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27 Short & Long Haired Brussels Griffon Puppies

If you are a lucky owner of a Brussels Griffon, it’s time to take a look at a few short and long haircuts for your griffon puppy to look cuter! Knowing how to style your pet’s hair is one of the most important things that an owner should consider.

If you have a special breed, such as a griffon, you need to know all the ins and outs of the hair care. Even if you are planning to get professional assistance when it comes to grooming your dog’s hair, you need to know what to do with it on a daily basis.

brussels griffon puppies

How to Groom Your Brussels Griffon Puppy

A griffon puppy haircut is a complicated procedure. Here are the steps you should follow or see that the professional groomer keeps to them.

  • Give the dog a good bath with shampoo.
  • Use a pin brush and a blow drier to make the hair pliable and straight.
  • Use the clippers to make the hair all the same length.
  • Pay special attention to the eye and ear area.
  • The stomach area can be shaved, especially if it’s summertime.
  • Use scissors to cut the hair on the dog’s face. Consider leaving a long beard which a griffon dog hallmark.

Griffons need to be stripped once or twice a year to remove the dead hair and knots. This is done by hand.

Brussels Griffon Puppy Short Haircuts

There are different griffon breeds available for your enjoyment. Their main feature is the hair on their faces. Most of the styling goes on there. Cottonwood griffons need their curly locks to be trimmed on a regular basis while Brussels griffon can deal with you trimming their facial hair occasionally.

Puppies usually don’t suffer from overly long hair, so you need to limit yourself to trimming. Below are 27 griffon puppies with short and long hair that can help you see what your dog could look like.

1. Griffon with Beard

brussels griffon long haircut

The best long haircuts for griffon puppies are practical and show off your little friend’s personality. So shortly groom his back, laterals and head. Get him a beard and keep the hair longer on his legs, but with trimmed paws. 

2. Rounded Trim

brussels griffon puppy haircut

A short trim is probably the best choice for your griffon dog if you want to prevent tangles. Also, if it’s summer, this will help him experience less heat. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some fun and style a rounded face shape. It will look so sweet!

3. Puppy Cut

brussels griffon short haircut

When these dogs are this small, they don’t yet need too much of a trim. However, you might find areas where your dog’s fur grows faster, like elbows, legs and tail. If you want a full short look, you can cut those longer pieces at home without seeing a groomer. 

4. Medium Curly

long haired brussels griffon's curly haircut

Not all Brussels griffons have straight hair, so if your puppy has waves and curly fur, get a medium trim. It will make him look fluffy and sweet. You just need to cut the hair around the paws, give his beard a shape, and trim longer rebellious pieces. However, remember that he needs constant brushing. 

5. Close clipping


A cute short haired Brussels Griffon that we love. All the fur is clipped the same size to prevent extra shedding and make your pet enjoy its everyday life without knots or other hair problems. The beard is styled by scissors.

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6. Facial hairstyle


Since griffon puppies usually have plenty of hair on their faces, they require a special approach to that part of their body. Any griffon puppy haircut involves facial hair trimming. Consider making it take a round shape.

7. Smooth guy

griffon puppies haircut 3

Smooth haired griffons don’t require any regular trimming. They don’t shed hair. Some might have some hair on their faces and most owners prefer to keep it cut to achieve a smooth look all over.

8. Tough choice

griffon puppies haircut 4

Wirehaired pointed Brussels Griffon are the hardest to take care of. You need to have a pretty big arsenal of various brushes to keep this guy’s coat under control. Consider getting professional grooming advice.

9. Keep it cute

griffon puppies haircut 5

The Brussels griffons have their hair all over the place. Not all of them need close grooming. You can leave the hair long in order to achieve a cute and messy look. Just don’t forget to brush the hair daily.

10. The open eyes

griffon puppies haircut 6

When working on the griffon puppy haircut, consider keeping the eyes open. Wirehaired pointed griffons have plenty of hair on their faces and require you to keep it well groomed.

11. Brussels Griffon With Short Chin Hair

griffon puppies haircut 7

A beard is a hallmark of many griffons, so give it a go whenever you trim your pet’s hair. Don’t forget to keep the beard cleaned and brushed since the puppies tend to get it dirty while eating.

12. The real deal

griffon puppies haircut 8

Short haired griffons don’t need you to come up with some special haircut, however, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about grooming altogether. Make sure to keep the hair clean.

13. Long Haired Brussels Griffon Puppy

griffon puppies haircut 9

Griffon puppy haircut is an absolute must if the hair is getting into the dog’s face and interferes with its everyday activities. While long hair might look beautiful, the dog could feel uncomfortable.

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14. Cropped body

griffon puppies haircut 11

Wirehaired pointing griffons look great when you keep the hair on their bodies cropped. Since their hair requires plenty of maintenance, think about reducing it by keeping the coats as short as possible.

