish & the best thing about these braids is that you can style them in different ways; (e.g. French braid Mohawk, bun, ponytail, etc.).  Your imagination is all it takes for a great style which explains why girls and women around the globe love this hair trend. In this post, we’re going to show you how to rock French Mohawk braid and look effortlessly chic and edgy at the same time.


How to Create Mohawk with French Braid

how to do french braid mohawk

At first glance, it may seem like French braid Mohawk is difficult to create on your own, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to do it. Before you start making the braid, you’ll need a rattail comb, two hair sectioning clips, clear elastic, and two bobby pins. While there are multiple ways to create this braid the easiest method is:

Step 1: Divide out a section of hair for the braid in a way to form two parallel part lines at the corners of your forehead. Clip down the bottom part of your hair.

Step 2: Pick up a smaller section of hair near your hairline and divide it into three smaller, equal pieces that you’ll use to form a braid.

Step 3: Cross the right strand over the middle, then move on to the left strand.

Step 4: Again, cross the right strand over the middle, but then proceed to pick up a new section and gently tuck it into the middle strand. Cross left strand over the middle, pick up a new section and add it to the middle again.

Step 5: Repeat the same process where you cross side strands over the middle one and bring new sections until your braid reaches the crown of your head.

Step 6: Using a clear elastic bland tie off the end of your braid.

Step 7: Divide out a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic band to hide it, secure hair underneath with a bobby pin.

Step 8: Backcomb the ponytail to add more volume to your hairstyle and spritz a little bit of hairspray to secure it.

Size of the Mohawk depends on the sections of hair you set out for this purpose. You’ll need to experiment a few times to see what works best for your needs and preferences.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do French Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


Outfit Ideas for French Braid Mohawk

Outfit Ideas for French Braided Mohawk

Here’s the best thing about braided Mohawk – you can pair it with different types of outfit. For instance, romantic French braided Mohawk looks great when paired with a chic dress.

If you prefer a rock vibe – not a problem, put on your favorite jeans and T-shirt, add a leather jacket into the mix and voila, your outfit is complete. For a more formal look, opt for a buttoned shirt and a blazer. Options are truly endless as you can combine this hairstyle with different outfits.


Best Mohawk Styles with French Braid

Now that you know how to make a French braid Mohawk let’s see some of the cutest styles that you can rock.

1. Casual Mohawk

french braid mohawk hairstyle for women

Girls who love casual styles will also appreciate this Mohawk with side French braids, it’s chic but also laid-back at the same time. Try it out.


2. Dramatic Warrior Braid

french braid mohawk for blonde hair

For girls or modern women who want to introduce more drama to their look, this is an ideal style. Instead of picking up your hair in a ponytail, let it flow gently down your back. Also, you can also use extensions to boost Mohawk volume.


3. Mohawk Ponytail

French Braided Mohawk Ponytail 

For a classy look, you can create a French braid Mohawk and high ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal for nights out and even for special occasions like weddings.


4. Romantic Half  Pony

women with french braid mohawk hairstyle

When the term  French”Mohawk” braid comes to mind, we immediately think of wild and edgy styles, but they can be romantic too. This delicate braid adds to the delicate and elegant vibe you aim to ooze.


5. Platinum Blonde Mohawk

french braid mohawk for platinum hair

Bring your inner rock chick out with a French braid Mohawk and a low ponytail. This fierce hairstyle is ideal for fierce women who know what they want.


6. French Braided Ponytail 

french braid mohawk ponytail with side braid

For an extra edge in your outfit go for a huge French braided Mohawk and pair it with smaller side Dutch French braids.


7. French Braided Bun

french braided mohawk bun

Did you know you can wear your French braid Mohawk bun at special events such as your wedding? Make a Mohawk and pull your hair up gently in a low bun.


FAQs on French Braid Mohawk Hairstyles

Q. Is Braided Mohawk Hairstyle Office-Friendly?

Ans: While it’s easy to assume that braided Mohawk isn’t office-friendly, that may not be correct. You see, it all depends on the style you’re going for. Dramatic, huge Mohawks can be frowned upon in serious office settings. On the flip side, subtle Mohawks are suitable for different kinds of environment and events.


Q. Shaved Sides Or Undercut; Which Works Best with Braided Mohawk?

Ans: When it comes to the choice between shaved sides or undercut in combination with braid Mohawk there’s no “one size fits all” rule. Both styles bring more drama to the whole look and are on the edgier side. It all comes down to your personal preferences.


French braid Mohawk is cute, romantic, and edgy. This hairstyle is adored by many girls who get to show off both romantic (or delicate) and a wild side all at once. In this post, you’ve seen seven amazing suggestions showing how to rock this lovely hairstyle. It’s always good to do something with your hair from time to time, and this is an excellent style to try, go ahead.