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8 Large Knotless Braids With Beads

Knotless braids are in full swing and for all the right reasons. They are natural-looking knits with extensions added seamlessly using a feed-in technique along the length contrary to box braids that involve creating a ‘knot’ to secure the synthetic strands closest to the roots.

Such knotless braids reduce tension on the scalp and minimize hair breakage but tend to become frizzy in a shorter duration as the strands are not fastened tightly at the roots.

Consider the following large knotless braids with beads all of which are pain-free, easy to style, weightless, and enhance hair growth.

Large Knotless Braids with Beads

If you’re considering braids with beads to try, these large knotless braids are a simple yet ideal way to level up your hair game while protecting your precious tresses all along.

1. Black Braids, White Beads 

long large knotless braids with beads

Long knotless braids with beads are a lifesaver for those who find knotted knits aesthetically displeasing. Use matching black extensions to achieve chunky plaits that narrow down towards the ends and add plain white beads to achieve a dark and light color contrast. Swoop down the edges for a neat finish.  

2. Curly Knotless Knits 

large curly knotless braids with beads

Look like a tribal goddess by creating a hot mess of braids and curls. The trick lies in using curly synthetic hair and pulling out thin pieces to dangle in between the braids while entwining the tresses.  Add translucent beads in all the colors you love and that’s it!   

3. Black and Red Color Split 

large black and red knotless braids with beads

Color-blocked hair, also known as split hair, looks enchanting and can be recreated with braids too.

Choose the region you want to appear distinct from your remaining hair and incorporate extensions in a contrasting shade like these red ones limited to one side only. Add matching beads. Transparent ones will work too!

4. Blue Peekaboo Braids

large knotless braids with beads for little girls

Take part in the peekaboo braid trend by getting extensions in any vibrant color you like including the aqua ones depicted here. Entwine them with your natural hair nearest to the nape. Put your new look on full display by tousling the plaits forward on the shoulders. Don’t forget the beads!

5. Blonde Ombre Braids 

large brown knotless braids with beads

Those who are more into soft color transitions can forget the above-mentioned dramatic hairdos and consider getting an ombre instead. Begin plaiting your natural hair and keep on adding blonde extensions to achieve a seamless color melt. Embellish with metallic hair cuffs and wooden beads.

6. Multi-Colored Fancy Knits

large knotless braids with beads for dark skin

Be bold, be beautiful! Get synthetic braiding hair in black, red, and golden to recreate this style exactly, or opt for whatever colors you want to end up with a funky mane.

Adorn it with beads, hair cuffs and rings, acrylic yarn, and literally anything else you can put in your hair!  

7. Long and Neat 

jumbo knotless braids with beads

When it comes to large knotless braids with beads neatness and intricacy are all that matters to make them last for a while without looking frizzy and untidy. Seek professional help to achieve long knits with skillfully carved out square sections on the head. Alternate transparent beads with acrylic ones for a groovy look.    

8. Knotless Braids with Highlights 

big knotless braids with beads

Knotless braids are super versatile allowing their wearers to rock anything and everything. Take these knits as an example where highlights are achieved by using different-colored extensions for some braids to pop through the remaining black ones. The size, color, and number of beads on the ends are totally up to you!  

Long knotless braids with beads have virtually no negative influence on the hair. Though they are a little tricky to install, require professional help, and can be comparatively expensive, it is all worth it as you don’t want to compromise the health of your hair at any cost while trying to look good.

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