20 Sensational Pin Curls on Black Hair That Rock

Pin curls on black hair look fantastic and don’t require too much of your time. You can make large or small pin curls, have them done professionally or at home, dye them some wild color or keep them black. In any case, you can get a fantastic hairstyle that you can wear for a long time while forgetting the constant black hair hassle. Women who have black hair are often at a loss with what to do with it. The hair is hard to subdue and requires a lot of maintenance. Pin curls are a great way out!


How To Make Pin Curls on Black Hair

If you are bold enough to try making pin curls at home, this short tutorial can give you a hand:


1. Dampen Your Hair

All pin curls start with slightly wet hair for easy styling. Either wash your hair and wait for it to dry a little or run wet fingers through the hair to achieve a damp effect.


2. Use Hair Gel or Mousse

Apply enough hair gel or mousse for the hair to be easy to style. You have to be ready for heavy use of hair cosmetics in order to keep the hairstyle looking beautiful for as long as possible.


3. Make Pin Curls

Making pin curls is as easy as pie. Take one strand of your hair, place your middle finger at the end of the strand and wrap the strand around it until you get to the roots. Slowly pull the finger out and use bobby pins to attach the curl to your head. If using finger seems inconvenient, you can get any tube-like tool, such as a pen.


4. Blow Dry Your Hair

If you have a hooded dryer, you can blow-dry the hair to strengthen the curly effect. If you don’t, allow the hair to be air-dried.


5. Sleep on It

Wrap a scarf around your head and go to sleep or wait several hours. Undo the scarf in the morning and take out the pins. Your pin curls are ready!



Pin Curls on Black Hair That Keep You Relaxed

In order to help you learn which pin curls for black hair can suit you best, we came up with 20 viral options. All you have to do is spend some time browsing them to get an idea of what you might want. Pin curls are fairly easy to do but we would recommend getting some professional assistance at least for the first time you make them. Be ready to use plenty of hair products to keep your beautiful pin curls intact all day long.



#1. Green and Fiery

green and black pin curly hairstyle

If your hairstyle needs some extra zest, you can easily create it by adding some wild colors to your pin curls. You don’t necessarily have to use a permanent dye. Semi-permanent colors look just as wonderful.


#2. Short Ombre

short ombre Pin Curls on Black hairstyle

Pin curls on black hair can help you get the most out of your ombre. Pin the hair, which is dyed a lighter color to create beautiful curls on top and use a curling iron to style the waves on the bottom. The result is fantastic!


#3. Wavy Results

Young Girl Pin Curls on Black hairstyle

If you keep the pin curls intact for about two to three hours, you can get these amazing wavy results. Don’t brush the hair in order not to ruin the messy beauty of this hairstyle. It will stay intact all night.


#4. Pixie Curls

Women Pin pixie Curl on Black hair

Women with pixies are often upset over the lack of hairstyles. Pin curls can help you create a unique style you will love. Enjoy this new look after sleeping on the pin curls and keeping them together with bobby pins.


#5. Messy Locks

Messy Curls

If your hair is not very curly, the pin curls will allow you to enjoy this messy hairstyle. If you let your hair down after removing the bobby pins and don’t brush or style it in any way, you can get this amazing style.