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65 Breathtaking Hair Designs for Women

If you want an image makeover, or just want to try something new, getting a hair design is a great place to start. Hair designs for women may have once been out of fashion and too bold to use. But today you don’t need to be a typical or a rebel to get these trendy and cool looks.

Hair designs are done on shaved hair. You can do anything you want to, really. Get a small undercut at the base of your neck so you can cover it up with long waves. Or you can get a daring round-the-head undercut and pair it with a dyed pixie cut. There are endless possibilities for hairdos.

The best part is you can get tattoo patterns etched into your hair or have symbols represent who you are. You can dye them in different colours and get all sorts of accessories to complement the designs.

We’ve begun to see a lot more hair designs for women. With how mix-and-match you can wear your fashion; great designs will work well with many kinds of clothes. But it’s important to know what kind of look you’re going for. We wouldn’t advise cute and thematic patterns if you’re going for something elegant. The same way, we wouldn’t advise curving, artsy lines if you want to have a roguish look.

It’s good to have a general idea of what you want to look like as well as what it will take to maintain your hair designs.


Should You Get An Undercut Hair Design?

hair design with undercut

Undercuts are assumed to be an androgynous look, but who’s to say it can’t look girly as well? With a million different ways of recreating a hair look, you can rest assured to pull off almost any style.

But hair designs for women take a lot of patience and effort to maintain. You may need a lot of wax and gel to style your hair up and show off your undercut designs. They also tend to grow out fast, so maintaining an undercut design for a long time might actually drain your wallet.

But hair designs are a great way of expressing oneself. They can be aesthetic and chic. They can look gothic or feminine. A large number of patterns, dyes, and hairdos available leaves it open for you to play around with different styles.


How Do You Maintain A Hair Design?

how to maintain hair design

Depending on the look you’re going for, there’s a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Hair designs look great, but they suit thick hair the best. With thick hair, you can do more with your hairdo, and it’s more accessible to cover-up the shaved parts. With thin hair, it’s harder to do either of the two.
  • It’s possible you have thin hair and still want to go for hair design. We recommend a nape undercut or shaving only one side of your head.
  • The type of hair design will change depending on the look you’re going for, quite obviously. Make sure to consult your hairdresser thoroughly before choosing one. If you’re unsure of where you want to go, just getting a simple undercut will be an excellent place to start.
  • Hair designs can be complemented with almost everything. Try accessories, clips, unusual braids and buns. You can dye your hair in unusual colours like pink, platinum silver and electric blue depending on your mood and style. You could go for subtle shades, like caramel highlights to go with your light eyes and maroon to go with deep brown waves.
  • Honestly, your hair will grow back out in three weeks after getting the hair design. When the designs are still visible, you could try a ton of ways to pair it with costumes, dresses, and hairdos. The best part is, you can change the design or your look within a month’s time of your previous salon session.


Watch The Following Video of How to Freestyle Nape Undercut Hair Designs for Women


Tips And Ideas for Your Hair Design

hair design for women

  • Remember to get as creative as you want.
  • Try out different patterns. Depending on the look, you could go for intricate designs, mandala flowers, overlay of shapes, or simple lines in different thicknesses.
  • Do you want a hypnotic, intriguing hair design, or a cute and fun picture? Decide on a new style you want to try. You could get all sorts of things to go with your hairdo. Even a patterned butterfly or a cat’s silhouette is possible.
  • If you have designs that come with scales and small shapes, try dyeing them in different colours. These intricate details will awe your friends and colleagues if you have the time and patience for it.
  • Undercuts are a great excuse to wear your hair up.
  • Remember to consider the shape of your face and jaw when you’re choosing to get a hair design. It’s just like choosing a haircut—short pixies will emphasize a broad jaw, and long bangs will give shape to a thin face.
  • If you’re going with short hair, you can style it messy or get a pixie cut to do the job. If you’re going for a long undercut, you can try braids, buns, high ponytails, even wearing your hair on only one side.
  • There are variations to how deep your design can be. If you want something that is loud and grabs attention, you will need a deep buzz and thick lines. If you want a more subtle and quieter look, make sure to ask for thinner and softer lines.


Best Hair Designs for Women to Try in 2024

We have handpicked 65 best hair designs for women that will make you look elegant. Here are a couple pictures to get you started.

