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No Gray Hair at Age 70: Is It Even Possible?

We all dread the day when our luscious, colorful locks turn a dull grey, but is it possible to have no gray hair at an older age?

Undoubtedly you’ve seen celebrities and models older than 70 walking around with gorgeous, colorful hair.

And it’s only natural to wonder if that is a possibility for your future. Let’s explore this intriguing question – is it possible to have no gray hair at age 70? And if so, what is the secret?

What Is the Usual Age for People to Have Gray Hair?

Usual Age for People to have Gray Hair

The usual age at which someone begins to notice gray hair varies depending on the person. Race and ethnicity play a significant role, as well as stress levels and medications someone may be on. 

The typical age that a caucasian person will grow gray hair is early to mid-30s. However, African Americans tend to see gray hair later in life at around age 40. In contrast, someone of Asian descent will likely see gray hair in their late 30s. 

Stress and Gray Hair

As mentioned above, other factors could expedite the onset of gray hair. One of which is stress. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health shows that when we feel stressed, our bodies release a chemical called norepinephrine.

This stress hormone is released into the follicle. It targets the melanocyte, which is the part of the hair follicle that gives our hair color pigments. 

Without cells that allow for pigment regeneration, our hair will naturally turn gray or white since no more color-producing agents remain within the hair follicle. 


Certain medications affect hair color, and some cause hair to turn a grayish color or white. These medications include drugs such as anti-inflammatory medications and cholesterol-lowering meds, as well as arthritis medications and treatments. 

Suppose you’re on any of these types of medications and see gray hair at an unusually early or unusually late age even. In that case, the medications could be partially to blame. 

Is It Possible to Have No Gray Hair at Age 70?

Yes, it’s possible to have no gray hair at age 70. While it is possible, it certainly is not likely. Someone over 70 who still has yet to see gray hair should consider themselves extremely lucky!

As we age, everything in our bodies starts to slowly deteriorate, including our hair follicles, which is why by the age of 70, our hair is typically produced melanin in our hair, which results in gray-colored hair. 

Each hair follicle has a melanocyte in its root, where the color pigmentation is made. As we age, this melanocyte also ages and eventually will stop producing new melanin. That is when our hair grows without melanin and instead appears white or gray.

Why It’s Possible to Have No Gray Hair at Age 70?

No Gray Hair at Age 70

Although it is unlikely to have no gray hair at age 70, it’s not impossible. Some people are living, breathing proof of the fact that gray hair after the age of 70 is not always the case. 

Just because most peoples’ hair follicles are done producing melanin by that age, not everyone experiences that same misfortune. Genetics is the largest factor for whether or not you will have gray hair by the age of 70. 

Genetics will determine how your body reacts to aging, as well as many other factors of life. You can look at your family tree to estimate when you will begin seeing gray hair. If your mother began to grey before 70, you likely will too.

Why It’s Highly Unlikely to Have No Gray Hair at Age 70?

It is certainly not impossible to have no gray hair in old age, but it is improbable. Statistics speak for themselves when it comes to the population of people over the age of 70 with gray hair.

According to AARP, by the age of 70, over 75% of us will have partially or totally gone gray. Although it is easier to see in men, since women often dye their hair to hide the gray appearance, it is just as equally present in women as it is in men.

Final Thoughts

Although it is highly unlikely for someone to have no gray hair at age 70 it is not impossible. Genetics, stress, and medications all play a role in whether or not you get grey hair at an early age. If you do get hair, just take refuge in the fact that gray hair is in style now.