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15 Reasons Honey Balayage Is Your New Signature Hairstyle

Honey balayage is highly anticipated to be one of the hottest hair trends for fall and early winter. Why? Because it’s warm, toasty, and glowing. It’s, in a word, gorgeous.

Another reason for its impending popularity explosion is its versatility. Honey isn’t quite blonde, nor is it quite brown, and that kind of balance makes for serious highlight magic. Keep reading to see for yourself.


Honey Balayage Is Sweeter Than You Ever Dreamed

A little drizzle of honey balayage over your hair is like a drizzle of honey over anything else—it just makes everything sweeter. The thing is, you can also drench your hair in honey, or simply dip the tips. It’s all you.

Take the dramatic road and layer honey over dark roots or mix it with blonde and caramel for a dazzling golden mane. If you like blonde, you can try honey blonde hair color too.

1. Just a Drizzle

Honey balayage hairs color for girl

Honey is a versatile, rich color, so you don’t need a lot to make it stand out. Fortunately, it’s easy to pull off a subtle honey balayage. Just let your hairdresser know that you only want a few concentrated streaks. They draw the eye, while the others blend.


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2. Honey Roasted

Honey brown blonde balayage hairstyle for women

Here’s a lovely example of honey-on-blonde—on brown, of course. The darker roots simply add to the drama, though. This is predominately a light-haired look, but because the honey streaks start high on the crown, they draw the eye first.


3. Chocolate and Honey

 Chocolate Honey balayage haircut you love

If you’ve ever had a Toblerone, you know that honey and chocolate taste delicious together. Now you have proof that milk chocolate locks look beautiful with a glowing fan of honey balayage. It’s just the right shade of sun-kissed.


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4. A Hint of Butterscotch

honey balayage highlights

Instagram / zoneunikcoiffure

Honey blonde when combined with a hint of butterscotch blonde creates a shiny toasty hue that refreshes your look instantly. Keep the roots natural with subtle money pieces at the front and ask the hairstylist to mix the two shades together creating some warmth. Flaunt your new hair color with loose waves.


5. Golden Curls

honey balayage on curly hair

Instagram / lasninasdelgaraje

Get noticed from a distance with this funky hair look. Chop the curls into a layered bob cut with micro bangs on the forehead. Add a golden honey tinge to the curls concentrating it along the sides while keeping the center and bangs natural for a two-toned appeal.


6. Babylights

short honey balayage hair

Instagram / hairbyluiszk

Ladies who want to keep it low-key yet noticeable can opt for a delicate honey blonde balayage using babylights. Spice up a short bob with side-swept bangs by adding fine streaks of honey blending into the dark strands and causing the roots to lighten reaching the ends. This look adds a subtle glow to the face.


7. Halo Balayage

This gorgeous hairstyle is to die for and is inexpensive too. The halo technique keeps the focus on lightening the hair around the face while leaving the remaining mane dark. It is an ideal way to brighten the overall look without overpowering the natural base shade. 


8. Vivid Streaks

honey balayage with braid

Instagram / lukmyvalencia

Honey blonde streaks on light brown tresses have stood the test of time and look effortlessly flawless. Opt for chunky highlights emerging from the roots and concentrating at the ends. Accentuate the look by styling the hair in a twisted French braid.


9. Smooth Transition

honey cream balayage

Instagram / kapsalonhaarvisie

Give your tresses a glamorous makeover like this to turn around some heads. The dark black-brown top transitions into a honey golden hue seamlessly. Enhance the look further by adding light blonde streaks shining through the remaining hair for a highlighted appeal.


10. Honey Brown Layers

honey blonde balayage

Instagram / shearhonesty

The dark tones of honey are as gorgeous as the lighter ones. Brunette ladies can amp up their tresses by adding a touch of honey brown with the dark top lightening down the tips creating a beautiful balayage effect. Finish off with connecting layers and curtain bangs. 


11. Three-Toned Appeal

honey balayage on straight hair

Instagram / salomonhyk

This three-toned balayage hairstyle is defined by a dark brown top transitioning into a light brown hue midway while turning honey blonde reaching the tips. It is ideal for women with naturally straight hair and is low maintenance too as the emerging dark roots add up to the look. 


12. Subtle Gradient

A subtle gradient like this looks natural and chic making it ideal for those who want a simpler look. Ask the hairstylist for a light brown top changing smoothly into a rich honey blonde shade midway to the tips. Leave the locks loose with light waves. Done!


13. Luscious Money Pieces

This hairstyle is another reason to try out a honey balayage this season. Choose a light ashy tone of honey to contrast with the dark hair and get chunky money pieces at the front to frame the face beautifully. Enrich the look further with beach waves.


14. Honey Haze

Honey balayage

The balayage here creates a haze of color. That’s because the technique allows a patient, skilled stylist to paint just a few strands of hair at a time. All those fine highlights first create an overlay of honey gold, then an explosion of it.


15. A Dash of Caramel

honey and caramel balayage

Instagram /

Because honey can fall on both the blonde and brunette spectrum, honey balayage lends itself well to almost any hair color. More specifically, it blends naturally with practically every shade, which allows you to opt for just a dash of it. A streak here, a cluster of them there, a haze of highlights somewhere else.


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Are you sold on honey balayage? Why not? After all, you fall right between blonde and brunette. Doesn’t that mean you have it all?