1. Undercut with Stripes

undercut with stripe design

A long undercut with stripes of alternating thickness is hypnotic and eye-catching. It’s simple and will suit most hairdos for your long hair.


2. Short Undercut with Thick Ribbons

hair design with thick ribbon for women

A short undercut with sweeping, thick ribbons creates a cool 3D look. Designs that are tight and stick to the neckline are the right mix of subtle and bold. Here, the short hair emphasizes the broad shapes in the design.


3. Tapered Afro Curls

tapered afro curls with design

This simple, classic undercut with long, tapered Afro curls is a very smart hair design for women. You can let the curls fall over your face slightly. It’ll look beautiful and chic when you want it to. This will go with most styles of dresses and clothing.


4. Metallic Zig-Zag

zig zag hair design for women

Zigzag and intersecting lines are great too. These kinds of patterns are pleasing to look at. But when they come with an undercut and highlights in metallic colours, they’re sure to make people stop and stare.


5. Customized Haircut

Customized hair designs, like this one on a buzz cut, is a classy look. It has a 3D effect because of the deeply-cut and broad lines. You can get your designs in any kind of theme. This particular hair design looks artsy and elegant.


6. Sunflower Hair Design

sunflower hair design for girls

Instagram / mattypng

One of the best hair designs for summer involves shaved nape hair and a stunning warm blonde hair color. To transform a simple dull bob into a mesmerizing hairdo, you can opt for a floral design.

Using an engraving pen with blades, you will have better control over the hair pieces. Paint the flower petals yellow and get a blue sky background. 


7. Pineapple Hairstyle

pineapple hair design for women

Instagram / ashleeshair

Fruits and flowers are a great inspiration even for hairstyles! If you want to keep your hair short, somehow in a pixie cut, then this pineapple design looks absolutely stunning. 

Go to a salon, or ask someone with experience to help you because you will want those lines to be straight. Go for a platinum blonde color for the shorter lower side and a gray nuance for the top. 


8. X Pattern

One of the most amazing things about hairstyles with designs is that they are suitable for all hair lengths. Pin all your hair up and use a trimming machine to shave your head.

You will need a small clipper and a razor pen to draw those lines. Add that summer vacation vibe with a few highlights. 


9. Side Spiral

mullet haircut with design for girls

Instagram / shear._punk

If dull is not a word that describes your tastes and style, then you will love this electric green hairstyle! You need to get bangs, shaved sides, and a small mullet. 

Dye all your hair green, and on the shaved side, paint two black spirals. And don’t forget about the sideburns because you need to preserve their length and dye them green. 


10. Leopard Print

hair design for women

Instagram / smellascissorhands

This is more than just a side undercut since the short trim continues to the nape and on the other lateral. This is a great option for summer when the heat is unbearable, or for women who simply have too much hair. 

Cut the hair pretty short, and use blue, purple, green, yellow, and black for the spots. Wear all your hair on one side. 


11. Floral Hairstyle Design

short hair design for women

Instagram / v3trend

First of all, you must know that such a hairstyle will attract all the attention. To recreate it, you will first need to bleach your hair and go for a platinum blonde color. Also, make sure you use the violet shampoo once per week to prevent that color from turning orange. 

Use semi-permanent dye or other paints that are easy to wash off when creating this amazing floral design. 


12. French Braids with Square Undercut

braided hair with design for women

Instagram / hairclubuk

This look is all about the braids and the square side undercut. Style a mohawk that you will later tightly French braid.

On the sides, create two layers of short hair. The first will be like a thick line that highlights the central braid, and the other area will be shorter, and the canvas for your design.


13. Aquamarine Hair

hair undercut with design for women

Instagram / rudys.arizona

Mixing multiple colors will gain you a spectacular look that won’t pass unnoticed. If your hair is wavy, you need to give it some body and shape.

Layers will help you for that matter. Go for a blue and teal color mix and a side undercut. Since on this part, the hair is too short, your scalp will look painted as well.  


14. Color Mix

hair design for girls

Instagram / megumitheestylist

When you’re getting a buzz cut, why not experiment with a mix of colors and intensities? Create an abstract design and use colors like magenta, neon yellow, green, blue, and orange.

