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11 Creative Men’s Haircuts With Line On Side

A haircut with a line on the side is considered a unique and versatile hairstyle for men in the rapidly growing fashion industry. Many of you have heard about the sidelines haircut, but few know it is usually called the hard part.

Men’s Haircuts With Line on The Side

Let’s explore an incredible list of haircuts for men with lines on the side. These collections of haircuts with sidelines will surely motivate you to try at least one of them.

1. Undercut With Sideline

Undercut with Sideline

This undercut hairstyle is always the first preference for men who want a stylish look. Combining this undercut with a sideline of hair gives a fantastic look to your personality. This sideline changes the overall appearance of an undercut.

2. Quiff Haircut with a Line on the Side

quiff haircut with line on a side

Quiff haircut is itself a decent hairstyle. But when this haircut is combined with a line on the side, it gives men an elegant look.

3. Pompadour with a Sideline

men's pompadour with line on a side

Pompadour hairstyle looks stylish and elegant at the same time. You can use a line on the side to make the haircut more voluminous and prominent.

4. Comb Over with a Line on Side

Comb over with line on a side for men

If you love long hair but want a unique personality factor, you can wear a comb-over hairstyle with a line on the side. That will give you a unique and stylish look.

5. Long Curly Fringe with a Line on the Side

curly hairstyle with line on a side

Looking at the image above, you will be stunned at how wonderfully the long fringe haircut works with the lines on the side for men.

6. Curly Hair Undercut with Sideline

If you have curly hair and an undercut hairstyle that is combined with a line on the side, then no one can beat your cool personality.

7. Man-Bun with Sideline

As you know, man bun hairstyles are classic if you talk about long hair. You can use the lines on the side to give this hairstyle an even more impressive look.

8. Cornrow Hairstyle with Line on Side

cornrow with sideline

You can do many variations with the men’s haircut with a line. You can make two or three cornrows of the lines on the side, giving you a funky look.

9. Faux Hawk + Fades + Line on the Side

If you love faux hawk but hesitate to wear this hairstyle because of its edgy look, it is a great problem solver.

Leave longer hair on top for a less edgy, spiky look. Make a simple fade on the side and on the back of the head and a line on the side. That’s it- you are done!

10. Spiky Hairstyle with Sideline

The spiky hairstyle is itself a cool haircut. But adding a line on the side with spikes adds an attractive factor to your personality.

11. Thin Line on Side

When we talk about the haircut with a line on the side, then it does not mean that you must make a prominent line that will represent a hard part. You can make a sideline thin, as well. It will give you a natural appearance.

How to Choose the Right Line Haircut for Men

When adding a distinct edge to your hairstyle, a line haircut for men stands out for its sharp precision and modern flair. Selecting the perfect line haircut requires a blend of personal style and the natural contours of your face and head. Here’s how to pick a style that enhances your features and suits your lifestyle.

Consider Your Face Shape

Your face shape is important in choosing a haircut that complements you. For instance, if you have a round face, a line haircut with volume on top can elongate your appearance. Angular faces, on the other hand, benefit from softer lines and subtle fades to add a bit of roundness.

Hair Texture Matters

The texture of your hair can dramatically affect the outcome of a line haircut. Thick, coarse hair offers a stark canvas for a crisp line, while finer hair might require a more subtle approach to avoid looking too harsh.

Reflect Your Style

Your haircut is an extension of your style. A bold, razor-sharp line exudes confidence and suits a more daring wardrobe. If you prefer a low-maintenance, casual look, opt for a softer line that blends naturally with your hairstyle.

How to Get a Line Haircut on The Side

Getting a line haircut on the side involves precision and a clear vision of the desired outcome. Whether aiming for a subtle detail or a bold statement, here’s how to ensure your haircut with a line on side turns heads for the right reasons.

Find the Right Barber

Not all barbers are created equal, especially in detailed work like a line haircut. Look for a barber with precise cut experience, and bring a photo to help communicate your vision.

Describe Your Desired Look

Be clear about what you want. Specify the thickness, length, and placement of the line. Discuss how it will blend with the rest of your haircut to ensure a cohesive look.

Maintenance Tips

A sharp line requires regular upkeep. Your barber can advise on the frequency of touch-ups but expect to visit every few weeks to keep the line defined. Keep your hair well-groomed, and use a light pomade or gel to contrast the line and the rest of your hair.