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15. Style the paws

griffon puppies haircut 12

When you are grooming your griffon puppy, you need to pay special attention to the paws. Long hair on the paws can make the dog uncomfortable and hard to keep clean.

16. Clean and brisk

griffon puppies haircut 13

This short-haired griffon puppy doesn’t need any grooming on your part. Just keep the dog clean on an everyday basis. The shorter the hair, the easier the maintenance. Consider this when choosing a puppy.

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17. Brussels Griffon With Short hair

griffon puppies haircut 15

Pay special attention to the grooming of your dog’s ears. This griffon puppy haircut involves keeping the ears closely trimmed and clean. Whatever breed you have, you need to make sure the ears are well cared for.

18. Accessories

griffon puppies haircut 17

Puppies’ hair might be too short to be cut but long enough to clip various accessories. Take advantage of the puppy’s cute and adorable look to attach pink clips and bows.

19. Hair down

griffon puppies haircut 18

Even if your puppy has curly hair on the body, the facial hair can be straight. Take advantage of this by creating a long beard or whiskers, which look so perfect on a griffon.

20. Brush it

griffon puppies haircut 20

Long-haired dogs might not need a haircut when they are just puppies but they still need your close attention. This griffon puppy haircut looks great thanks to daily brushing and regular washing.

21. Dress it up

griffon puppies haircut 21

Sometimes short haircuts might not be favorable for puppies since they can feel cold. Consider buying costumes to keep your dog warm during the cold winter walks.

22. Brussels Griffon With Long hair

griffon puppies haircut 22

Have fun with your long griffon puppy haircut by making it look spiky and windblown. Spikes are very fashionable nowadays so why not make your dog look stylish?

23. Trimmed bellies

griffon puppies haircut 23

When giving your griffon puppy a haircut, consider shaving the belly. This approach is very hygienic and can help the dog avoid fleas and ticks while keeping the coat clean and shiny.

24. Black Brussels Griffon With Medium Hair

griffon puppies haircut 24

A short beard looks perfect on a griffon puppy with long hair. While a long beard is somewhat a hassle, a short one appears just as fabulous and doesn’t require too much brushing.

25. Baby Griffon Brussels

griffon puppies haircut 25

Baby Griffon puppies are very delicate so don’t go giving them a haircut as soon as you see some stray hair. Consult a professional groomer about haircuts for such small puppies.

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26.  Paw style

griffon puppies haircut 27

Long hair on your pet’s paws looks perfect when combined with a long facial hair. You can keep the body hair trimmed and the belly shaved. This way you get something similar to a lion haircut.

27.  Classics

griffon puppies haircut 109

Don’t ever overlook the classic griffon haircuts. They are perfect for a dog of any age and keep the daily hair maintenance to a minimum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Griffon puppies’ haircuts.

Do Brussels Griffon puppies shed?

Brussels Griffons don’t shed much, and you can classify some as hypoallergenic.

The breed can have either a rough or smooth coat. A puppy with a smooth coat will shed moderately. If your dog has a rough coat, it will have wiry hair and rarely shed.

How long does a Brussels Griffon live?

A healthy Griffon should live from around 12 to 15 years.

Can Brussels Griffons swim?

Yes, Brussels Griffons usually enjoy swimming. They are a high-energy breed that enjoys activity, and many enjoy going for a brief swim.

What are the differences between Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher?

The Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher are visually similar but have a few key differences, including their temperament and ancestry.

A Brussels Griffon is highly emotional and attached to its owner, becoming assertive and aggressive when they feel threatened. In contrast, an Affenpinscher is a more emotionally stable breed that works well as a watchdog.

The origins of the breeds are the best summary of their differences. People bred the Affenpinscher to hunt rodents. On the other hand, the Griffon is a mix of Pug, Affenpinscher, and Toy Spaniel ancestry. Originally meant as a ratting dogs, Brussels Griffons now take the role of house dogs.

Can I leave alone my Brussels Griffon?

Yes, you should not leave your puppy alone for long periods. A Brussels Griffon is highly social and becomes deeply attached to its caretakers.

Brussels Griffon vs Pug – which one is a better pet?

Both a Brussels Griffon and a Pug make great pets. These breeds were intended to be domestic pets, so they are usually affectionate and loving.

Depending on your family’s needs, a Pug may present slightly fewer challenges. A Pug’s temperament tends to be a little stabler than that of a Brussels Griffon. As a result, Pugs can be less noisy and kid-friendly compared to the other.

Can I adopt Brussels Griffon?

Yes, you can adopt a Brussels Griffon. If you are interested in adopting one, check with your local animal adoption agencies to see if there are any puppies in need of a home.

These wonderful griffon puppy haircuts can help you make your dog beautiful and stylish while making hair maintenance easier. Each dog deserves its unique haircut. It’s up to you to make it a reality.