Since your hair grows fast at this point, once you’re tired of this hairstyle, you can get another shave. 


15. Dripping Red

red and black hair design for women

Instagram / smellascissorhands

If you wanna go goth, then black hair dye is a must. And if you mix it with a mohawk and a bright red color, the result will be an appealing contrast. 

So opt for short-trimmed sides and create a design that resembles dripping paint. Highlight that area by creating a shaved contour with a razor pen. 


16. UFO Design

hair pattern for women

Instagram / smellascissorhands

Love cartoons and UFOs? Then what better way to show that off than paint it on your undercut? Get a short bob with a shaved side and use colored semi-permanent dye to style a UFO. 

Go for a jet-black color that highlights the design, and on the longer part, you can even add some brightly colored highlights and lowlights. 


17. Royal Hair Design

short hair design for women

Instagram / evonik

Wanna add some salt and pepper to your pixie cut? This time, go royal and style a creative model in the back of your head.

It might be inconvenient to do it yourself at home, so if you want to make sure it looks flawless, book an appointment at a hair salon. 


18. Intricate Cornrows

hair design for black women

Instagram / glamtwinsuk

You don’t need to shave your head to get spectacular designs. All you need is a lot of patience, some hair extensions, and braiding skills.

You will need to get some centerpiece cornrows that will extend into other small braids and heart-shaped knits. Show off your love for hair! In the end, in the nape area, use these long cornrows to create two low twisted buns. 


19. Fierce Red Hair with Design

red hair with design for women

Instagram / feketetom258

It doesn’t matter your age if you have a young spirit! And this hairstyle is a match for all women who are bold and want to keep a young fancy look. 

Opt for a pixie cut with long bangs and do an ombre that goes from a red violet color to a candy red. Shortly trim the side and with a razor pen do your line design. 


20. Flower Design

Flower hair designs for women are very popular. They’re great with long hair that can be braided or done up. The symbol of the flower is universal and pleasing to look at. Intricate flower patterns can be dyed in each petal if you want to have an outstanding and colourful look.


21. Severe and Round-the-Head Haircut

A severe and round-the-head undercut is bold and makes a statement. The hair is shorn off below the deep-set design, which is a neatly curving line. This kind of hair design really emphasizes neck and back tattoos. Hair that has been almost fully shorn off will take longer to grow back. So, this is significantly less maintenance and lighter on the head (and wallet).


22. Slicked Back Undercut

swept back undercut with design

This is one of the greatest hair designs for women who aren’t that comfortable with sporting an undercut but want to do it anyway. It’s not very loud and can easily be covered up by long hair. And when you want to show it off, all you need to do is sweep your hair up and back.


23. A Long Squiggly Line

Get creative with your hair designs! A long squiggly line is fun to look at and smart. They’re perfect for short hair and curls. Experimenting with colours adds to the style.


24. Flying Birds

Hair designs are a great way to tell a story or use a symbol for yourself. It can be a boost to your self-esteem. Here the birds fly upwards and away, which can mean success and freedom. Simple and effective symbols will do the trick but undercut give you a lot of space to play with any kind of pattern.


25. Spider Web

You can get popular themes carved into your hair. A fan of a fantasy world or franchise? A spider web will be immediately apparent. Even if you aren’t really trying to imply your love for a franchise, you can use any themes and styles with undercut designs. With small clips and accessories, you can get as creative as you want!


26. Tapering Haircut with Asymmetric Design

These neat asymmetric hair designs for women are deceptively simple. A sharply cut hairline will accentuate your modern and chic look. Tapering haircuts are perfect for these. Just let your waves and curls fall over naturally. It’ll look rather amazing.


27. Deep Line with a Short Bob

Sharp and deep lines are a great way to accompany a short bob. This is a cool and no-nonsense look. The short hair guarantees low maintenance and the design is bold but not loud. This will work well with pixies and tapering haircuts.


28. Slashing Line with Inverted Bob

Go for a simple yet lethal look. These slashing lines will complement inverted bobs and pixies really well. They’re a subtle design so it doesn’t stand out when you don’t need it too. But it looks great and will suit many dressing styles.


