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Good Hair Stylist Vs. Bad Hair Stylist: Spotting the Difference

If you’ve been to multiple salons, you may know that some hair stylists are better than others. Your hair deserves the best, so spotting a good hair stylist from a bad hair stylist is essential.

While you expect a good hair stylist to have an excellent eye for hair, there are many other signs to consider before making your decision. On the other hand, bad hairstylists may be hard to spot, but there are specific attributes that can help you identify them.

Below is an elaboration of good hairstylist vs. bad hairstylist signs you need to know to identify if your hairstylist is good or bad.

Signs of A Good Hairstylist Vs. Bad Hairstylist: A Quick Look

Below are the signs of a good and a bad hairstylist, shown in tabular form for a quick look.

Signs of a Good HairstylistSigns of a Bad Hairstylist
Gives you personalized attentionIs rude or doesn’t listen to you
Excellent listening skillsIgnores your wishes or preferences
Manages time wellAlways running late or rushing
High professionalismUnprofessional or unresponsive
Knows a variety of hairstylesDoesn’t know the latest trends or styles
Reasonable pricingOvercharges or uses low-quality products
Talks and listens to youDoesn’t communicate clearly or ignores you
Updated skill setStuck in outdated methods or styles
Keeps everything cleanSalon is dirty or unhygienic
Has a portfolio and good reviewsNo portfolio or poor reviews
Transparent and honestMakes promises they can’t keep
Recommends what’s best for youConstantly tries to upsell
Follows up after your appointmentNo aftercare or follow-up

Why Is It So Important to Choose the Right Hair Stylist?

choosing the best hairstylist

Having a bad hair day isn’t something anyone wants. Choose the right hair stylist who will meet your expectations.

A bad hairstyle can harm not only your appearance but also your confidence. So, it is essential to research and identify the signs of a good hairstylist.

Read on to understand the attributes of a good hair stylist and the signs to avoid a bad one.

What Makes a Good Hair Stylist?

If you have been loyal to one hairdresser, they may have the attributes of a good hairstylist. For example, they may be knowledgeable and empathetic. They can also advise you on the best products for your hair type.

Whether you’re looking for a new hair stylist or want to confirm yours, the following attributes will help you discern the best. Remember that a great hairstyle starts with a good hairstylist!

Signs of a Good Hair Stylist

Choosing a good hair stylist requires observation. Here’s a list of signs that will help you spot the best hair stylist from the rest:

Personalized Attention

signs of a good hairstylist

A good hair stylist will pay close attention to your individual needs. They will take time to understand what you want and provide the best solution.

They will also serve one customer at a go and dedicate their time to the task. For example, they will not answer phone calls while serving you.

You’re likely to return when you get personalized care in a salon. You may also want to leave a review or recommend the stylist to your friends.

Excellent Listening Skills

good hairstylist listening to customer

An experienced hairdresser can pick up subtle hints and cues from you about the desired hairstyle. They should understand your preferences and act on them.

Listening to you can make them understand your needs and make necessary adjustments to the hairstyle. They can also give you ideal solutions for a better hairstyle.

Time Consciousness

A good hair stylist will manage their time well to ensure you get the desired hairstyle on time. They will also not keep you waiting for too long when you’re in their salon.

If there are changes in appointment hours, they will inform you beforehand. Such communication can prevent inconveniences when going for an appointment.

High Professionalism

A competent hair stylist will exhibit high levels of professionalism. They will be friendly and responsive to customers’ needs. Moreover, they will be open to feedback and willing to work with you toward achieving the desired style.

If you book an appointment, they should honor it and be on time. For example, they should not keep you waiting or cancel your appointment without valid reasons.

Knowledgeable about Different Hairstyles

good hairstylist skills

A good hair stylist should know all the different hairstyles and techniques. They should advise you on what hairstyle will work for you after assessing your facial features, lifestyle, and general preferences.

A professional hairdresser may also know hair technology and the latest hair trends. For example, they should be able to advise you on applicable hair products and treatments depending on your hair type.

Reasonable Pricing

A good hair stylist will not overcharge you for their services or use low-quality products on your hair. They should be able to give you good quality services at fair prices.

When the charges are worth the services, you can trust them with styling your hair. You may also leave a tip for the stylist or a positive review on their salon website, which can attract more customers.

It is essential to take the time to identify a good hair stylist who can deliver on your expectations. Your hair deserves the utmost care.

Talks and Listens

Good stylists talk and listen. They ask what you want and give you clear answers. No guessing games. This helps make sure you both get what you’re aiming for.

Updated Skill Set

Styles change, tools get better. A good stylist keeps up. They learn new tricks and get new tools. So if they’re excited about a new styling technique, it’s a good sign!

