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How Much Does Hair Botox Cost in 2024? Is It Worthy?

Hair Botox is a revolutionary hair treatment that promises frizz-free, smooth, shiny locks. But one of the main concerns potential customers have is how much this treatment costs.

It requires careful consideration of cost for those interested in frizz and damage control from botox hair service.

To make your decision easier, we will describe the pricing factors of hair botox. It will make you better evaluate if the silky, shiny results of hair botox align with your budget.

How Much Does Hair Botox Cost?

Ideally, a typical hair Botox treatment should cost you anywhere between $130 to $350. The reason for such differences in high and low value exists because there many factors that could affect the price. 

In fact, in some rare cases, you may even find hair Botox treatments outside this range, starting from as little as $80 and up to $400+.

Sometimes salons offer lower prices ranging from $80 to $120 during occasions like Halloween and Christmas.

What Does Hair Botox Do to Your Hair?

hair botox

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that uses a special formula to coat damaged hair follicles and create a protective barrier around the hair shaft. 

The treatment fills and hydrates the thinner areas in the hair follicles to fortify them and protect them from breakage.

This helps in reducing frizz effects, smoothing out split ends, and adding a lustrous shine to the hair.

Despite the name, hair botox treatment doesn’t contain botulinum toxin (botox) at all.

Instead, the treatment inspires its name from the similar revitalizing and straightening effects Botox has on wrinkled skin.

The main ingredients of a botox formula may vary from one vendor to another, but they typically include a combination of the following compounds:

  • Keratin
  • Collagen Complexes
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Glyoxylic Acid
  • Hair-Nourishing Vitamins (E and B5)
  • Essential peptides and amino acids

Factors That Affect the Cost of Hair Botox Treatment

Here’s a brief look at the factors that can influence the overall cost of hair botox treatment, which can help you get a better estimate of what it is going to cost you:

Type and Brand of Treatment Formula

The type and brand of treatment you opt for is typically the main factor in determining the cost of hair botox, as the price of the formula typically makes up the majority of the expenses.

There are a variety of hair Botox formulas available on the market, and some are simply more expensive than others. This is typically because pricier options use ingredients at higher grades, concentrations, or both.

For example, both Nutree Bondox and Arllison Botox hair treatments are around the same size, but you can see the vast difference between their prices.

Length and Thickness of the Hair

botox cost for long hair

The length and thickness of your hair are also crucial factors in determining the cost of hair Botox treatment. 

Simply put, the longer and thicker your hair, the more product you’ll need to apply and the longer the process is going to take.

This ends up costing you extra in terms of both the formula and labor, which is why those with longer hair are typically charged around $200 or higher.

Your Location and Running Rates in Your Region

The cost of hair Botox treatment will also vary based on where you’re doing it. For instance, salons in major cities, especially upscale areas, tend to charge much higher than smaller towns and suburban regions.

This is mainly because the costs of living and running businesses in these areas, including salaries, rent, etc., are usually much higher, so they need to charge a higher markup to cover their expenses.

For example, in Houston, Texas you can get a botox treatment on short hair paying as low as $100.

Reputation of the Salon

The reputation and expertise of the salon or treatment center also play a significant role in determining the overall price you pay for the same hair botox treatment. 

A well-established and renowned establishment will charge higher due to its brand value and quality of service. 

This is because it has loyal clients who are willing to pay more to leave their hair botox treatment to industry experts. On the other hand, if you do the treatment at home or a modest salon, it’ll cost you much less.

Your Hair’s Condition and Damage Level

botox cost for damaged hair

If your hair is severely damaged, you may need multiple sessions or extensive treatment to get the optimal results you’re hoping for. 

As previously established, spending more time and using more products will always add up to the final bill, especially if you do the treatment at a reputable salon.

Additional Services

Besides the original cost of hair botox treatment, you might consider some additional hairstyling services to highlight the effects of the botox treatment, such as going for a new haircut/hairstyle or blow-drying.

In most cases, hair salons will offer special discounts and improved offers for full treatment packages. While these discounts offer higher value, they still end up costing you more.

How Long Does Hair Botox Last?

Hair Botox treatment typically lasts for 3 to 6 months. However, similar to its cost, its longevity is also bound by various factors. These include:

  • Your hair type and how it responds to treatment
  • The quality of the formula used and the level of care the stylist puts in the treatment process
  • How frequently you wash your hair
  • Whether you follow the post-treatment recommendations

Essential Hair Botox Aftercare

hair care for botox hair treatment

Lastly, here are final tips to help you keep extend the effects of your treatment for as long as possible:

  • Avoid washing your hair for at least 24 hours after the treatment
  • Stick to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners while washing your hair
  • Deep condition your hair at least once every two weeks, and preferably every week
  • Get regular trims to remove split ends and keep your hair looking its best

Is Hair Botox Worth It?

before and after botox hair treatment

Although hair botox isn’t particularly cheap, it’s still a cost-effective treatment and an excellent bang for the buck if you keep its advantages and benefits in mind.

For starters, hair botox formulas contain a variety of hair-nourishing ingredients that lock the hair follicle’s moisture to maintain its shine and luster, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen complexes, and essential vitamins.

Additionally, ingredients like peptides, amino acids, and keratin create a barrier around hair follicles to protect them against the effects of humidity, heat, and other hair stressors.

Hair botox formulas that contain Glyoxylic acid also help in smoothing out your hair because it has semi-permanent straightening properties.

Besides its impressive benefits, high-quality hair botox treatment remains effective for quite a long time, and since it’s relatively more affordable than keratin straightening, it’ll be a much better bang for the buck as well.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can find Botox treatments for as little as $50, but a quality treatment at a salon will typically cost you around $150 to $350.

Although it’s relatively affordable, hair botox is still a costly investment. If you are looking for a temporary solution to improve the appearance of your hair and are willing to pay for the treatment, hair botox may be a good option for you.

if you’re seeking affordable alternatives to hair botox you can try DIY home hair masks using natural ingredients like honey, eggs, or aloe vera.

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