29. Undercut with a Flower Design

You can do a lot with flower details and drawings. Here the design is not that apparent, even though the undercut is. Simple clean designs or more intricate ones like mandala flowers are good ideas to start from. Tribal patterns will grab attention too. Tattoo designs incorporated into your undercut is fashionable.


30. Jagged Lines with Short Hair

Patterns made of jagged lines suit short hair very well. You can use them in geometric designs or layer them one on top of the other. In any arrangement, they’ll add to your overall look, even if you don’t have a lot of hair to play with. When you leave a lot of hair at the crown and the top of your head, it’s a chic and regal look. It’ll bring the focus to your jewellery and accessories.


31. Nape Undercut with Chevron Pattern

This triangular design is cool and intriguing. Chevron and overlaying patterns are a great idea to use with all kinds of hair.  The nape undercut is low and small but it will still stand out thanks to the geometric design.


32. Short Hair with a Sharp Arrow

short hair design for women

A simplistic yet artistic hair design for women will emphasize your hair colours. If you’ve just done a lengthy hair job and want to show it off, just one artsy line like a sharp arrow will do the trick. Depending on the colours you choose, you can change your style into anything you want. Bright colours can come off flashy and cheerful, but a darker colour could come off as lethal and brooding.


33. Nape Undercut with Back Patters

Hair designs can also use pop icons and elements in their undercuts. They can be emblems or symbols and are fancy & impressive. They’re great for those who like to be conspicuous and bold. Nape undercuts give a lot of space to play with shapes and lines. The lines and deep and broad. Subsequently, the look is confident but also fun.


34. Star or Hearth Patterns

Just layering shapes of different sizes on each other will get you a great hair design. Stars, hearts, and simpler shapes like circles and triangles are good places to start.


35. Back V-Shape Design

This V-shaped design is trendy and chic. It’s subtle and will go with almost anything. Try it with braids, buns, even short bobs to experiment with it.


36. Short Air with an Aerodynamic Look

Some hair designs can get you a daunting and aerodynamic look. You’ll find that sharp edges and slashing lines tend to bring this kind of feel to your hairdo. Even the neckline is shaped to suit the theme. It gives you a real roguish and badass appeal.


37. Long Side Line Pattern

A long line like a twirling ribbon would look fantastic as well. It would suit a retro concept. Hair designs for women like these could either stay on one side of your head or continue all around. It’s up to you how you want it to look.


38. Highlighting Undercuts

Having your hair grow out a bit before dying it will highlight the design.


39. Short Hair with an Undercut

Short haircuts will get a dash of elegance with a soaring curve design. It is a perfect look for those who might worry that undercuts and hair designs stand out too much at the workplace.


40. Undercuts with Parallel Lines

Complicated and heavy hairdos grab attention with closely shorn undercuts. Simple parallel lines will fill up space below woven braids and top buns.


41. A Rogue Undercut

The hairline in undercuts can be shaved to sharp edges. Hair designs like these give off a combat-ish, roguish style, even if you’ve done your hair up in a messy and elegant bun. They’re great with dark colours, but you can experiment with a shade you like.


42. Thick Back Slashing Lines

Another bold, slashing lines look. Thick lines hold your attention and give a cool, modern twist to your hairdo.


43. Pop Symbols on the Back

Hair designs like these give an urban and pop feel. With undercuts, you can go for graffiti type symbols and pop culture icons. They will look great with both long and short undercuts.


44. Thick Lines on the Side

Thick and deep-set lines have a geometric and absorbing look. These hair designs for women will go with any length of hair. They don’t have to be in a specific arrangement. Dyeing the strips in different colours is another idea to try.


45. Customized Mohawk Side Pattern

A customized hair design with a Mohawk haircut looks great as well. Patterns can be used to describe any theme—oceans, nature, or love with a small, pretty heart.


46. Curve Lines With Afro Curls

Using multiple, neatly curving lines in your undercuts, paired with afro curls or tapering hair, is a great elegant look. Get creative with small accessories and jewellery to pair with your hairdo.


47. Disruptive Haircut with Deep Side Designs

When you’ve got a disruptive haircut, maybe you would want to give it a classy punch. Two or three deep stripes running close to your neck will do that for you. It keeps the attention on your hair and looks great on dyed hair.


48. Tribal Back Design Undercut

Go for unusual tribal hair designs with your undercut. Undercuts with big designs like these can be emphasized with your hair was done up in a braid or simple bun.


