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How to Wash & Care For Your Hair After Applying Oil

A hair oil treatment is perfect for strengthening and moisturizing hair strands before shampooing. While applying oil to the hair and scalp has many benefits, how to cleanse it properly afterward is unknown to most people.

This method surely leaves your hair soft and shinier and can protect ends from splitting but not washing off the oil may cause problems. Here is a detailed guide on cleaning your hair after applying oil.

How to Wash Hair After Oiling

Applying the right products and procedures after oiling your hair will help you achieve the best results. Here are the steps to follow when cleansing after oil treatment.

Get the Right Shampoo

Ordinary shampoos may not have the best formulation to remove excess hair oil.

Hence, always use a clarifying shampoo that matches your hair texture and type after oil treatment. This type of shampoo will lift the excess grease and product build-up from the scalp.

Wet Your Hair and Cleanse

cleansing hair with shampoo after oiling

Before shampooing your hair, ensure every strand is soaking wet. Always use warm water to lift the excess oil before applying shampoo. After that, scrub the scalp gently with the shampoo to remove dirt and promote blood circulation.


The next step after shampooing your hair is rinsing it with warm water. If the scalp is still greasy after cleansing, you can follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse. This step will exfoliate your scalp and eliminate the remaining oil or built-up dirt.

Condition Your Hair

condition after washing hair

Once you rinse your hair well, apply conditioner to make it easy to comb. A nourishing conditioner will protect the shafts from damage, reduce frizz and improve the hair’s appearance.

Things to Do After Hair Oiling

detangle hair after oiling

Oiling your hair will provide the best results only if you compliment it with the proper hair care measures.

Always detangle before shampooing to remove knots and prevent split ends. If you have straight or wavy hair, comb it when dry to reduce breakage. On the other hand, dampen strands before detangling if you have curly hair. This step will define the curls and make your hair more flexible for combing.

Clarifying shampoos contain some chemicals that may be harsh on your scalp. Dilute the product with water instead of applying it directly to the hair. This precaution will prevent overdrying the scalp and lower the risk of hair damage.

Another thing to do after an oil treatment is to use cold water for the final rinse. This closes the hair cuticles, seals moisture, and reduces frizz.

Mistakes to Avoid After Hair Oiling

Mistakes to Avoid After Hair Oiling

One mistake to avoid after hair oiling is shampooing twice. Doing this will overly strip your hair of oil and irritate the scalp. The best way to avoid double shampooing is to let the hair sit in warm water for some minutes to lift the excess oil.

Another mistake to avoid after hair oiling is washing with hot water for an extended period. A long hot shower will dehydrate your hair, causing it to appear frizzy. It also opens up the follicles and removes all the oil and sebum, leaving your scalp dull and flakey.

Other mistakes you shouldn’t make after hair oiling are:

  • Leaving the oil in the hair for too long
  • Combing your hair immediately after applying the oil
  • Applying too much oil

Rubbing your hair with a towel can help it dry faster. However, if you are too vigorous, you will damage the strands and cause tangles. Avoid rubbing the scalp and hair roughly after cleansing by using a cloth with soft fibers. Besides, only squeeze out the excess water and let your hair air dry.


After learning about the proper steps and precautions to observe after applying hair oil, you may still have some questions. Here are some common queries on this topic and detailed answers.

Should I keep oil in my hair overnight?

No, you shouldn’t keep oil in your hair overnight since it may attract dirt and block hair follicles. This issue can also lead to scalp infections that cause your strands to fall.

Get the best results from an oil treatment by only leaving the product on your hair for 1-2 hours. You may also let the oil sit for 3-5 hours if you have low-porosity hair.

Is it necessary to wash hair after applying oil?

Yes. It’s vital to wash your hair after applying oil to eliminate the excess product. Failure to do this will make it hard for water-based products such as leave-in treatments to penetrate the hair. The grease may also accumulate on your scalp, making your hair look unkempt.

Can I remove oil from hair without shampoo?

Yes, you can remove oil from your hair using other products like apple cider vinegar, lemon, and soap. Still, these methods are not adequate compared to shampoo. They can also irritate a sensitive scalp, leading to infections.

Does rinsing with water remove oil from hair?

Rinsing your hair with warm water may soften it and remove some oil. However, it’s best to wash with shampoo to clean the scalp and eliminate excess grease properly.

Cleaning your hair correctly after oil application will help you get the treatment’s benefits without over-stripping the scalp. Further, it protects your skin from infections and ensures healthy strands. Proper cleansing also simplifies hair management and prevents damage.

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