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20 Unique Little Girl Pixie Cuts for 2024

Shorter than the shoulder-length bob but longer than a buzz, the pixie haircut is the easiest to manage and style and requires little to no effort to maintain. So, a pixie cut for little girls can be a very good option for busy mothers.

These days, mothers have also got their eyes on this trendy cut for their little girls. When deciding to get a pixie cut, one has to keep in mind the face shape and features to make a proper decision.

Adorable Pixie Cuts for Little Girl

Here we have chosen 20 beautiful pixie cuts for your little girl so you can pick the perfect haircut for your little angel.

1. Choppy Waves

little redhead girl pixie cut
Albina Sazheniuk/Shutterstock

A playful choppy pixie cut for little girls features short layers with gentle waves, creating a carefree and whimsical look. The uneven texture adds a touch of fun, while the manageable length ensures ease of styling, making it a charming and age-appropriate choice for young fashionistas.

2. Pink with Undercut

little girl with pink pixie undercut
Dina da/Shutterstock

If you’re ready to let your little girl experiment with hair color, let her try this fun pink pixie with an edgy undercut! This short, tapered cut is an enchanting look, creating a charming and trendy style for the young trendsetter.

3. Formal Pixie with Headband

little girl pixie cut with headband

For fancy occasions and special dates, it’s easy to dress up your little girl’s hair! Simply work in a little hair mousse to tame flyaways, then sweep in a pink headband with a knotted bow. This sweet style perfectly showcases the playful cut.

4. Little Girl’s Afro Pixie

little black girl with afro pixie cut

For little girls with afro-textured hair, a pixie cut is a refreshing style requiring little maintenance. The short hairdo celebrates natural texture and volume, embracing the beauty of afro curls. She’ll love this carefree look!

5. Straight Pixie with Bangs

little girl blonde pixie cut with bangs
Zhukovich Yulia/Shutterstock

Oftentimes when little girls are so young, their hair doesn’t have a lot of texture yet. In that case, we recommend a pixie cut with bangs. The grown-up short haircut will keep hair off your little girl’s face, and the bangs will add flattering framing.

6. Bixie for Little Girls

little girl with pixie bob cut
Sparkling Moments Photography/Shutterstock

A bixie is a charming fusion of a pixie cut and a bob hairstyle. With its short length and playful bob shape, it exudes a cute and trendy vibe. This versatile haircut offers a modern twist, giving any little girl a sweet and stylish look.

7. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

little girl with asymmetrical pixie cut

If your little one is brave enough to go for a bolder hairstyle, let her try an asymmetrical pixie! This edgy haircut features uneven lengths – short on one side and long on the other. Whether your little girl has naturally straight hair or a bit of texture, the style will be super fun to play with and style.

8. Long Pixie with Shaved Side

little girl with long pixie cut

A bit more edge comes with a long pixie cut with one shaved side. With longer length on one side and a shaved section on the other, the result is a trendy look with a touch of rebellious charm.

9. Green Highlights

little girl pixie cut with green highlights

Green highlights are another beautiful option for creative girls who like playing with hair color. Accentuate a short pixie with dark or light green streaks.

This enchanting combination of a pixie cut and colorful highlights provides a lively and youthful energy, perfect for a fashion-forward youngster.

10. Layered Pixie for Little Girls

little girl with layered pixie cut

Adding layers to any haircut is the best way to get thicker-looking or more texturized hair. Try a layered pixie cut to give the hair movement, volume, and flattering face framing. This look is certainly a trendy, age-appropriate hairstyle for any young girl.

11. Wispy Pixie Cut

This look is perfect for those girls who have straight to wavy hair. Wispy cuts in wavy hair have the advantage that they style themselves according to the waves of the hair.

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12. Short pixie cut for little girl

short pixie cut

The short pixie cut is the most basic cut out there and is very limited lengthwise. Most of the hair in this cut is at the top of the head or styled in the front.

The back of the head is included in the pixie cut but looks like it is shaved. This cut is perfect for little girls with straight hair.

13. Pixie cut for Little Girls with short bangs

little girl's pixie cut with bangs

This little girl pixie haircut includes bangs not for the purpose of adding length but for the purpose of adding texture and volume to the hair. The short bangs pixie cut is perfect for little girls who struggle in taking care of their hair.

14. Boy-cut pixie

boy cut pixie for little girl

The boy cut pixie is edgy, very texturized and has more volume on the top of the head. It can be worn with bangs or slicked back to make it look like a boy’s cut. The boy cut pixie is suitable for all types of hair thick, straight, wavy or curly.

15. Chin length Pixie-bob

Chin length Pixie-bob for little girl

The chin-length pixie bob is a bob that is equal on both sides of the head. It includes no layers, or textures of any kind and is best suitable for straight hair as that will require less styling effort.

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16. Asymmetrical pixie

This pixie cut for little girl includes lower strands of hair at the back and longer strands in the front. The asymmetrical pixie cut is self-styled and falls into position with no effort. This cut is perfect for little girls with prominent cheeks.

17. Short curly pixie bob

pixie cut for curly hair

Often with curly hair, it is considered that they are unmanageable because of the girls and so many haircuts are not noticeable on them. The curly pixie bob is perfect for girls with curly hair as it can be left as it is or styled with clips and ponies.

18. Pixie bob

This pixie cut is famously worn for accentuating the cheeks of little girls. The soft fringes of the cut can be left on the forehead or side swept like bangs. It can also be styled with clips and ponies.

19. Shortcuts for wavy hair

Mothers whose little girls have naturally wavy hair have an advantage on this pixie cut as this cut self-styles itself according to the waves of the hair. This cut also gives a slightly longer length on one side of the head.

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20. Vintage bob cut

pixie cut with vintage bob

This haircut dates back in time and is now back as a top priority for little girls. The vintage bob pixie cut enhances the face shape of the little girl.

The hair is cut in a different manner than the rest of the bob cuts. At the back of the head, the lower half is shaved while the top half is part of the bob. Back in the days, this used to be known as the bowl cut.

We hope that our collection of little girl pixie cuts will inspire you to do your daughter’s next hairstyle. So take your pick!

Tips for Choosing Suitable Pixie Cut for Your Little Girl

  • When choosing a pixie style for your little girl make sure to speak with your stylist and make sure the style will suit your child and what time frame you would need to style it.
  • Make sure you have the right styling products for whatever pixie style you pick, for example, gel, mousse, wax, or just a blowout aid.
  • Ask your stylist to show you how to style the specific hairstyle if you don’t have extensive knowledge on how to do it.