49. Undercuts with Music Reference

hair designs for women

An undercut with your hair slicked back is a chic look. It’s great to go simple—Put in a design that means something special to you. It could be a musical note, the sun, or even a flower to symbolize youth and grace.


50. Dyed and Glitter

dyed hair design with glitter for women

This extravagant and dyed look is a show stopper. Accessories like glitter and sequin will emphasize the design and dyes for your hair. It’ll go well with a braid that loops upwards or around the head, even with a tight bun.


51. Stripes and Stars Undercut

stripes and star hair designs for women

This pixie hairstyle looks lovely with grey undercut appearing on the back in a combination of stars and stripes. This artistic tattoo will definitely gain everyone’s attention. It fades well with the nape of the neck. The haircut with stripes and stars definitely looks adorable with lovely feel!


52. Multicolored Layered Wavy Cut

Shorter hair on the back with longer front, this colorful haircut with undercut style looks gorgeous giving you funky vibes. The gorgeous undercut formed at the back gives you wonderful feel when hair is pulled at the back. This beauty definitely looks great!


53. Side Swept Multicolored Pixie Undercut

This delicate hair design for women speaks for itself. It looks marvelous and appears as if you are in Candyland with mixed tones of pink, blue, purple, red and a perfect undercut with zigzag or tattoo patterns. It offers a lot of attitude to your personality and is definitely sexy.


54. Multiple Lines Undercut with a Mohawk

For this hairstyle with hair designs, you need to cut your hair short in a Mohawk. Combine this cool haircut with multiple lines undercut over the side. The nape of the neck is properly shaved with the multiple lines undercut over the side starting over the ears and leading towards the brain. This line undercut gives you a rebellious look!


55. Shaved Sides with Pixie

colored pixie with hair designs

You can have a perfect spin for a normal haircut but coloring it on top and designing the sides. This surely shows hair goals and gives you an edgy look.


56. Bob Cut with Undercut

Both women and men are in love with under shave. It offers a perfect vibe to your entire look. You can add a curve design over the sides.


57. Faux Locs with A Patterned Line and Undershave

Shaved hair works well for both straight and curly hair. If you have faux locs with short length then go for the undercut on the side. This offers a shaved look over one side with curly hair over the top.


58. Lotus Shaped Pattern Over the Back

For this pattern, the end of the hair is shaped in an inverted lotus. It gives a creative touch to your entire hairstyle. This hair design serves as the perfect hairstyle of all times if you want to opt for an edgy look.


59. Short Layered Haircut with Blond Tone

Color your hair to blond ash tone and comb over it. Keep your hair short and layered with shaved head on one side.


60. Trimmed Back and Sides with Undercut

hair designs for women

It is one of the most desired hair designs for women which can be easily managed. If you cannot manage your hair in summers, trim it short with shaved sides and back. The flashy look can be attained with your short hair in addition to the shaved hair over the sides.


61. Bun with Back Design

If you believe in adding a change to your hairstyle then add an undercut with design. Now twist the rest of your hair in a bun and achieve a dramatic look.


62. Space Buns with Textured Patterns Over the Neck

space bun with textured pattern

This hairstyle with hair design for women goes well for young women who believe in being young. Space buns give you a chic look. Have your nape of the neck shaved in the form of a tattoo or zig-zag pattern.

Show off this beautiful look by twisting the rest of your hair in space buns. This hairstyle definitely gives you a punk rock feel.


63. Women’s Buzz Cut

If your head is round then getting yourself a trendy hair look with a completely shaved head. Get a perfect twist to your style by adding an S pattern on top of it or some pattern to achieve an edgy look.


64. Braided Space Buns

A middle-parted hairstyle with braid definitely gives chills. Make buns to achieve a perfect twist to this beautiful hairstyle and get the back of your head designed. It is one of the fabulous looks you can get for grand parties or events.


65. Double Lined Pattern on Side with Curly Top

If you love being artistic then opt for this hairstyle where you can choose two curved lines over one side and have curly hair over the top. Just side swept your hair on one side and get the amazing look.


Do you like all these cool and funky hair designs for women? So hurry up, pick your favorite style and be ready to steal the limelight!