10 Stunning Hot Pink Hairstyles for Women

Hot pink hair is commonly seen around in the mainstream these days and it’s no denying that it looks Uber-chic and jazzy. Neon pink hair is the Avant-Garde hair pulled off flawlessly by many celebrities and fashion icons and since then it made waves in the beauty industry.

Pink is the most feminine, attractive and spiritual color that has been associated with the fashion industry since the 14th century. It has been loved and adored by women of all ages so much so they dyed their hair pink.


Gorgeous Hot Pink Hairstyles

If you’re having a hard time to seek inspiration for your next hot pink hair dye, then take a look at these 10 neon pink hairstyles for young women to spruce up your hairstyle game.

1. Wavy Brown Hair with Hot Pink Tips

Wavy Brown Hair with Hot Pink Tips

Neon pink hair makes the brightest and vivacious combo with the brown color. If you are too fascinated with pink hair dye but don’t want to let go of your natural browns. You can get inspiration from this hairstyle and just dye your tips bright pink to get ultra-flattering and majestic hairstyle.


2. Pigtails with Bangs

Pigtails with Hot Pink Bangs

Nothing in the world can underestimate the power of perfectly cut, styled and colored bangs. With this hairstyle, the goal was to highlight the bangs to achieve a stunning yet fiery look.

Bright pink hair was made for the rebellions and if you’re too bold to try this outrageous hairstyle, you cannot deny the efforts it takes to maintain this hairstyle.


3. Half ‘n’ Half

woman with two toned hot pink hair

We have had enough of half black and half hot pink hairstyles. Go a little farther with the half-n-half blue and pink hairstyle with straight bangs to turn heads and wow the clan.


4. Slicked Back Undercut

hot pink hair with undercut

The undercut is the most adventurous, audacious and heroic hairstyle a girl can sport, let alone dye it hot pink. If you want to opt for a perfect short hairstyle with some glitz and drama, then neon pink hair undercut should be your cup of tea.

Given the fact, this short pink hairstyle requires immense patience, dedication, and maintenance.


5. Bright Pink Hair with Yellow Highlights

Bright Pink Hair with Yellow Highlights

Forget those typical, boring, mundane base dyes such as black, brown or even blonde because these are just too basic to achieve a mind-blowing hot pink hairstyle.

Go an extra mile and get an eye-popping and flamboyant look with this astounding bright pink hairstyle with the yellow blonde base. This hairstyle looks flashy and evident with ponytails, buns, and braids.


6. Hot Pink Curly Hair 

If you want to keep everything real and natural, highlights are just the right option for you. Curly neon pink hair looks lavish and elegant and makes a completely unique and subtly vivid hairstyle.


7.  Bob with Bangs

hot pink bob with blunt bangs

The wavy medium bob with hot pink blunt bangs gives extra boldness and recklessness to the already bodacious look. Don this hairstyle with bold lips, funky accessories and gaudy outfit to make a style statement.


8. Blonde Hair with Neon Pink Underneath

This fierce underlayer of bright pink on blonde hair does tricks and works exactly like an undercut, in a manner, you can flaunt this hip side of yours in the parties, clubs or with friends, otherwise, hide it underneath your blonde hair.

If you’re too afraid to pull the neon pink hair dye, you can try this hairstyle and see if it works.


9. Long Straight Hair with Dark Roots

hot pink hair with dark roots

Leaving the roots dark is the best strategy in order to achieve the most natural-looking hot pink hairstyle. Untouched roots cause less damage to the scalp and it gets easier to fade the dye out of your hair.


10. Bright Pink Ombre

Bright Pink Ombre for Women

If you want to keep your roots intact but still rock your hairstyle like a pro, then this bright pink ombre hairstyle is undoubtedly for you. Add a pop of unique and loud color to your everyday look with this hairstyle and steal the show.


How to Get Bright Pink Hair

Dyeing your hair neon pink is the creative way to update your look but there is a whole lot of process behind this spectacular hot pink hair dye. One should take notes that such bright and neon hair dyes are long-lasting that make or break your look, so the trick to slay the hair is to follow the guidelines and instructions properly.

Going for such bizarre and unnatural pink hair shades can be cool and gaudy, but they can be too harsh on your hair as they require bleach to take the dye well. Bleach is a harsh chemical that can destroy your hair completely if applied on damaged hair, therefore, try to avoid bleach as much as you can if you have got damaged, unhealthy hair.

However, if you’ve got healthy and strong hair, here’s how you can dye it hot pink.

The Bleaching Process

how to get hot pink hair

It is recommended to apply bleach in unwashed hair as the oils and sebum in the hair will help to cause less damage to the scalp.

Apply the bleach from the tips and not the roots as the heat from your scalp causes the bleach to act faster on the roots. Once you’ve covered the tips, apply bleach to the roots. Wait for the bleach to a process for about 10-15 minutes and wash it with shampoo.

Toner is a little product that helps to neutralize the brassy yellow and burnt orange hair tones on the freshly bleached hair. Hair toner is highly recommended after the bleach as it adds shines and deposits the dye on the hair only and not on the scalp.


The Dyeing Process

hot pink hair dye

Prepare the dye in a non-metallic bowl following the guidelines mentioned on the packaging. Start with clean and dry hair. Divide your hair into 4 or 5 sections and apply the dye to each section individually.

Let the hair dye sit on your hair for about 30-40 minutes or whatever the time mentioned on the label. Rinse your hair with cool water until the water runs clear. Apply conditioner to your thoroughly washed hair and wait for about 3-4 minutes. Wash your hair with cool water and style it the way you want.

Note. If you want your dye to last longer and stronger, bid farewell to your shampoo for at least a week. Use a shampoo free from sulfates and parabens as they are color-safe and help your dye to last longer.


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How to Remove Bright Pink Dye from Hair

How to Remove Hot Pink Dye from Hair

Neon pink hair is the most unnatural dye one can get and remove such bizarre and unique colors can be daunting and damaging. However, you can still remove the dye with the least damaging methods discussed as under.

Colour Reducers: Colour reducers are the best available option to remove hair dye from your hair by causing less damage.

Bleach Bath: A mixture of bleach and your regular shampoo is called bleach bath. It removes your dye by causing less damage as compared to bleach, but it has bleach in it, so the precautions should be taken properly.


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Cotton Candy Pink Hair vs Hot Pink Hair

Cotton Candy Pink vs Hot Pink Hair

Cotton candy hair dye is very girlish pastel hue of pink hair which is greatly inspired by Barbie, unicorns, and fairies and named after the delicious, scrumptious, sweet and sugary confectionery.

Hot pink is known by different names such as neon pink and bright pink. This is a very vivid, bright and loud shade of pink especially for young women who like to go out loud to make a statement.

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