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5 Ways to Style Pin Curls on Short Hair

Pin curls is a great way to create curls and volume on short hair without having to use a lot of product or curling irons. While this technique was originally designed to be used on hair that was medium- to long-length, girls with short hair can enjoy pin curls as well.

It does take a little more effort to style short hair with pin curls, but the retro result is worth the hard work and will result in great curls and an impressive style that will stop anyone in their tracks.


How to Style Pin Curl On Short Hair

Pin curls look retro and cute and are generally fairly easy to style. Knowing how to create a great short hairstyle with pin curls will give any girl a boost of confidence.

Use Plenty of Water

pin curls short hairstyles

While some people reach for the gel to slather all over their hair when styling pin curls on short hair, it’s actually better to use water instead. Lightly spritzing water over shorter hair makes it much easier to curl it and pin it into place without worrying about the hair slipping out of the pins or looking crunchy or wet.

While gel will produce a great hold, it tends to look harsh and can make some shorter pin curls look like a helmet and less like an attractive style.


Add in a Flower

pin curled short hair with flower

Tucking a flower into the short pin curls is a great way to add a little bit of color and make the style really pop. It’s important that the flower is tucked above the ear or close to the face and then secured into the hair so that it doesn’t droop.

One of the best ways to choose a flower that will help tie together the style and the outfit is to pick one that is in a matching or a complementary color to the rest of the clothing. This creates a head-to-toe look that is appealing and looks professional and put together.


Go Glam with Jewelry

short hair pin curls for girls

When shorter hair is styled into pin curls then the ears will easily be seen, which makes this a great time to wear big and bold jewelry. Large earrings that are glitzy and sparkling will help to make this retro pin curls short hairstyle really pop.

This will help any woman really stand out. Now is not the time to opt for smaller pieces of jewelry, like single hoops or pearls. This is the time to pull out large and glamorous pieces that demand a lot of attention.


Add a Bandana

pin curls short hair with bandana

For a perfectly retro pin curls short hair look, try adding a bandana to the back of the style, allowing pin curls on the front of the head to add volume and height to the style.

This is a fun look and one that can really tie together an outfit, as long as the bandana perfectly matches the rest of the clothing.

Knotting the bandana with a large knot helps add even more volume to the style and will make the woman wearing this great short hair with bandana look stand out.


Use Mousse or Gel on the Bangs

pin curls for short black hair

Girls who have shorter bangs may need a little extra help getting them to stay in place when styling this fun look. Shorter bangs often require mousse or gel to help hold them in place and prevent these shorter and fine hairs from sneaking out of the style.

This is an important finishing touch for any short black hair look with pin curls, as hair that is out of place and left hanging down on the forehead will make the look appear unfinished and can make it look less impressive or put-together.


Knowing the challenges that come with pin curls short hair and how to create a style that is voluminous and attractive will help any girl enjoy the pin curls of her dreams. While this fun style does have a bit of a learning curve, it’s a great way to create an attractive look on shorter hair that will help any girl stand out and look her best.