Onion vs. Honey: Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Onions or honey, honey or onions—what do these two foods even have in common?

Well, it’s not what you think—meaning that, no, you don’t want to combine this duo in your next culinary masterpiece. No one’s going to have a good time. You might want to apply one or the other of them to your hair and scalp, however

Both onions and honey have properties that your hair craves. More to the point, they’re both excellent at stimulating hair growth. The only question is which one is best?


Onion or Honey

Because of their properties, onions and honey are both fabulous ingredients in a variety of hair masks, tonics, and serums. Not only can you use one or the other of them to encourage faster, lusher hair growth, but you can also use them to make your hair healthier in general.

Let’s take a moment to pick apart this battle and take a look at the advantages and benefits of each food. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which one is the victor.

Onions Contain Sulfur

 Onion boost your hair growth

In choosing between onion or honey as a hair treatment, you have to give it the onion because of its sulfur content. Sulfur is a core component of amino acids and the proteins they create. It’s also an essential part of keratin, which your hair needs to grow long and strong. Thanks to all that sulfur, onions can also boost your body’s collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the glowing health of your hair—not to mention your skin.

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Honey’s an Emollient

Honey moisture your hair

What does that mean? It means that honey can seal the moisture inside of your hair, which keeps it constantly conditioned. Not only does that eliminate dryness, but it also reduces the risk of breakage, a common reason that hair doesn’t grow or grows slowly.

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Onions Boost Circulation

Onion help to grow healthy hair

Without a healthy amount of circulation, your hair won’t grow. Circulation is essential because your scalp needs blood flow to the hair follicles. If they don’t get enough, they won’t sprout. Douse your hair and scalp with onion juice, however, and you’ll enjoy an impressive increase in circulation.


Honey Has Antioxidants

honey has Antioxidants

That is, honey has antioxidants, plus it boasts antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. If you suffer from dry hair, an itchy scalp, psoriasis, dandruff, or eczema, then there’s no question between an onion or honey. Using honey in a hair mask or conditioning formula can soothe the issues. It also keeps infections at bay.


Onion Juice Stimulates Hair Growth

Onion Juice improvement in hair growth

A small, rather obscure study from 2002 discovered that women and men who washed their hair with onion juice saw a noticeable improvement in hair growth. Of course, the study is old, and not everyone who participated did everything they were supposed to do, but still. There’s definitely a link between using onion juice and growing a longer, stronger, fuller head of hair.


Honey Eliminates Impurities

Honey is a cleanser, as well. It gets rid of every single impurity in your hair—and your hair follicles, which is even more important. Clogged hair follicles result in slow growth. You’ll notice an immediate difference after cleaning with honey.


Better Together

Why should you have to choose between onion or honey? Use both of them! Seriously, create a hair mask by mixing the juice of onion white onion with a tablespoon of honey. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. The results are to-die-for.


Which food do you think is better for your hair – onion or honey? Share with us in the comment.


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