25 Amazing Griffon Puppies with Different Length Haircuts

If you are a lucky owner of a Griffon, it’s time to take a look at a few haircuts for your griffon puppy to look cuter! Knowing how to style your pet’s hair is one of the most important things that an owner should consider. If you have a special breed, such as a griffon, you need to know all the ins and outs of the hair care. Even if you are planning to get professional assistance when it comes to grooming your dog’s hair, you need to know what to do with it on a daily basis.

brussels griffon puppies


How to Groom Your Griffon Puppy

A griffon puppy haircut is a complicated procedure. Here are the steps you should follow or see that the professional groomer keeps to them.

  • Give the dog a good bath with shampoo.
  • Use a pin brush and a blow drier to make the hair pliable and straight.
  • Use the clippers to make the hair all the same length.
  • Pay special attention to the eye and ear area.
  • The stomach area can be shaved, especially if it’s summer time.
  • Use scissors to cut the hair on the dog’s face. Consider leaving a long beard which a griffon dog hallmark.

Griffons need to be stripped once or twice a year to remove the dead hair and knots. This is done by hand.


Different Griffon Puppy Haircuts!

There are different griffon breeds available for your enjoyment. Their main feature is the hair on their faces. Most of the styling goes on there. Cottonwood griffons need their curly locks to be trimmed on a regular basis while Brussels griffon can deal with you trimming their facial hair occasionally. Puppies usually don’t suffer from overly long hair, so you need to limit yourself to trimming. We collected 25 griffon puppies haircuts that can help you see what your dog could look like.


1. Close clipping


This is a perfect option for your pet. All the fur is clipped the same size to prevent extra shedding and make your pet enjoy its everyday life without knots or other hair problems. The beard is styled by the scissors.

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2. Facial hairstyle


Since griffon puppies usually have plenty of hair on their faces, they require a special approach to that part of their body. Any griffon puppy haircut involves facial hair trimming. Consider making it take a round shape.


3. Smooth guy

griffon puppies haircut 3

Smooth haired griffons don’t require any regular trimming. They don’t shed hair. Some might have some hair on their faces and most owners prefer to keep it cut to achieve a smooth look all over.


4. Tough choice

griffon puppies haircut 4

Wirehaired pointed griffons are the hardest to take care of. You need to have a pretty big arsenal of various brushes to keep this guy’s coat under control. Consider getting professional grooming advice.


5. Keep it cute

griffon puppies haircut 5

The Brussels griffons have their hair all over the place. Not all of them need close grooming. You can leave the hair long in order to achieve a cute and messy look. Just don’t forget to brush the hair daily.

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