30 Stupefying Magenta Hair Color Ideas for 2019

For the bold daring souls that aren’t afraid of taking a chance and choosing a controversial color and dying their hair, magenta hair color is one of the trendiest options beloved this season… A color born from red and purple manipulated through its various shades to match your skin tone, eye color, or simply your individual style.


Glamorous Magenta Hair Colors You Can Try

Magenta isn’t a regular hair color you’ll see every day. That’s the power of wearing a magenta hairstyle as you look unique and if you feel confident it’ll grab attention all around. Below is a list of unique and fashionable magenta hair colors we have collected for you.


#1: Sleek or curled

Sleek or curled

Whether sleek or curled matches your taste, this magenta color will surely reflect your personality greatly regardless of the hair style.


#2: Summer-go Magenta

Summer-go Magenta

Different hues, different shades, different seasons. If your aim is to match your hair color with the season feel, then try this magenta ombre hair that goes all the way from blond to bright magenta shade, matching perfectly with the summer feel.


#3: Amaranth Purple Bow Hair

Amaranth Purple Bow Hair

This hot shade of magenta will perfectly match the fiery side of your character. Add to it a unique yet easy bow hair style and it would definitely flatter your figure.


#4: Short But Not Too Short

Short But Not Too Short

This combination of dark magenta color and a bob haircut will express your youthfulness. Curl up your hair and the fun persona in you will definitely surface.


#5: Stylish Faux Hawks

Stylish Faux Hawks

Going for an unusual hawk? Try out this faux hawk with unsymmetrical magenta hair dye shades complimented with your own hair color.


#6: Simple and Dandy

Simple and Dandy

Stand out on your special day by this simple yet dandy magenta hair color. Add some roses and some accessories to perfect the look.


#7: Bubble Gum Blend

 Bubble Gum Blend

Blending up both the bright magenta as well as the azure blue to end up with this funky style is totally worth it. Use even brighter shades and get a cotton candy color mix.


#8: Funky-Fancy


Not a fan of the bubble gum blend? Consider darker shades of black, blue then magenta and ombre to get this fancy hair.


#9: Rock Pink Messy Bun

Rock Pink Messy Bun

Even on a casual day, stand out by rocking a hot pink messy bun that’ll make you the centre of attention.


#10: Winter Magenta Shade

Winter Magenta Shade

Try out those winter color shades that descend from dark magenta to an orchid shade. A perfect combination of cool winter feeling and warm colors.

Watch how to get Magenta hair color


#11: All in the Details

All in the Details

Perfection lies in the details. Going from dark magenta shades gradually to bright rose pink, adding to it a bright skin complexion gives an innocent look. Braid up your hair and create a radiant masterpiece.


#12: Curella de Vil

Curella de Vil

Combing complementary colors like magenta and green makes them both stand out and making a fine separation between the colors instead of blending them in can make you a modern Curella de Vil.


#13: Go-Crazy Accessories

Go-Crazy Accessories

Not only can you go crazy with your hair color, but with the accessories as well. Different shades of magenta topped with a dream catcher accessory will certainly catch your dream boat’s attention.


#14: Mermaid wave

Mermaid wave

Make a bold move and try out this sleek mermaid magenta ombre wave. Start it off with bright orchid color and end it with shocking pink shade to get a feminine and classy hair-do.


#15: 20 Seconds of Insane Courage

20 Seconds of Insane Courage

Aiming for a dangerous vibe? Go for a degrade hairstyle with a dark to bright magenta hair color. To get those thorn-like hair ends all you need is “20 seconds of insane courage” to decide.


#16: Hybrid Magenta

Hybrid Magenta

Having a bold character with angelic magenta hair ombre is quite a unique combination. Never shy to stand out while trying to fit in.


#17: Lavender Paradise

 Lavender Paradise

Into wild colors with innocent feel? Go for this lavender shade of innocence and let the orchid melt within!


#18: Violet and Blond Hair Melt

Violet and Blond Hair Melt

Create a multi-coloured highlight effect by fading violet magenta with blond strands. For a different feel let some violet strands go all the way down.


#19: Floral Magenta

 Floral Magenta

When you’re out of ideas for easy and unique hairstyles, there’s always this floral style. Create a loose braid and roll it up in a floral way. To make it look even better, try dying different magenta shades.


#20: Indigo Night Braid

Indigo Night Braid

Get a mystical look by this loose plaited braid that blends different shades of magenta and indo.


Below are 10 more hairstyles with magenta hair colors we recommend to try.

Hair color isn’t just a random choice you make, but it reflects your personality, ideas, thoughts and messages you’re unconsciousness is trying to convey. This variation of magenta hair color shades could be the color that reflects you or that you chose to reflect you, which in both cases has its outstanding effect.