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5 Effective Tips To Keep Your Hair Up All Day

Styling your hair in the morning requires time and effort. It is only natural that you expect your hair to remain in great condition all day long. Moreover, if you’re a man who is in love with hairstyles like spike, pompadour or whatever that requires keeping your hair up; there’s nothing quite as demoralizing as realizing your hair is losing its charm throughout the day. In this article, we’ll discuss the simple ways to make sure your hair is up all day without any hassle.


How to Make Hair Stay Up All-day

Hair with lots of volumes can be difficult to manage. These 5 tips will improve your daily routine and provide insight on how to make hair stay up all day.

1. Give yourself a haircut that remains up because of the way it’s been cut.

best haircut to keep hair up

Choosing the proper haircut is the first step in ensuring your hair stays up. A haircut is the foundation of your hairstyle. Naturally, it is the first place to address any issues.

Certain haircuts offer more hair hold than others. For example, leaving short hair in the back and longer hair in the front will provide a cushion for a slick back style.

Most of the time, the key to making hair stay up all day is opting for a textured haircut. Textured hair adds definition by creating different lengths and layers of hair.

It goes without saying that anyone attempting to make their hair stand should have a decent amount to work worth. It is challenging to keep short hair in place due to the lack of weight. Therefore long hair or medium hair works best. Keep this in mind before excessive chopping.


2. Wash your hair before styling.

Always wash your hair before styling because this will ensure a long-lasting hold. Keeping products in your hair overnight is not a great idea.

Firstly, you should wash the products to preserve the health of your hair. Secondly, applying new products to dirty hair will not produce firm results due to the buildup of grease and natural oils

You want to apply products to fresh hair. Washed hair is the ideal molding clay for styling. If you are someone who avoids using shampoo daily, washing with water will do the trick. Fresh hair will maximize your product’s effectiveness.


3. Blow-dry hair after washing.

blow dry to keep hair stay up

Blow-drying your hair after washing is an essential step to securing a firm hold. Before you apply your product and shape your hair, blow-dry your hair into position. In other words, if you’re aiming for a slick back style, blow your front hair backward and your back hair forward.

Using a brush and a blow-dryer in tandem will produce the best results. If you’re worried about damaging hair with heat, you can apply pre-styler sprays that provide heat protection.


4. Apply good-quality styling products.

It is finally time to apply products that will hold your hair in place. Everyone’s hair is different. Therefore there is no such thing as a universally approved hair product. Through trial and error, you must find what works best for your hair type.

Clay products are ideal since they hold hair really well. Clay products work best for those with thick hair. If your hair is on the thin side, you can opt for lighter products such as pomade or paste. There is no need to burden your hair unnecessarily.

Don’t forget to use the appropriate amount to hold hair in place. It is recommended to use a dime-sized amount. Utilizing too much product can actually produce the opposite effect. Excessive use of a product can weigh your hair down and prevent it from staying up all day.


5. Use the right hairspray based on your hair-length that’ll provide a good hold.

hairspray to make hair stay up

Hairspray is the last line of defense against flat hair, which makes things seem excessive. However, if all else fails, turning to hairspray is a surefire solution. Once again, finding the right hairspray for your hair type will depend on how long your hair is.

Longer hair will require a stronger hold. Spray the product evenly throughout your hair or spray it into your hand and apply. Seeing as this is the final step, refrain from touching your hair afterward.


Follow these 5 simple tips into making your hair stay up all day. Don’t forget to experiment with different products.