Proper Sanitation and Cleanliness

You don’t want a dirty comb near your hair, right? A great stylist cleans their tools and their space. This way, you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Portfolio and References

A picture is worth a thousand words. Good stylists have pictures to show you — their own work, not just random shots from the internet. If they’ve got happy customers who speak highly of them, even better.


Let’s say you want a style that won’t work with your hair. A good stylist will tell you. They might even suggest something else that’ll look awesome. They won’t just say yes and give you something you’ll hate.

Knows What Works for You

A good stylist doesn’t just sell you stuff. They recommend what your hair needs. If they suggest a product, it’s because they think it will help your hair, not just because it’s pricey.


Ever get a call or a message asking how you like your new look? That’s a stylist who cares. They’ll ask how things are going and if you’re happy, which can make you feel great long after you’ve left the salon.

What Makes a Bad Hair Stylist?

You can spot an unworthy hairstylist by looking at how they address and serve you. A bad hairstylist may not be able to provide you with the desired hairstyle and, in the worst cases, damage your hair.

You should look out for unprofessional hairdressers to save your hair and go home happy.

Signs of a Bad Hairstylist

Have you been to a salon and left frustrated? It’s probably because the hairdresser does not offer the best services.

Negligent hair stylists can overcharge you or keep you waiting all day. Here are more attributes that will help you identify a stylist that’s not worth your time and money.

Rudeness and Unprofessionalism

rude hairstylist

A bad hair stylist will not be courteous or responsive to your needs. They will be rude and unprofessional in their approach.

Instead of accommodating your needs, they will take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to hair styling. Such a stylist may not be open to feedback or advice, which can hinder achieving the desired style.

Unhygienic Conditions

A bad hairstylist may not keep the salon clean and hygienic. For example, they may not sterilize their scissors and combs or clean the floor after serving a customer.

An unbefitting hairdresser may use messy, unkempt tools such as dirty scissors and combs. They may also not regularly sharpen the tools, making them ineffective.

Unfortunately, you can contract skin infections and other diseases from unhygienic conditions. The infections can further frustrate you if you have to keep visiting the salon for treatment.

However, if the environment is clean, you can trust the hairdresser with your hair. You can also place items such as a handbag or jacket without worrying about contamination.

Unrealistic Expectations

bad hairstylists

When you visit a salon, you want logical promises. A bad hair stylist will tell you what you want to hear and leave you disappointed.

Unfortunately, some promises may be too good to be true. For example, they may promise you a unique hairstyle that will make you look like a movie star, only to frustrate you.

Poor-Quality Products

You need quality oils and other products for a good hairstyle. A bad hair stylist may use low-quality products that are likely to damage your hair.

Moreover, they will not explain what products they are using. Such negligence can cause hair loss and other problems.

No Consultation

signs of a bad hairstylists

A successful hair service should involve consultation. A bad hairstylist may not take the time to discuss the process with you.

They will rush through the service without caring about your desires and preferences before they start working on your hair. If your hair requires special treatment, which the stylist is unaware of, they may end up damaging it.

Lack of consultation may also lead to the wrong hair color because your hairdresser doesn’t have precise instructions. The result may be disappointing, and you may have to start the process again.

Poor Customer Service

A bad hairstylist may not be responsive to your complaints or questions. They will either take a long time to answer your queries or not answer them at all.

Some hair stylists may not listen to your feedback and ideas regarding your chosen hairstyle. They may also take long breaks without letting you know in advance.

When customer service is poor, you may waste money and time by returning to the salon multiple times. For example, if you get the wrong color, you may return to the salon and get a touch-up.

Halfway Through and They Disappear

Ever sit in that chair and suddenly your stylist is gone? Maybe they’re taking calls or even chatting with other clients. If they’re leaving you hanging while they juggle other stuff, that’s a sign they’re not all-in on making you look your best.

Always Running Late

Nobody likes waiting, especially when you’ve got an appointment. If your stylist is always late or hurrying through your time, it’s a sign they’re not on top of things. Being rushed usually means mistakes get made and you’re left with a style you didn’t really want.

No Tips for Keeping Up Your Look

You’d expect a good stylist to give you some tips on how to keep that fresh-out-of-the-salon look, right? If they’re not giving you any advice for home care, it’s likely they’re not all that interested in how happy you are with their work.

Trying to Upsell All the Time

It’s one thing to suggest a product that might work wonders on your hair; it’s another to push extra services or treatments every five minutes.

If your stylist is always trying to sell you more than what you asked for, they might be more interested in making money off you than actually helping you look your best.

Lack of Portfolio or Reviews

Before choosing a hairstylist, it’s wise to look at their previous work or customer testimonials. A bad hairstylist often doesn’t have these readily available, or if they do, they may not be positive. A lack of portfolio or glowing reviews can be a major red flag.

Knowing the signs of a good and bad hair stylist is essential. Make an effort to research different salons in your area before you make a decision. Read reviews and check out online ratings of the salons to ensure that you are getting quality services for a fair price.

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