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How to Hide Gray Hair on Brunettes

Gray hair on brunettes can be highly visible and can be a struggle for women because we all wish to look younger, and sometimes these strands get in our way.

The contrast can stand out, and for some people, it’s not doing it in the desired way. Unfortunately, these unpigmented hairs are hard to mask if you don’t fancy embracing your natural color.

However, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that can be a great help in hiding gray hair on brunettes. Keep reading for our tips and tricks for the best results.

Best Way To Hide Grey Hair on Brunettes With Dye

hide gray hair on brunettes

When the first gray hairs appear, don’t panic!  Hair dye is one of the most popular options for hiding grey hair.

Even if many hairstylists insist on dyeing your roots or even the whole head, approach the situation differently.

Use a dark hair dye that is close to your natural color and only dye those annoying grays. Unfortunately, this trick will not last forever, but you should take advantage of it as much as you can.

Also, when we’re talking about how brunettes can hide gray hair, there’s another thing you can do. Once your hair starts to become gray, not only the pigment of your hair fades away, but also your skin tone gets lighter.

In this case, you should ask yourself if such a dark shade of brunette still suits you. Consider lightening it a little bit. This will make the gray hair blend with the rest of the strands and not stand out as it did before.

Use Highlights to Cover Gray Hair

brunettes can hide gray hair using highlights

Highlights can also become your best friends when fighting against gray hair on brunettes. You won’t need to dye the whole head because highlights can help you obtain a stunning, modern, and fresh look. They are quite low maintenance and will amazingly blend with the rest of the hair.

Tinting Sprays

Try using a temporary tinting spray to hide your greys on brunette hair. There are plenty of brands that sell these covering products, and women buy them like warm bread. These sprays contain coloring to cover gray hair on brunettes by coating the hair follicle.

They are very easy to apply, they don’t damage the hair, and they do a great job in incipient phases. These sprays are the perfect solution if you have gray hair only at the root in one area of your head.

Use Hair Powder or Hair Makeup

use hair powder to hide gray hair on brunette

Many people use hair powder or hair makeup to fill in the gaps in their scalps for certain hairstyles, but hair powder products can also be used similarly to tinting spray by covering the hair follicle in temporary color to cover the grays.

Brunettes with gray hair should also know that other products can paint the gray hair without damaging it, and some even come in the shape of mascara, like the Cover Your Gray Root Touch-Up Brush.

This product is also waterproof, so it won’t pour on your forehead. Apply it just the way you do it with regular mascara on your lashes and wait for it to dry.

Use All-over Hair Color

If you notice grays on your brunette hair, this is your chance to try another color entirely. Some people go darker, while others go blonde to help blend the gray seamlessly into the all-over color.

If you use an all-over color to cover grays, be prepared to spend more time and cash at the salon to keep it up.

All of these are tricks you can use for an extended period, but when the hair starts to be 75% gray, the only remaining option is full coverage.

With aging come other struggles, such as keeping dyed hair healthy. Permanent hair dyes are chemical products, and they can damage your hair.

So besides avoiding the gray hairs, you’ll also need to avoid the dullness, split ends, and frizziness. To do so, deeply moisturize your strands from time to time and use shampoos and conditioners for colored hair.

With all these options on the market, you can get the necessary products from the local drugstore or go to a hair salon where they professionally dye your strands.

You will need to change your hair care routine, but in the end, your mane will look like you have never experienced gray hair.

How Brunettes Can Hide Gray Hair Naturally

How Brunettes Can Hide Gray Hair Naturally

Perhaps you want to skip the hair dye options and learn how to cover your gray hair naturally. Here are a few ways to naturally cover grey hair on brunettes.

Use a Headband or Headscarf

If you have greys only along your hairline or the top of your head, you can hide it with a hair accessory like a headband or headscarf. Strategically place the accessory in the area that you want to hide.

Use Braids

Using braids is a good way to help blend grey hair into your natural hair color. If you only have a few greys, this technique should do the trick!

Change Up Your Hair Part

Sometimes all you need to do is change up your hair part to cover the greys with other parts of your hair. If this is the case, research how to part your hair for your face shape. Choose an option that flatters the face while also covering your unwanted greys.


Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about changing hair color.

Do brunettes or blondes go grey first?

Generally speaking, brunettes go grey before blondes. Brunettes often have greys by age 32, and blondes have greys by age 35.

We go grey because melanin production slows down, so it only makes sense it happens with age!

Should brunettes grow out grey hair?

If you want to embrace your greys, you can grow out your grey hair easily! Speak with a hairstylist about how to best grow them out because there will be a transition time where you will need help blending the greys into your natural hair color.

Can highlights cover grey hair on brunettes?

Yes. Highlights are a great way to cover grey hair on brunettes. Using a lighter color like a warm blonde is a great way to cover greys and bring life into your hair at the same time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to