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18 Flattering Heart-Inspired Knotless Braid Looks for 2024

Knotless braids blend in seamlessly and you can style them in many ways. But when you shape them into hearts, they become extra special! It’s a fun way to show your style and stand out. Whether you want to try something new for everyday looks or you have a special day coming up, these heart-shaped knotless braids are a hit!

Charming Knotless Braids With Heart Hairstyles

Knotless braids have a more natural look than any other options because the technique used feeds in the plait. Moreover, if you want to spice them up, go for colored extensions and create heart-shaped hairstyles.

Also, you can use ombre hair or curly bundles to obtain a unique design. Decorate your ends with beads and make sure the partings are perfectly done, revealing the heart shape.

If you want a lovable heart hairstyle with knotless braids, scroll down and discover the best examples below!

1. Side Heart Braid

brown knotless braids with heart design

To recreate this look, opt for knotless braids that you will feed in with dark red hair extensions.

On the side, go for a heart-shaped hairstyle and pluck a few pieces from your braids to mix the braids with curly strands.

2. Braids with Curly Ends

heart shape knotless braids with curly ends

To obtain those curly ends, you have two options: get bundles that are already curled or regular jumbo hair that you will wave once your braids are done.

To do so, wrap the tips on rods and dip them into hot water.

3. Burgundy and Blonde Cornrow Braids

knotless braided updo with heart design

Get platinum blonde and dark red hair extensions for your cornrows. You will feed in the braids as you knit the top and the heart-shaped sections.

Carefully prep your hair, especially if it’s coarse and hard to manage. Apply jam that helps you detangle your hair easier.

4. Top Buns with Heart Cornrows

bantu knots with heart shape knotless braids

Sectioning your hair is the first step you need to take care. Go for square parts and with a rattle comb do the shape of the heart.

Once you are done making those knotless braids, take your knits and roll them to style buns for the crown area.

5. Electric Green Highlights

short knotless braids with heart design

For this heart hairstyle with knotless braids, there are many aspects to consider. First, is parting the hair, then choosing the proper green shade for your extensions.

Do the heart cornrows, curl some of the strands, then decorate each with translucent and green beads.

6. Multicolored Highlights with Beads

knotless braids with beads and heart design

You will need loads of colored beads and blue and pink hair extensions to build this eye-popping hairstyle with knotless braids and a heart side knit.

Add some curly extensions in the same color as your hair and secure the crown in a ponytail.

7. Nape Heart Shaped Braids

black and orange knotless braids with heart design

Such nape heart shaped braids will add a pop of color to your hairstyle. These peek-a-boo braids will pop in the back and side.

Feed them in with orange hair extensions and for the rest of the hair, create box braids with square partings.

8. Platinum Blonde and Pink Plaits

blonde knotless braids with heart design

Pink blonde ombre hair extensions that are ultra-long will help you extend your short hair. Create heart-shaped partings for the sides and go for curved cornrows.

Dye your natural hair blonde so you will create better blending with the extensions.

9. Braided Space Buns

space buns with heart shape knotless braids

To create this amazing heart hairstyle using cornrow knotless braids you will have to do the parting in the center of your head.

For the rest of the hair you can create box braids and decorate each with translucent beads.

10. Intricate Heart Hairstyle

updo with heart shape knotless braids

This intricate hairstyle with side hearts amazingly combines with knotless braids of different thicknesses and lengths.

So, above and below your hair design, create cornrows and feed them in with hair extensions and other smaller braids.

11. Ultra Long Box Braids with Heart

long knotless braids with heart design

For this hairstyle, you will need several hair bundles that you will attach at the base, creating ultra long box braids.

Flip them to the side and on each lateral, style two cornrows that crisscross, creating the shape of a heart.

12. Multicolored Braids with Beads

two tone knotless braids with heart design

When you want a braided hairstyle that really stands out, the effort will be considerable. So, get pre-curled Jumbo bundles in a blonde brown nuance, and burgundy extensions for the lowlights.

Also, make sure the partings you’re doing are flawless, as you want them to stand out. Decorate the ends with large wooden beads.

13. Peekaboo Red Nape Braids

red and black knotless braids with heart design

Thin and ultra long braids can be more than an upgrade for your hairstyle. They will also protect your natural locks from dust, debris and other external factors.

Make your hair looks eye-popping by styling peek-a-boo red plaits in the nape area and go for a heart design for the side.

14. Heart Braided Buns

heart shape knotless braids with beads

Beads and colored hair extensions can transform a simple braided look into a piece of art. Get decorations for your ends, style red braided highlights and part the crown in two.

When you’re securing them, don’t pull all the hair through the elastic. Create a loop and style it in the shape of a heart.

15. Half Up Half Down Braided Hairstyle

half up knotless braids with heart design

Use brown burgundy extensions to style your feed-in and box braids. If you want them to look cooler, do a heart shape on the side and a half up half down hairdo that secures the crown hair.

Wear your hair on the shoulders and back.

16. Side Swooped Knotless braids

heart shape knotless braids

If you want your locks to look natural, then you should choose a dark color for your extensions, a nuance that is close to your natural hair.

On the sides, curve the braids so when you tie them with an elastic, they get the shape of a heart.

17. Ombre Pink Btaids

pink knotless braids with heart design

If you previously dyed your hair in a pale pink color, there’s no need to dye your hair again. It will match greatly with some fuchsia hair extensions that you will use to feed in your braids.

Create large partings so you’ll be able to build heart-shaped knotless braid designs.

18. Pale Mauve and Pink Braids

knotless box braids with heart design


When you’re ordering or buying your hair bundles, you must get platinum pale nuances. Do a middle part and create sections along it. Use all these partings to create heart-shaped cornrows.

Knotless braids featuring heart hairstyles look remarkable and cute. Moreover, they are a fab way to upgrade simple plaits!