21 Chicest Casual Hairstyles That Will Set You Apart

We love casual days, events, and environments when we can chill and take it easy. Most of us live for those moments when we get to wear some casual outfit and create a casual hairstyle that looks effortlessly chic. But, as you’re already aware, sometimes we run out of ideas.

As much as you try to think of some outfit and hairstyle in your mind, nothing pops up. We’re going to help you avoid that hassle! Throughout this post, you’ll see 21 amazing casual styles that you can use as inspiration to create your own, or you can simply copy them, it’s up to you. So, let’s start!


Casual Hairstyles

When it comes to casual hairstyles for women, options are endless. Scroll down to get inspired for your next look.

1. Half Bun

casual half up half down hairstyles

You’ve probably seen top knots everywhere lately. They have become a major hairstyle trend, and we’re here for it. The best thing about top knots is that they can adapt to both formal and informal occasions.

Not only can you rock them in a casual setting, but a more elegant one as well. For a casual half up half down hairstyle, use hair from the top of your head and let the remainder of your lovely locks to flow over your shoulders gently.


2. Rocking 70s Vibe

70s casual hairstyles

Channel the vibe that reminds of the 1970s with this sleek, yet casual hairdo. Take hair from the front and gently pin it in the back and let it over your back with the rest of the hair. The effect is even better if you have long Bardot bangs that you can part in the middle. Not only is this look easy to create, but look how practical and casual it is. Wonderful!


3. Double Buns

cute casual hairstyles for women

Buns are awesome. It takes a minute to make them, and they get the hair out of our way when we’re out and about or when we’re just relaxing in front of the TV. Instead of creating just one top bun, you can go a step further and make two. Look how cute it would look.


4. Hair Accessories to The Rescue

casual hairstyles for women

Don’t shy away from using hair bands and other accessories to take your casual hairstyle to a whole new level. Make a big, voluminous bun that you’ll decorate with an adorable hair accessory for a “wow” effect. How gorgeous!


5. Purple Braid with Flowers

casual hairstyles with braid

Speaking of accessories, we must not forget about flowers. Yes, real flowers. While plastic flowers can be useful, the best effect is achieved when the flower is real as it gives a dose of nature to your hairstyle.

One of the most unique casual hairstyles for long hair is to create a long braid that you’ll decorate with flowers. The impact is even stronger when hair is colored in an unusual shade such as purple.


6. Messy Bun and A Scrunchie

Scrunchies are so 90s, but guess what – 1990s are back. Fashion and makeup trends from this decade are recycled again, and it’s time to take your scrunchie out, instead of just using it in your bathroom during your morning and evening skin care routine. Make a messy bun, secure it with a scrunchie, and off you go.


7. Short Hair with Bandana

Hair bands are practical as they allow you to keep hair out of the way, but are also stylish. Nowadays, you can get hair bands and scarves in all shapes, sizes, and featuring different patterns.

Get a few different hair bands that you can rotate for a whole new look every time. Simply put in your head, and that’s it. This casual hairstyle for women works on both short and long hair.


8. French Braid on Short Hair

Your hair is about shoulder-length, and you think it’s impossible to rock a braid? Wrong! You can create any braid you want, and it will look fabulous. Make a huge braid that will fit perfectly into any outfit you choose. And remember, braids are always IN.


9. Messy Short Updo

A common belief is that updos should be sleek and elegant at all times, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can make your hairstyle more casual by tousling hair a little bit in order to create a messy and effortlessly chic & cute casual hairstyle.


10. High Wrap Ponytail

casual hairstyles for long hair

When it comes to casual hairstyles, high ponytails are a go-to look for most girls and women. That’s not so shocking if we bear in mind how easy it is to pull hair up in a high ponytail and get on with your day. Instead of a scrunchie or hair elastic bands, use your own hair for a unique look, just as it’s demonstrated in the photo.


11. Rose Gold Balayage

Got long hair? As you’re already aware, women with long hair have tons of casual options to try, and it leaves a lot of room for experimenting. For a super casual look, you can just create a braid, but avoid using all hair. Instead, use the upper portion so that you can let braid gently flow down your back with the rest of your hair. Lovely!


12. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

An easy way to achieve a laidback style with your hair is to get subtle highlights in any color you’d like and combine them with gentle waves. Apply mousse using your fingers and carefully tousle your hair a little bit for a chic, yet casual effect.


13. Side Braid Bun

Did you know what besides hair accessories you can also use your own hair with the same purpose? Use a portion of your hair to create a braid that you’ll gently secure to the opposite side of your head in order to make the braid appear as a hair band. To complete a look, you can also make a low side bun. Very pretty indeed!


14. Long Fishtail Braid

Braids are always a good idea for women and girls who are looking for casual hairstyles. Instead of the “regular” braid, you can explore your creativity and make a braid combined with a high ponytail braids. Make sure back of your head is braided too, starting from your nap upwards to the ponytail and down your back.


15. Crown Braid

Casual hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair is gorgeous thanks to its volume, but it can give us a lot of trouble when it comes to styling and controlling it. One way to make it casual is to make a delicate braid that you’ll attach diagonally to create almost like a hat-like as seen in the photo.


16. Pigtail Braids

Nope, we are still not done with braids. Use their versatility to your advantage and create any style you want. One way to jump on the casual hairstyles bandwagon is to create double braids. Don’t be alarmed by strands that “fall out” or get loose, leave them be. The combination of sexy yet messy look is out of this world.


17. Medium Bob

Women with thin hair want more volume, and with this style, you can make it happen. Take a section of your hair from the front and gently tuck it in the back, as seen in the photo below, using bobby pins. Now only does this hairstyle look casual, but it will visually enhance the volume of your hair.


18. Braided Ponytail

Here’s a cute hairstyle you should try if your hair is long. Start by braid hair on the top of your head only. As you move to the crown, instead of continuing with a braid, finish it up and create a half ponytail. Let rest of your hair loose and free. This casual half up half down hairstyle has a lot going on, and it perfectly depicts your creativity and casual vibe.


19. Ponytail and Flat Twist

Since braids allow you to style your hair any way you want, a practical thing to do is to create multiple tight braids that will merge in a low ponytail. Depending on the outfit, you can rock this style in both casual and those more formal situations.


20. Side Cornrow Braids

casual hairstyle with side braids

For those days when you’re not in the mood to do something wild with your hair, side braids can come handy. Just make a few of them, and you’re ready to go. For an extra casual hairdo impact, tousle your hair using fingers for a messy look.


21. Milkmaid Braid

casual hairstyle ideas for women

Make a braid on the top of your head and form it into a tiara, just as it’s demonstrated above. It’s also useful to color your hair in some wild shade.


Casual hairstyles listed in this post are absolutely amazing, don’t you think? Not only is it easy to create them, but they also do a great job combining two worlds: chic elegance and casual vibe. Combine them with some casual outfit, and you are ready to go out and have fun.

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